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Lot No.CategoryDescriptionHammer price (£)
1Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Commem. & Defin mint coll. in a well filled Crown Album. Comprehensive with very few gaps (notables missing incl. 1937 Burma 25r. , 1937/40 Kelantan set, some Indian States mainly Officials) STC. £69,000 fine/very fine12,000
4Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II (1970) Commem. & Defin mint coll. incl. Q.V. 1880/81 set to 5d., 1883/84 set to 1s., 1887/92 Jubilee set to 1s., K.E.VII 1902/13 to 1s., K.G.V. Seahorses (3) to 10s. (2s.6d. mint unmtd.), 1929 PUC £1 black, K.G.VI High Value sets to £1 mint unmtd. and Postage Dues 1914 to 1969 complete mint unmtd. (SG D1/D76 excl. D9) etc. mainly fine/very fine in an SG Davo album. Also, two small stockbooks of collectors extras containing K.G.V to K.G.VI wmk. varieties (approx. 50 items), Q.E.II wmk. varieties, an error (SG 605a) and both DLR Castle sets mint unmtd.2,400
6Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II (1993) Commem. & Defin. used coll. incl. Q.V. 1840 1d black and 2d blue very fine used, 1841 1d red obliterated by Maltese Cross with number in centre Nos. 1 to 12 excl. 4 mainly fine, 1847/54 set of three fine/very fine, various surface printed issues to 10s. etc, K.E.VII various to £1, K.G.V various to 10s. used, K.G.VI to £1, Q.E.II few gaps incl. Wildings, Phos. issues, High Values, Regionals etc and 1914/32 Postage Dues in three Lindner albums. Also, 1864/79 1d red used all plates excl. 77 & 225 in an SG Victorian illustrated album. Mixed condition. Video available on YouTube (external link)1,200
9Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRALIA K.G.V mint & used incl. Head values to ¼d officials, singles and blocks, varieties and some shades in a large stockbook. Cat. value in excess of £14,000900
11Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II Defin. & Commem. booklets from 1968 onwards with a Face Value of approx. £2,950 in an album and loose many NVI's (approx. 50% Defins.)1,300
12Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mainly GREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II (2010) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. mainly Q.E.II mint sets, Smiler sheets (approx.60 items), a few Prestige Booklets/Presentation Packs arranged in various albums and stockbooks (with a few pages of other countries incl. Canada mixed in). Total Face Value approx. £2,600 in two medium sized boxes.1,300
14Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II to 2017 Commem. & Defin. coll. incl. mint unmtd. sets, booklets, & MS in two LIghthouse Stockbooks, a small booklet folder and a few of the most recent purchased on cards with total Face Value approx. £2,5001,300
17Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II 1970/2011 Commem. & Defin. Presentation Packs with Face Value of approx. £1,950 (85% Commem.), mainly duplicated to 1996 and some missing plastic sleeves organised in eight photo albums (2 medium sized boxes)900
24Misc. Lots & CollectionsSPAIN 1850 to 1987 mint, mint unmtd. and used coll. with strength in early classic period in two large Yvert albums500
25Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN early to mid 2000's Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. organised in 52 albums(mainly hingless)/folders incl. Aden, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, China with plenty of mint mainly Peoples Republic to 1965 (some reprints), Great Britain with Q.E.II mint to 2005 Face Value of approx. £1,200, Cayman Is. Ceylon, CI, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, etc.. with most countries to Yugoslavia. Mainly fine condition in four large boxes.600
31Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mainly GREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl 1942 K.G.VI 10s. ultramarine SG 478b mint unmtd., 1959 Q.E.II Castles set of four SG 595/8 mint unmtd., 1971 to 2006 Q.E.II mint unmtd. sets, MS, booklets, Smilers etc in seven Questa(5)/SG Davo(3)albums (sparse pre 1971) plus a few loose with total Face Value of approx. £1,200. Also, various GB and Commonwealth in five stockbooks/an album many identified generally lower values (mixed condition), an all world album collected in 1940's and a few packets of mounting strips / Morley-Bright watermark detector. Two medium sized boxes.550
32Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II 1984 to 2010 Yearbooks (incl. 1988 in duplicate) with Face Value approx. £1,600 (28 items)600
33Misc. Lots & CollectionsCANADA Q.V. to modern Q.E.II Commem. & Defin mint & used coll. incl. Q.V to Q.E.II (1972) Commem. & Defin. mainly mint coll. incl. part-sets/sets, Officials, Airs, Special Delivery,Postage Dues etc with Q.V. to 20c. mint, K.E.VII to 10c. incl. 1906/28 set of five Postage Dues, K.G.V 1911/31 to $1 mint, etc in an illustrated Minkus album, Q.V. to Q.E.II (c.2010) Commem. & Defin. mint & used incl. MS, sheetlets, booklets etc plenty of modern mint duplicated in places organised in fourteen stockbooks (mixed condition), Q.E.II 1943/2007 illustrated FDC's (c. 1,600 items) mainly hand written addresses to 1970 then unaddressed plus a few PHQ cards (c. 60 items) organised in fifteen photo albums, Yearbooks incl. 1982/87, 1989, 1999/2000, 2002/09 (16 items), Royal Canadian Mounted Police 125th Anniv. collectors set and a couple of other souvenir packs/keep sakes and a shoebox of collectors extras incl. booklets, covers and PHQ cards - large coll. in four medium sized boxes.550
39Misc. Lots & CollectionsCANADA Q.V. to Q.E.II (c.1994) mint & used incl. Provinces incl. Newfoundland etc on illustrated Lighthouse pages in a loose-leaf album and Q.E.II mainly mint unmtd. in thirty-two page and a sixteen page stockbook (3 volumes)340
40Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II 1976/2016 mint Royal Mail Commem. & Defin. Presentation Packs (approx. 210 packs), some duplicates ( approx. 30 duplicates & 6 triplicates) and gaps (late 1990's in particular) with Face Value of £1,170 (approx. 20% of which is Defin.) in a four ring album and loose.550
43Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN 1840 to early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. coll. comprising of a small folder of covers (10 items) and mainly used stamps on album leaves (17 pages/approx. 450 stamps) incl. 1840 2d Mulready env. Stereo a198 unused (poor condition toned/worn corners), 1840 1d blacks (3) average/fine, 1840 1d black with four margins on entire letter tied with Red Maltese Cross and 1951 K.G.VI Festival High Values, 2½d scarlet and 4d ultramarine (SG 509/14) on First Day (3rd May) Registered Letter, K.E.VI to 10s., K.G.VI to £1 etc. Mixed condition in places with a few stamps partially stuck to pages450
45Misc. Lots & CollectionsFRANCE 1938 to 1984 mint & used coll. in two Linder albums, incl various MS, Airs, Tax and Preoblitere sets, Muller sheetlet Sabine roulette coq stamps with red numerals to reverse etc. Mainly fine with many sets present in both mint & used.300
49Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. sets, part-sets, marginal pairs, MS etc. in a red loose-leaf album incl. Aden, Falkland Is., Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Turks & Caicos plus a page of 1d red stars used etc275
54Misc. Lots & CollectionsMALTA Q.V. to mint & used Commem. & Defin coll. sets/part-sets, MS. etc. comprising of 1860 to 1991 fine used in two illustrated Lighthouse albums, 1860 to 1980's used in an Alpha four-ring-album, 1882 to 1990's mint (some unmtd.) in an illustrated Lighthouse album, 1992 to 2005 mint unmtd. on illustrated album pages (very few gaps), covers and postcards to mid-2000's (approx. 125 items). Some duplication and gaps exist in earlier issues, Cat. £5,800 in a medium sized box.350
58Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to .Q.E.II (2007) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. GREAT BRITAIN mainly used pre 1973 with K.G.VI to £1, Q.E.II mint unmtd. sets and MS with Face Value of approx. £860 in two four ring albums, 1973/83 Royal Mail FDC's (approx. 40 items in a binder), Royal Mail 1987 Year Book and Channel Tunnel Souvenir book/gift pack. Also, Australian Year Books (1987/90 & 92), U.S.A. 1980 Commem. & Defin sets, many countries mainly used in three four-ring binders incl some modern mint sets e.g. Hong Kong etc. and an SG Collect British Stamps 2008 catalogue in a large box.350
59Misc. Lots & CollectionsGreat Britain Prestige Booklets 1968/2010 with Face Value of approx. £830 (c.55 items) in an album425
61Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRALIAN STATES from Q.V. mainly used with NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia incl. various perfins., embossed, shades, perf. varieties, Officials etc. with some on small piece/covers many identified in four stockbooks325
65Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRIA 1850/2000 mint & used accumulation comprising Vol. 1 1858/1948 mint STC £1,180 and Vol. 2 1850/2000 used STC £6,690 (Total STC £7,870) mainly fine, duplicated in places.200
66Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II 1960/70 Forerunner(6 items) & Presentation Packs (35 items) incl. 1960 Phosphor Graphites inscribed 3s. 8d and 50c(opened), 1960 Wildings inscribed 10s. 6d and $1.80, 1960 Regionals inscribed 7s. 3d. (unopened but in poor condition) and $1.20, 1964 Geographical Congress, Botanical Congress and Forth Road Bridge, 1969 British Ships, Concorde, Notable Anniv. and Cathedrals all with German language pack etc.325
71Misc. Lots & CollectionsFRANCE Early to modern mostly used coll. with imperf. Ceres and Napoleons to 80c, perf. issues to 80c incl. 4c grey, Napoleon single and Ceres pair, Sage types to 5fr, incl 3c ochre, 35c, and 75c, Merson incl 2f and later 20f, 1918 Red Cross pictorials to 20f, then virtually complete incl. sets, Museum pair fine used, 50f Ader and later 20fr OP fine used, many Charity sets incl 1943 strips 5, Airs to 1000f, better 1950s Relief Fund sets, Commems. and Art stamps, Liberty and Sabine issues etc. in a boxed Cranbourn album and a New Age album250
72Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly used coll. in a well-filled Centurion album incl Austria, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, France, French Cols, Germany, GB, Iceland, India, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, USA etc. and a few covers. Mixed condition . Video available
73Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRIA 1860-1969 mint and used coll. incl. various Postage Dues etc with gaps and a few better items in two DAVO albums180
85Misc. Lots & CollectionsISRAEL 1949/2007 coll. of mint unmtd. sets, booklets, sheets/sheetlets, tete-beche pairs in uncut sheets, souvenir leaf, MS etc. in six illustrated Davo albums (to 2005, then extras / duplicates etc on cards/small stockbook). There are gaps/no tabs pre-1951, mostly complete with tabs thereafter.150
87Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN K.G.VI 1937 to Q.E.II 2011 Commem. & Defin. FDC coll. in nineteen albums incl. complete run of mainly illustrated covers from 1937 K.G.VI Coronation through to decimal Q.E.II excl. 1949 UPU and 1961 savings Bank Centenary etc. (3 medium sized boxes)150
88Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN early to modern (c.1990's) mint & used coll. incl. lettercards and FDC's mainly organised by country A to Z in stockbooks(15) and albums/binders (14) incl. 1937 K.G.VI Coronation Omnibus mint, some early Q.E.II mint unmtd noted and modern MS etc.. Duplicated and mixed condition in places in two medium sized boxes.300
90Misc. Lots & CollectionsBOHEMIA & MORAVIA WWII covers & postcards with various frankings, temporary cancellations, censors, Military, propaganda etc. in an album (approx. 75 items plus a few stamps)150
97Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRALIA K.G.V. to Q.E.II duplicated mint & used organised in two twenty-four page Lighthouse stockbooks comprising Vol 1 1913/72 STC £3,350 and Vol 2 1972/87 STC £1,108 (Total STC £4,458)120
101Misc. Lots & CollectionsNORWAY 1856 to 2015 mainly used but also partly mint & mint unmtd. incl, a few covers and MS etc. organised in a stockbook and two albums120
102Misc. Lots & CollectionsNORWAY 1855/2002 used coll. organised on 39 Hagner stock pages STC £4,437110
103Misc. Lots & CollectionsPORTUGAL 1960/1993 mint unmtd. sets and MS incl. most Europa issues in four illustrated LIndner albums.100
104Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II 1967/ 2011 coll. of PHQ cards in sets of both mint & used ( a few gaps but appears largely complete) and a few Royal Mail Postcards in twenty-three albums, plus duplicate PHQ cards in ten albums. Also, Post Office Greetings Cards/Defin. cards/Museum cards in an album and two Misc. albums with some earlier FDC/postcards incl. a few Foreign in 5 medium sized boxes100
105Misc. Lots & CollectionsINDIA Q.V to Q.E.II 1968 mint & used duplicated coll. incl. Q.V. to 3r. used, K.E.VII to 2r. used, K.G.V to 15r. mint and 25r. used, K.G.VI to 25r. used, Q.V. Postal Stationary (6), 1924 Mount Everest Expedition cover with Base Camp CDS, Officials, Telegraph stamps, C.E.F. etc. Also a few states incl. Chamba, Gwalior, Jhind, Patiala, Faridkot, organised in a well filled twenty-four page stockbook. Mixed condition in places.160
106Misc. Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II to 2009 Defin. mint Machin coll. incl. Regionals, a few MS and booklets etc Face Value approx. £300 in an illustrated Lighthouse album with slipcase.170
109Misc. Lots & CollectionsGERMANY 1933 to 1990 mint & used coll. incl Third Reich on Marini pages and 1948 to 1990 in a Davo, both with plenty of sheetlets/MS etc. (2 albums)110
114Misc. Lots & CollectionsSOUTH AFRICA Q.V. to early Q.E.II SOUTH AFRICA Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. comprising of Natal, Orange Free State incl. 1888 Fiscal 1s. on 9s. olive-bistre mint SG T14& River Colony, Transvaal incl. 1892 £5 deep-green mint reprint, Zululand, S.W. Africa, Rhodesia, British S.A. Co., Cape of Good Hope, South Africa incl 1932 Imperial Airways First Air Post to England cover etc. organised by country in a twenty-four page stockbook. Duplicated / mixed condition in places150
115Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II (1966 to c.2009) GB illustrated ordinary and official FDC coll. and Royal Mail Presentation Packs incl. various Concorde Flight covers(10), Coin Covers (14 items) incl. ten Mercury D-Day covers and £5 Millennium Moments etc. and H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 80th Birthday Havering cover with letter from Clarence House dated 17th July 1980 approving the Postmark. Also a handful of other Commonwealth covers, Channel Is. & a few Foreign plus a folder of Royal Mail Presentation Packs (approx. 33 items from 1992/95) with Face Value of £44. (580 items in total) in six 4-ring and three 2-ring cover albums. (Medium sized box)95
116Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. in a tidy Crown Album incl. Australia, Canada, Great Britain, India and New Zealand etc. Generally sparse with a few complete sets and a handful of Postage Dues and Officials. Video available on YouTube (external link)110
117Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. incl. Q.E.II GREAT BRITAIN to 1952/94 with many sets in both mint & used plus a few MS/booklets (Face Value approx. £130), CHANNEL IS. to mid 1980's again many in both mint & used and all organised in four albums and a box of env. (identified and mainly in order). Also, a small mainly used world collection to c.1960's in two albums, a school boy album and a few accessories incl a few SG catalogues and an empty album in a medium sized box.70
120Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRIAN TERRITORIES 1850/1918 used coll. on five Hagner leaves, mainly fine with some duplication STC £2,10090
122Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI 1937/51 mint incl. Pitcairn 1940/51 set, Silver Wedding & UPU sets, Tonga 1938, 1942, 1944, 1949, 1950, 1951 sets, Tristan 1951 set, Norfolk Is 1947 original set, plus a few others Cat. £437 (84) mounted on illustrated pages.55
123Misc. Lots & CollectionsCANADA Q.V. to Q.E.II (1987) mint coll. in two stockbooks STC £1,740, some duplication50
124Misc. Lots & CollectionsNEW ZEALAND 1935/89 First Day Covers (c. 700 items) mainly illustrated with typed addresses incl some MS110
125Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II (1990's) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. of British South Africa Co., Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia & Nyasaland, Rhodesia and Zimbabwe (some duplication) in five albums and a stockbook sparse and mixed condition pre-Q.E.II. Also, a mixture of modern FDC's and Registered env.(approx.150 items) some with mint sets and a Rhodesia catalogue by J.A.Landau etc. Mixed condition in places in two medium sized boxes.70
126Misc. Lots & CollectionsEGYPT 1866 to c.1960's Defin. & Commem. mint & used duplicated coll. incl. Postage Dues and a cover plus a few pages of LIBERIA organised in a twenty-four page stockbook50
128Misc. Lots & CollectionsHONG KONG Q.V. to Q.E.II (c.1980's) Commem. & Defin. mainly used coll. with various ovpts. and a page of K.G.V 1c brown CHINA ovpt mint unmtd. etc. neatly arranged in a small stockbook50
130Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI 1937 Coronation sets many in both mint (some appear to be unmtd.) and used, mainly fine Cat. approx. £500 in a sixteen page stockbook44
131Misc. Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI 1940s mint & used Omnibus sets/part-sets incl. range of 1946 Victory & 1948 Silver Wedding sets mint & used, 1949 UPU arranged in an SG loose-leaf album.34
136Misc. Lots & CollectionsAUSTRALIA 1928/1977 First Day Covers (c. 185 items) organised in a four ring album, mainly illustrated Commem incl. 1928 3d blue (4) Fourth National Stamp Exhib. Melbourne on Registered cover etc.130
138Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint and used coll. comprising of singles, sets, blocks etc. on cards (approx. 70) mainly pre-Q.E.II B.V.I, Cook Is., Bermuda and Seychelles with some minor flaws/varieties, shades and postmarks (mixed condition), various countries singles, part-sets, blocks, sheets and sets etc. mint & used on album/stock pages incl. Antigua K.G.V 1935 Jubilee set of 4 mint (4 sets) and 1921/29 set of nineteen to 4s mint (4s missing SE corner), British Guiana, Gibraltar incl. K.G.V various Defin. values to 1s & Specimen ovptd. to 8s mint (some toned), Malaysia & States mainly used various to 1960's (approx. 35 album pages), Montserrat 1903/13 incl. shades/varieties to 1s mainly used (approx. 70 stamps on 5 pages), Nigeria Q.E.II ( 1958 to 1970) with sets in both mint & fine used, a few MS written up on album pages (approx. 40 pages) plus some interesting covers from 1949 onwards incl. surch. overseas mail, slogan postmarks etc., St. Helena 1946/1967 mint & used sets & FDC's (3) on 11 album pages, plenty of British Africa incl. Somaliland, Swaziland, Rhodesia etc. to early Q.E.II incl. sheets, blocks, Postage Dues etc, Seychelles incl. some K.G.VI shades, Q.E.II 1957 5c on 45c purple-brown varieties mint (20 stamps in pairs/blocks) plus other countries in a medium box (Total approx. 180 pages/70 cards, mixed condition in places)500
139Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to Q.E.II mixed box incl. K.G.VI mint coll. in a small SG stockbook, MALAYSIA & STATES to 1971 mint & used in rare British Asia illustrated album, CYPRUS mint (mainly unmtd. post 1970) & used to 1990 in a Lighthouse album, India mint & used to 2000, Q.E.II modern St Kitts & Nevis used and other countries on album/stock pages incl. Falkland Islands, GB, Barbados, Eritrea, Straits Settlements, Hong Kong etc and various K.G.VI Coronation covers (approx 30 items). Also Commonwealth & Foreign part-sets and some high Cat. items on approx. 20 cards (some faults) in a medium sized box.475
141Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Misc. Box largely unchecked with INDIA Q.V. unused Postal Stationary, a shoebox full of mainly Q.E.II Australian covers/env. Stamp Club Books (100+), Germany, Australian States, GBetc. an SG Australia Catalogue 8th Edition, could be of interest to an Ebay or similar dealer (four albums, packets, stockpages etc) in a Medium sized box. Mixed condition,500
143Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used in a six albums/stockbooks mainly low values and short sets incl. China 1884/60's (approx. 15 album pages), Czechoslovakia 1918/,70's incl. Postage Dues, Airmail, Newspaper stamps, two Strand all world albums reasonably well filled, various Commonwealth countries mainly Q.V. to early Q.E.II etc.150
144Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mixed box incl. GB 1976/1981 Illustrated mainly typed or unaddressed Commem. & Defin. FDC's incl. a few Officials (approx. 80 items in an album), Hong Kong Q.E.II Coronation to 1990's Commem. & Defin. (generally missing top value(s) from sets) mainly used on 7 Hagners, Q.V to K.G.VI various incl. Australia, Barbados, Cyprus, Straits Settlements short sets etc. on seven cards and a few Hagner stock pages mainly used in mixed condition, small qty of GB Postal History incl pieces from 1826 (6 items), 1d red imperf on cover (1846) and Q.V 1d pink embossed (1847) mixed condition, Royal Mail National Trust Centenary Gift pack 1995 unopened, Royal Mail/La Poste Channel Tunnel Giftpack incl. FDC's PP's MS etc plus a Eurotunnel Inauguration of the Channel Tunnel Benham Special card No. 234 of 925 with COA, Royal Mail Souvenir books 1970's/90's (12 items) incl. Royalty, cricket, 150th Anniv. of the Penny Black etc, HK Q.V. to Q.E.II (late 1980's) Commem. & Defin. coll. in specialised album with Q.V. / K.E.VII to 50c, K.G.V to 20c, K.G.VI to $10, and Q.E.II to $50 many gaps and mixed condition early on, GB modern mint sets & MS in a small eight page stockbook mainly Commem. with Face Value of approx. £150, HK K.G.VI to Q.E.II 1990 Commem. & Defin mainly used part-sets/sets in a small 16 page stockbook, K.G.VI mint & used Commem. & Defin. sets/part-sets with various countries incl. Barbados, Bermuda, Dominica incl. 1938/47 set to 5s mint, Falkland Island Dependencies, Gilbert & Ellice, Grenada, Jamaica & Malta, predominantly low values mixed condition in a small sixteen page stockbook, Burma 1937/69 and Pakistan 1947/1971 Commem. & Defin. mainly used part-sets, mixed condition incl a few officials in an album, Q.V. to modern (c.2000) used India and States mainly low values and officials, Pakistan incl. 1948 part-set in mint blocks (3) of four, and small qty of Ceylon/Sri Lanka and Burma mixed condition in a small eight page stockbook etc. in a medium sized box.210
146Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl GREAT BRITAIN, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA and CANADA used in fifteen sparse SG country albums with illustrated pages to approx 2010 (some later volumes are empty), Royal Mail Presentation Packs 1986/2012 (c. 35 items) mint with Face Value of approx. £300, Westminster Coronation History Philatelic Collector cards (6 items) in an album, a few bundles of FDC's mainly GB and Australia, qty of kilo-ware (approx. half a medium sized box), a few packets of Howid mounts, four packets of SG album supplements etc. in three medium sized boxes190
150Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed archive box incl. Great Airplanes Europa covers (c.60 items) in an album, 1981 Royal Wedding covers & booklets in an album, New Zealand Q.E.II mint & used Coll. in an album, K.G.VI to Q.E.II Commonwealth mainly lower values on c.80 pages, Malaysia 1990 Yearbook, many other countries on stock pages etc.30
152Misc. Lots in BoxesQ.E.II CHANNEL ISLANDS, ISLE OF MAN and GIBRALTAR incl. mint Presentation Packs (1976/94 Jersey & Guernsey, 1978/83 IOM, 1978/86 Gibraltar), 1986/94 Jersey Year Packs and Channel is. Prestige Booklets (c. 55 booklets heavily duplicated with face value of approx. £225) organised in albums and loose (Medium sized box)32
153Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II (c. 1990's) Commem. & Defin. mixed box / accumulation of mainly used GB in various stockbooks incl. a handful of 1d reds on cover (one or two imperf.) in mixed condition, duplicated Q.E.II, a schoolboy collection or two and a few covers loose etc. in a medium sized box.24
154Misc. Lots in BoxesFOREIGN mixed box incl. IRAN 1949 to 1993 mint & used coll. annotated in a loose-leaf album, with gaps throughout and in mixed condition, Thematic coll. of SHIPS in a small eight page stockbook, also a sixteen page stockbook of mainly South East Asia incl. Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. mainly modern mint & used sets and North Korea incl. MS (70's/80's), Netherlands modern (small qty), also small qty of early US stamps, a couple of US covers to UK 1902/05, one internal US cover and 1938 India to US etc. in a small box.38
155Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly modern mint & used mixed box incl. H.R.H The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer Royal Wedding mint in two specialised albums, various Canada/Australia/Jersey etc 80's/90's yearbooks (10), Alderney 1984/92 & IOM 1973/93 with some MS(approx 15) and Postage Dues in an SG Davo with slipcase, two shoe boxes and a biscuit tin of FDC's incl. some Foreign, coin and officials, postcards, booklets a medium sized box20
156Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mixed box of stamps, documents and commercial covers incl. Q.E.II postmarks on small pieces, used stamps, Telegrams, Money Orders, Receipts, programmes etc. from c.1930's onwards in albums and stockbooks in a medium sized box.20
157Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN used accumulation incl. GB Q.V to Q.E.II used, Commonwealth & Foreign used stamps off paper etc mainly sorted into small envelopes and/or loose. (Medium sized box)20
158Misc. Lots in BoxesMainly FOREIGN accumulation of many countries sorted into small envelopes and/or loose. (Medium sized box)26
160Misc. Lots in BoxesRoyal Mail PHQ cards unused from 1973 with a few modern Postcards (some foreign) mixed in. Fine condition in five 2-ring & three 4-ring binders in a large box16
161Misc. Lots in BoxesWorld Kiloware off paper used and some mint approx. 5kg50
162Misc. Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to Q.E.II mainly GB used stamps in packets in a small shoebox and various in eleven Christmas card or similar sized boxes of used stamps/kiloware in mixed condition (Medium sized box)18
164Literature and AccessoriesSeven Royal Mail Presentation Pack albums with slipcases and a good quantity of internal plastic sleeves in excellent condition44
166Literature and AccessoriesVarious Catalogues and reference books incl SG Parts I & II 1953, many SG Foreign country catalogues earlier editions incl. Russia, China etc (approx. 40 items)30
167Literature and AccessoriesSix Royal Mail Presentation Pack albums with slipcases and a good quantity of internal plastic sleeves in excellent condition40
168Literature and AccessoriesSelection of mainly Stanley Gibbons albums incl. The Imperial Postage Stamp Album, The New Imperial Postage Stamp Album Vol. 2, The New Ideal Postage Stamp Album British Empire, The Century Postage Stamp Album, First and Second Edition and The Illustrated Postage Stamp Album by Richard Senf all in decent condition. Also SG 1960 Commonwealth Part I and 1956 Foreign Countries Part III catalogues. Medium Sized Box.40
169Literature and AccessoriesAnglepoise Magnifying Lamp (with desk clamp)20
170Literature and AccessoriesRoyal Mail First Day Cover albums (7) with a good quantity of internal plastic sleeves in excellent condition and two stockbooks.36
171Literature and AccessoriesVarious Catalogues mainly SG Worldwide/Foreign c.1930's to 80's (approx. 20 items)20
172Literature and AccessoriesSG COMMONWEALTH catalogues incl. Specialised, Part 1( 2000 & 2009), Collect British Stamps 2021 GB Concise 2021, CI & IOM 2022 etc (c 20 items)40
173Literature and AccessoriesBox of Post Office Presentation Pack Black Single Mount Cards or similar (100's)22
174Literature and Accessories1970's/90's STAMPEX , The British Philatelic Exhibition Catalogues, Programmes & prospectus' etc in seven A4 binders16
175Literature and AccessoriesAIRMAIL Catalogues 'The World Airmail Catalogue' 1966 by Nicola Sambria Co. NY USA and Kessler's Catalogue of Aerogrammes Vol I & II by Aerogram Catalogue Publishing Co. NY (3 items)10
176Literature and AccessoriesSG Stamps of the World 2012 in six volumes, covers are a bit tatty but internal pages appear to be intact10
179Autographs1982 Theatres Stewart Petty Official First Day Covers(2), one signed by Penelope Keith & Anthony Quale and the other by John Mills. Very Fine30
180Cigarette & Post CardsART & GLAMOUR POSTCARDS early hand drawn art and glamour with many unposted and sets with sort after lead Artist Rafael Kirchner (32 cards incl. 4 Gold). Also, Kohler (1 unsigned card, rare), 'Amorous Spying'(10), Sea Bathers embossed(8), Milliere(8), Maurice Peppin(7), Fabiano(9), 1950's USA Metroscope cards(2), Puzzeldon (set of 6 with env.), Polish Artist(4), 'Recontre en Amérique' (10), Calparara(6), 1950's Paris French(6), Ben-Geo(5) etc (Total 172 cards) organised in a four-ring album.750
182Cigarette & Post CardsART & GLAMOUR POSTCARDS by Susanne Meunier (64) mainly unused, L. Peltier(22), Maggy Monier(4), A Penot(26), Leo Fontan, Photo bathers(6), Rene Gille(9), A Le Due(6) plus some more modern cards (Total 243 cards) organised in a four-ring album.800
183Cigarette & Post CardsPRINTED POSTCARDS mainly 1910/20's unused FRENCH NUDES coll. of approx. 100 cards of which 60 odd are of real quality incl. two hand coloured, some divided backs organised in a four-ring album (full scans available on request)500
187Cigarette & Post CardsCard Collectors Society Reprint Cigarette Cards in three official albums. Reprinted sets from 1898 onwards with JPS, W.A. & A.C. Churchman, Ogdens etc covering many topics incl. Armed Forces, Sports, Costumes, Transport etc approx. 60 sets42
188Cigarette & Post CardsTrade and Cigarette Cards incl. Brooke Bond Tea cards in approx. 20 specialised albums and three small tubs, John Player Special British Fresh water Fish, Modern Naval Craft and Kings & Queens of England, Wills Railway Engines. Also, a plastic tub of mainly 1970's Starwars and Football cards etc. Mixed condition.42
189ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN 1960's to early 2000's Commem. & Defin, mint and used coll. of THE ARTS incl. literature, Performing Arts, Culinary Arts, Media Arts, Visual Arts on stamps in sets and MS from GB & Europe, Americas, Australasia, Middle East etc. narrated on approx., 2,500 albums leaves arranged in plastic sleeves within forty-seven A4 binders. A few binders contain reference material, viewing recommended to appreciate the depth of this coll.250
192ThematicsMainly 1960's FOOTBALL & SPEEDWAY memorabilia incl Arsenal FC Match Programmes (24), Norwich Speedway Programmes (some signed), photos, etc. in three A4 binders20
193Andorra1931 set of twenty-three to 3f. optd. with type F1 fine mint SG F1/23 Cat. £1300110
194Andorra1931 set of seven Postage Due stamps of France optd. with Type F1 fine mint SG FD32/8 Cat. £65050
196Ascension1938 K.G.VI ½d black and violet with 'Torpedo' flaw very lightly mtd. mint SG 38bb Cat. £15026
199Austria1878 25k. brownish grey fine used SG 65 Cat. £32518
202Austria1930 Rotarian Congress set of 6 optd. Type 103 used SG 666/71 Cat. £55026
203Austria1932 Austrian Painters set of six fine mint SG 693/99 Cat. £20020
204Austria1933 International Philatelic Exhibition Vienna (WIPA) 50g.(+50g.) ultramarine tied to small piece very fine used SG 703 Cat. £42540
206Austria1936 Second Anniv. of Assassination of Dr. Dollfuss 10s. slate-blue used SG 793 Cat. £1800180
207Austria1945 5m. ultramarine optd. with T 137 mint SG 852 Cat. £40036
211Bahamas1859/65 Q.V. mint & used small coll. of seven stamps on a card incl. 1859 1d imperf used, 1862 1d brown lake unused (no gum), 1865 1s mint (2) etc minor faults100
212Bahamas1938/52 K.G.VI set of eighteen to £1 mint SG 149/57a Cat. £40040
215Bermuda1938/53 K.G.VI set of sixteen to £1 fine mint SG110/21c Cat. £35075
217Bermuda1938/53 K.G.VI set of 16 to £1 mint SG 110/121d Cat. £35038
219British Honduras1938/47 K.G.VI set of twelve to $5 mint SG 150/61 Cat. £20032
220Burma1937 K.G.VI part-set of sixteen to 10r. green and scarlet optd. T1 and T1a mint SG 1/16 Cat. £50085
221Burma1937 K.G.VI part-set of thirteen Officials to 5r. ultramarine and purple optd. T01 or T01a mint SG O1/13 Cat. £44044
227Canada1921 K.G.V 1c. green complete unopened coil of 500 stamps with intact paper band (wrapper dated Jul 28 1921), assumed to be SG 216 mint unmtd.450
230Channel IslandsGUERNSEY Q.E.II mint stamps, sheetlets, booklets etc to c. 2014 loose in a box file with Face Value approx. £2,650600
231Channel IslandsJERSEY Q.E.II mint stamps, sheetlets, booklets etc to c. 2014 loose in a box file with Face Value approx. £1,990500
232Channel IslandsALDERNEY Q.E.II mint stamps, sheetlets, booklets etc to c. 2014 loose in a box file with Face Value approx. £1,500275
233China1921 Air set of five (45c & 90c some short perfs) mint SG 352/6 Cat. £52544
234Cyprus1912/15 K.G.V part-set of ten to 18pi. black and brown fine mint SG 74/83 Cat. £17026
235Cyprus1938/51 K.G.VI set of nineteen to £1 fine mint SG 151/63 Cat. £25030
238Eritrea1934 Rome - Mogadiscio Flight set of ten fine used SG 228/37 Cat. £42555
243Falkland Islands1904/12. K.E.VII part-set of eight to 1s. with ½d shades fine mint SG 43/8 Cat. £21032
244Falkland Islands1918 K.G.V 2d. maroon Perf. 14 mint SG 62b Cat. £42540
245Falkland Islands1939/52 K.G.VI set of fourteen to 1s. fine mint SG 172/85 Cat. £19022
246Falkland Islands1938/50 K.G.VI set of eighteen to £1 mint SG 146/63 Cat. £47560
248Fiji1938/55 K.G.VI set of twenty-two to £1 fine mint SG 249/66b Cat. £27542
249Finland1856 5k. blue with postmark used SG 1B Cat. £3750180
256France1907 35c. violet and 35c. violet type I mint SG 328 & 345 Cat. £28024
257France1916/17 War Orphans Fund set of four mint SG 450/3 Cat. £22532
258France1936 100th flight between France and South America 1f. 50 blue and 10f. myrtle green fine mint SG 553/4 Cat. £52040
259France1936 Air 50f. ultramarine (tone spots) used SG 541 Cat. £47536
260France1940/58 selection of fine used sets on seven stock pages with 1946, 1948, 1950/53, 1955, 1957 Relief Fund, 1949 Airs, Stamp Centenary SG1071a, various Red Cross issues, 1953 Sport, etc, all different,(qty) Cat. £110090
261France1950 1000f. slate-purple and black/blue (toned gum) mint SG 1059 Cat. £22520
262France1954 National Relief Fund Portraits set of six fine used SG 1215/1220 Cat. £20018
263French ColoniesBENIN 1882 01 on 15c-75 on 15c s/chge set of three valuess, fine used copies – top value with pulled perfs at left, SG14/16 Cat. £105590
264French ColoniesTOGO 1916/40 mainly fine mint coll. on ten album pages, sets incl 1916, 1921, 1924, 1941, etc, plus Commem. (small qty) Cat. £34546
265French ColoniesUPPER VOLTA 1920/31 mainly fine mint collection on six album pages, sets with 1920, 1922 colour change, later surcharges, 1928, 1931 Exhibition, Postage Dues, etc Cat. £30036
266French ColoniesNIGER 1921/39 mainly fine mint coll. on eight album pages with 1921 set, later surcharges & colour changes, 1926 set, Commem. incl .1931 Exhibition, 1939 150th Anniversary, Postage Dues, etc. Cat. £31034
269Germany1871 18k. bistre used SG 28 Cat. £3250160
270Germany1872 2k. orange used on small piece used SG 24 Cat. £3750180
275Germany1938 'Brown Ribbon of Germany' 42pf.+108pf. brown in a marginal block of four mint unmtd. SG 659 Cat. £72085
276GermanyBERLIN 1949 75th Anniv. of UPU set of seven fine mint SG B54/60 Cat. £100075
277Germany1949 Refugees Relief Fund set of four in blocks of four mint unmtd. SG 1039/42 Cat. £64050
278GermanyEAST GERMANY 1951 Friendship with China set of three to 50pf. blue mint (some minor gum disturbance on all values and 50pf. is creased lower left) SG E43/524
279Germany1951 Charity 700th Anniv. of St. Mary's Church Lubeck 10pf.+5pf. black and green and 20pf.+5pf black and claret mint unmtd. SG 1065/66 Cat. £27022
280Germany1951 Charity 700th Anniv. of St. Mary's Church Lubeck 10pf.+5pf. black and green and 20pf.+5pf black and claret fine used SG 1065/66 Cat. £21014
281Germany1953 West Germany Transport Exhibition Munich 30pf. deep blue block of four mint unmtd. SG 1096 Cat. £26020
282Germany1953 150th Birth Anniv. of Liebig(Chemist) 30pf. deep blue block of four (light hinge mark on margin) mint SG 1092 Cat. £26020
286Gibraltar1938/47 K.G.VI set of fourteen to 10s. fine mint SG 121/31 Cat. £18032
293Great Britain1840 Q.V. Penny Blacks(3) various shades all with four margins cancelled with Red Maltese Cross330
325Great Britain1880/81 Q.V. 1½d venetian red SG167, 5d indigo SG169 mint75
340Great Britain1913 K.G.V ½d bright green and 1d dull scarlet fine mint SG 397/8 Cat. £37560
342Great Britain1914/38 Postage Due sets(3) incl. 1914/24(9), 1924/31(9) and 1937/8(8) mint SG D1/18 & D27/34 Cat. £76075
343Great Britain1918 K.G.V 2s6d chocolate-brown, 5s rose-red, 10s dull-grey blue fine mint SG 414/17 Cat. £960120
349Great BritainK.G.VI 1936/51 fine mint collection with 1937 set, 1939/48 high vals (missing 10s dark blue), 1941 & 1950 sets, 1951 Festival high vals, Commem. complete incl Silver Wedding Cat. £380 approx (63)50
352Great BritainQ.E.II (to 2013) mint Commem. & Defin. coll. incl. sets, booklets, MS, Prestige Booklets, Smiler sheets, 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Post & Go, Presentation Packs etc. mainly organised in Royal Mail albums with a Face Value of approx. £5,200 (8 albums, 4 box files/folders and a stockbook) in a large box.2,500
353Great Britain1961 Q.E.II 3d deep lilac 'Misplaced graphite lines' variety mint unmtd. SG 592a Cat. £550100
356Greece1927/35 10d. black and claret and 15d. black and yellow green mint SG 421/2 Cat. £37528
358Greece1933 Air Government Issue set of seven mint SG 468/74 Cat. £25024
359Greece1933 Air Aeroespresso Co. set of seven mint unmtd. SG 461/7 Cat. £19028
360Greece1934 8d. blue Perf. 13x11½ mint SG 479A Cat. £25026
361Greece1940 Air set of ten fine mint SG 544/53 Cat. £900110
362Greece1951 Nineteenth Centenary of St. Paul's Travels in Greece set of four fine mint SG 688/91 Cat. £27520
363Greece1951 Reconstruction Issue set of six fine mint SG 692/7 Cat. £27524
364Greece1954 Ancient Greek Art set of twelve fine mint SG 713/24 Cat. £37528
365Greece1955 set of sixteen fine mint SG 733a/41 Cat. £19018
366Grenada1913/22 K.G.V ½d to 10s mint set of nineteen incl. shades SG89/101, 1921/31 ½d-10s mint set of twenty-two SG112/19. A few stamps have slightly toned gum, high values are fine mint Cat. £30070
367Grenada1938/66 K.G.VI to Q.E.II fine used Defin. coll. incl. 1938/50 set of twenty-three incl some perf. varieties (10s x 2), 1951 & 1953 sets, 1966 set on three album pages. Cat. £16240
368Hong Kong1898 Q.V. $1 on 96c grey-black surch. with T10 and handstamped with T15 mint SG 52a Cat. £22530
369Hong Kong1904/16 K.E.VII part-set of eight to $1 (minor tone spots on perfs. 5c. & 20c.) mint SG 77/79 & 83/87 Cat. £55050
373Hungary1931 Air 'Graf Zeppelin' flight to Hungary optd. with T72 1p. orange (slight horiz. crease) and 2p. purple mint unmtd. SG 529/30 Cat. £26020
374Iceland1907/8 set of fifteen used SG 81/95 Cat. £50046
375India1937 K.G.VI 15r. brown and green wmk. inverted fine used SG 263w Cat. £37540
376Indian StatesCHAMBA 1938 K.G.VI part-set of thirteen to 1r. (top value marginal mint unmtd.) fine mint SG 82/94 Cat. £33048
377Indian StatesCHAMBA 1942/47 K.G.VI 6a. turquoise-green block of seven, 8a. slate-violet block of eight, 12a. lake block of nine mint unmtd. SG 117/119 Cat. £57860
378Indian StatesGWALIOR 1948 K.G.VI 15r. brown optd with T5 mint unmtd. SG 116 Cat. £9030
379Iraq1941/48 K.G.VI mint coll. incl. 1941/7 set of forty to 1d incl various shades & perfs, 1941/3 Official set of thirty-four to 1d incl. various optd. & perfs, 1948 original set of twenty etc (105) on five pages Cat. £36075
380IrelandK.G.V mint 1922 ½d & 1d horizontal pairs optd. invtd, both forgeries, 1922/3 2s6d SG64 horizontal pair, 5s top marginal copy SG65, both with accents altered, with Certs. 5s mint unmtd. (4 items)50
382Isle of ManQ.E.II mint stamps, sheetlets, booklets etc to c. 2014 loose in a box file with Face Value approx. £2,300550
386Italy1936 Air set of five used SG 485/9 Cat. £40032
387Italy1937 Birth Bimillenary of Augustus the Great set of fifteen fine mint SG 506/20 Cat. £22520
390Jamaica1921/29 K.G.V good/fine used pictorial coll. on pages, set to 10s plus range of shades incl. 1s x 4, 2s x 4, 3s x 3, 5s x 4 (57 items) on thirteen album pages Cat. £25050
394Luxembourg1875 12½c. claret Offical optd. T07 fine used SG O94 Cat. £42522
395Luxembourg1893/6 set of ten to 5f. Official optd. T012 fine used SG O188/97 Cat. £25014
396Luxembourg1945 Our Lady of Luxembourg set of five fine used SG 464/8 Cat. £30020
397Luxembourg1957 Europa set of three mint unmtd. SG 626/8 Cat. £22522
399MalaysiaFEDERATED MALAY STATES 1900 $1 green and pale green _x000D_
used SG 23 Cat. £200
401Malta1925 K.G.V Postage Dues complete set of Tete-Beche pairs mint unmtd. SG D1/10 Cat. £192536
402Malta1938 K.G.VI 2d slate black with extra windows along with a normal copy mint SG221 & 221a Cat. £19028
403Montserrat1876/83 1d red bisect fine used on piece, SG 1a (Cat. £1,400 on cover )40
404Netherlands1896 2g.50 ultramarine and rosine fine used SG 161 Cat. £20012
406Netherlands1923 25th Anniv. of Queens Accession set of eleven used SG 259/69 Cat. £60032
408New Zealand1906 K.E.VII ½d to 6d Christchurch Exhibition set, fresh mint some hinge remainders SG 370/73 Cat. £27550
411New Zealand1960s/70s Q.E.II large mint coll. of mostly plate blocks in binder incl 1970 vals to 25c, 1975 vals to 10c, plus some later, many are blocks of 6 or larger, mainly fine with many mint unmtd. (160 items) in a four ring album44
414North Borneo1918 stamps of 1909/11 surch. T 69 Red Cross ten values from 16c.+2c. brown-lake in blocks of four mint unmtd. Cat. £44090
416Northern Rhodesia1938/52 K.G.VI set of twenty-one to 1s. mint SG 25/45 Cat. £25032
418Norway1878 35o grey-green used SG 60 Cat. £25018
419Norway1910 1½ kr. blue mint SG 131 Cat. £22514
424Portugal1884 500r. black (signed on reverse) mint SG 216 Cat. £65050
425Portugal1924 10E. rose fine mint SG 576 Cat. £35028
426Portugal1931 Fifth Death Centenary of Nuno Alvares set of six mint SG 859/64 Cat. £37530
427Portugal1943 set of twenty-six fine mint SG 942/58 Cat. £120090
428Portugal1945 set of eight very fine mint SG 977/84 Cat. £22518
429Portugal1947 Regional Costumes set of eight mint SG 1002/9 Cat. £22518
430Portugal1952 Centenary of Ministry of public Works set of four in marginal blocks of four (mtd. on margin) mint SG 1071/4 Cat. £20018
431Portugal1954 Fourth Centenary of Sao Paulo set of four mint SG 1118/21 Cat. £18016
432Portugal1957 Almeida Garrett Commemoration set of four mint SG 1142/5 Cat. £20018
433RhodesiaREVENUES K.G.V 1913/24 Admirals selection of six different £1 values incl. Die II perf. 15 SG254a, Die IIIA SG255t, Die IIIB SG278 & 279, 1922/24 Die IIIB perf. 14 SG311 & 311a, five are perfin. copies, good/fine used, postally used Cat. £6,800125
435SAAR1938 Christmas Charity set of seven fine mint SG 128/34 Cat. £65048
436SAAR1949 National Relief Fund 50f. + 20f. brown-purple fine used SG 285 Cat. £35022
437SAAR1950 Admission of Council to Europe 25f. blue and 200f. brown lake Air fine used SG 294/5 Cat. £40022
438Samoa1914/52 mint & used collection on pages with 1921 vals to 1s used, 1935 vals to 3s used, Arms 2s6d, 5s, £10 mint (£10 value with few stains on gum), 1939 set mint, 1945 2s6d & 5s Arms mint, 1952 set mint & set used, etc, mostly good/fine, Cat £450+ (76) on seven pages34
439Sarawak1942 K.G.VI REVENUES mint Japanese Occupation issues incl. 1c & 4c with additional straight line 7 character o/p Bft 55 & 57, later nine value to 25c with oval chop in black or in red between Bft 63 & 73 on an album page.32
440Seychelles1906 1r50 black & carmine and 2r25 purple & green, good/fine used with B64 cancels SG 69/70 Cat. £13530
441Seychelles1921/32 5r yellow-green & blue mint SG123 Cat. £12024
442Sierra Leone1896 Q.V. Essay with hand painted ''SIERRA LEONE'' in colours suggested for the 5s. value. 5s. in manuscript alongside. very fine350
443Somaliland Protectorate1938 K.G.VI set of twelve (a few minor tone spots) mint SG 93/104 Cat. £16016
448South Africa1940 10s blue & sepia good/fine used Official block of four SG O29 Cat. £100090
449Southern Rhodesia1924/29 Admirals the set mint & the set used with duplication / wide range of shades & printings mint or used (mostly) up to 2s x 12, 2s6d x 3, 5s x 1, Cat £3,000 (c. 750 items) on nine pages150
451Spain1931/2 5c., 10c., 25c., 40c., and 50c. with blue control numbers on reverse fine mint SG 731A, 732A, 734A, 736A & 737A Cat. £31524
453St Kitts-Nevis1938/50 K.G.VI complete set to £1 plus most extras (33 stamps) mint SG 68/77f Cat. £50050
456Straits Settlements1912/23 K.G.V complete set to $5 plus some shades (34 stamps) used SG 193/212 Cat. £47055
457Straits Settlements1937/41 K.G.VI set of twenty-one (full set Die I & II) most with tropicalised gum mint SG 278/98 Cat. £35030
458Sweden1855/8 8s. orange used SG 4 Cat. £80040
459Sweden1858 3 ore black used SG L6 Cat. £37524
462Switzerland1933 Air set of thirteen fine used SG 316/28 Cat. £50026
463Switzerland1934 National Philatelix Exhibition Zurich (NABA) MS fine used SG MS357 Cat. £100050
464Switzerland1941 Air Special (Buochs Rayerne) Flights block of eight bottom left corner marginal very fine used SG 423 Cat. £24016
465Switzerland1945 Peace set of thirteen fine used SG 447/59 Cat. £120090
466Tobago1879 Q.V. 5s. slate FIscal used SG 5 Cat. £80070
468Trinidad & Tobago1918 K.G.V. 1d. scarlet Opt. double, scarce used SG 188a16
474United States of AmericaOfficial Stamps(4) 1873 10c. carmine Executive used, 1873 12c. rose War mint, 1877 30c. purple Justice used and 1879. 30c. rose War mint SG O193, O212, O267 & O296 Cat. £1500110
476United States of America1893 Colombian Exhibition 30c. brown orange mint SG 244 Cat. £27520
478United States of America1901 Pan American Exposition Buffalo set of six unused (mainly no gum) SG 300/5 Cat. £45028
480United States of America1921 set of twenty-three to $5 mint SG 559/81 Cat. £60046
482Vatican City1948 Air 250l. violet black and 500l. ultramarine mint unmtd. SG 137/8 Cat. £1070100
483Vatican City1951 1500th Anniv. of council of Chalcedon set of five mint unmtd. SG 168/72 Cat. £14016