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Lot No.CategoryDescriptionHammerPrice (£)
1Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN & THE BRITISH EMPIRE Q.V to K.G.V. 1940 to mid-1936 Commem. & Defin. used coll. in two New Imperial albums with strength in Great Britain, Ceylon, India and States, Iraq, Ireland, Jamaica, K.U.T., Mauritius, Rhodesia, Samoa, Straits Settlements and Malaysian States incl. Officials, Postage Dues, Charity Stamps, Fiscals, Airs, Life Insurance stamps, overprints, surcharges, shades, flaws, varieties etc. Both volumes are approx. half full (c.7,200 stamps), mixed condition with some faults. Viewing Highly recommended.3200.0
2Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. used coll. incl. Postage Dues, Officials, Postal Fiscals plus some shades & varieties. Strength in Aden, Bahawalpur, Burma, Cochin, Cook Is., Eritrea, Fiji, Gilbert and Ellice Is., Gwalior, Kelantan, Kuwait, North Borneo etc in a well-filled Crown album. Mainly fine with a few faults incl. some top values, viewing highly recommended.3300.0
6Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II (2018) mainly mint Commem. & Defin. coll. in three Lighthouse stockbooks with slipcase incl. 1840 1d black and 2d. blue (2) used, K.G.V 1918 set of three Seahorses to 10s. fine used, K.G.VI various mint singles, booklet panes, blocks/control blocks etc. incl. a handful of varieties / errors. Also, Q.E.II, which is the bulk of the coll. and appears to be mainly mint unmtd., includes sets, booklet panes, MS, Frama labels, part-sheets, Exhibition Cards, phosphors, errors/varieties/flaws (approx.25 items) with perf. and colour shifts incl. a scare (possibly unique) 1955 Castle 5s.rose-carmine mint unmtd. marginal pair with vertical paper crease fault through both stamps etc. There are a few very interesting items with this being a late sub-postmasters coll. incl. 1936 'Poached Egg' vending machine run of five testing stamps, Boots MS issued 17.08.94 with blue/fluorescent/white gum and 1980 Royal Mail 'in-house' training Defin. stamps (9 blocks of 12 stamps) cancelled with. vertical black lines. Also, a few pages of Germany incl. 1941 Hitler Heads mint optd. Ukraine and Ostland in the back of volume three and various GB Postage Dues in a small stockbook. Total Face Value approx. £1,500 (roughly a third of which is Commem.). Viewing recommended.1400.0
7Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.V to Q.E.II (1840 to 2006) Commem. & Defin used coll. of sets and part-sets incl. Officials, Postage Dues, booklet panes, Regionals, Channel Is. etc in four Windsor albums incl. Q.V. to £1 with 1840 2d blue fine, 1864/79. 1d reds most plates incl. 225 (with faults) and a good range of surface printed plate varieties, K.E.VII various values to £1, K.G.V Seahorses (6) to 10s and 1929 PUC £1 black fine used, K.G.VI High values, Q.E.II 1955/8 Castles complete, phosphor sets etc. Mixed condition with gaps pre-1970.1350.0
8Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGERMANY extensive mainly fine used coll. in Lighthouse albums consisting of German States incl. Baden, Bavaria incl. a few Postage Dues , Officials, 1918/20 imperf. sets and opts., Brunswick, Hamburg, Hanover, Saxony and Wuttembourg etc. Germany 1872 to 1945 sets and part-sets with a few Air incl. 1933 Chicago World Exhibition set of three used, a handful of Officials, Field Post and a MS etc. Allied Occupation zones, SAAR from 1920/57, West Germany 1949 to 2000 many complete sets plus a few MS, Berlin to 1989. incl. 1948 set optd with Type B1 in black to 1m, German Democratic Republic 1949/85, German Colonies incl. New Guinea, German Occupation Issues various 1914/18 and 1939/45 incl. Poland , Bohemia & Moravia, Montenegro incl. 1943 Air set to 5l green and Serbia sets with very few gaps incl. Airs, MS and Postage Dues, German Post Offices in China and Morocco etc, Danzig part-sets plus a few MS incl. 1937 First National Philatelic Exhibition SG MS 251/2, Memel incl. 1922 Airs optd. with T 10 set of ten on small pieces etc. Fine collection in nine Lighthouse albums with slip cases eight of which are illustrated. Viewing recommended.1200.0
16Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsSCANDINAVIA early to modern (c.80's/90's) mainly used coll. consisting of Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden incl a few Airs, Officials, Postage Dues etc. and a handful of MS all in illustrated Davo albums(4). Also, Faroe Is and a few pages of Greenland (some mint) in a loose-leaf album., Finland in two loose-leaf albums and a box file of Aland Is. modern mint (1985/2006) on album leaves with FDC's & Postcards (approx. 110 items) . ( Total 7 albums and a box file). Mixed with gaps in places.425.0
17Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. to c.1940 comprising of many countries organised in eight loose-leaf album incl. Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Newfoundland, North Borneo, Samoa, Hungary, Italy, Japan etc. Also, First World War mainly GB Censor Mail, Field Post and Registration cards etc (covers and on small piece s c. 70 items) in two folders, GB postmarks on covers/small pieces from 1829 to K.G.VI and Newspaper cuttings in a scrapbook/two albums. Mixed condition.400.0
19Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsQ.V. to K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. mint coll. in a stockbook consisting mainly of K.G.VI sets incl. Aden 1939 set of thirteen, Bahamas 1942 Anniv. of the Landing of Columbus to £1, Bechuanaland 1938/52 set to 10s., Cayman Is. 1938 & 1949 complete sets mint, Dominica 1938 set complete, Malta 1948 New Constitution set to 10s. Montserrat 1938/48 set to £1 etc. Also a few earlier incl. Malta 1926 set of fourteen ovptd. T 28 to 10s mint etc. well organised in a ten-page Ace stockbook.400.0
21Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFRANCE 1849 to 2007 used coll. of part-sets/sets, Postage Dues, MS, Council of Europe, Milltary Frankings etc in four illustrated Davo albums (three with slipcases). A few better early imperf items noted (some faults) and 1937 Air 50f ultramarine SG541 used etc. Also, Monaco 1885 to 1970's in an illustrated Schaubek album and French Colonies and French Post Offices Overseas from 1881 to 1950's incl. Algeria, Cameroun, Congo, Dahomey, French Guiana, French Morocco etc mainly used/fine used plus a few mint in two Hermes loose-leaf album and a stockbook. Mixed in places.350.0
22Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBENELUX Commem. & Defin. used coll. consisting of LUXEMBOURG 1852 to 1984 in an illustrated Davo album (with a few extras on blank pages to 2009) incl. Officials, Postage Dues and MS with a few gaps pre-1950. Also, BELGIUM various issues 1849 to 1989 in an illustrated Davo album (plus some extras to 2006 on blank pages) and Netherlands and Colonies 1852 to 2008 in two loose-leaf album both with gaps in places in mixed condition. (Total 4 albums)500.0
25Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN U.S.A. Commem. & Defin mint and used coll. 1847 to 2011 with some better items seen, plenty of Se-tenant mint unmtd. sheets and SG USA Part 22 3rd edition catalogue. Well organised in 4 stockbooks & 7 albums (some illustrated)300.0
29Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsAUSTRIA & HUNGARY early to modern used general coll. incl. part-sets & sets consisting of Austria 1850 to modern (c.2000) with some better from 1920's/30's noted incl. 1936 Second Anniv. of Assassination of Dr. Dollfuss 10s slate-blue SG 793, Postage Dues, Airs etc., Lombardy and Venetia various to 15s.(mixed condition), Bosnia and Herzegovina 1879 to 1918, Austro-Hungarian Military Post various General , Italy, Romania and Serbia incl. optd. short sets, others on small pieces, and a few pages of Austro-Hungarian PO's in Turkish Empire. HUNGARY 1868 to modern (c.1986) incl. some Airs, Officials and Postage Dues. Gaps in places and in mixed condition (Total 2 loose-leaf albums)300.0
30Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsPORTUGAL & SPAIN early to modern used coll. incl. PORTUGAL 1853 to c.2000 incl. various imperf. issues (some faults), early ovpts. and Postage Dues. PORTUGUESE COLONIES to mid-1970's in a large Minkus illustrated album album approx. one-third full, and SPAIN 1850 to c.2000 with a few pages of machine labels/colonies in a loose-leaf album. Mixed condition in places, mainly part-sets very few if any top values ( Total 3 albums)300.0
32Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsRUSSIA 1858 to 1990's used coll. of sets/part-sets, MS(7), Air, Postage Dues, express letter etc in two loose-leaf albums incl. a few pages of Civil War, Russian PO's in China and Turkish Empire, Transcaucasian Federation, Georgia etc. A few better stamps, sets, MS and varieties noted incl. 1884 3.50r grey and black SG47, 1935 Anti-war, Air and Spartacist Games complete etc. Also, two further loose-leaf albums (c.115 pages) of used AZERBAIJAN, BELARUS, ESTONIA, KAZAKHSTAN, LATVIA, LITHUANIA incl. small qty. of occupation issues, MONGOLIA etc. Mixed condition (Total 4 albums)230.0
35Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBALKANS early to modern used coll. in four loose-leaf albums incl. ALBANIA from 1913 to 1960's (approx. 100 stamps), BULGARIA 1879 to 1970's (small coll. on approx. 40 pages), GREECE 1861 to modern (c.2000), an album of MONTENEGRO, SERBIA, TRIESTE and YUGOSLAVIA etc. and ROMANIA 1858 to mid 1980's. Mixed coll. especially early on with mainly part-sets/singles, some Postage Dues and a handful of Occupation issues throughout. (Total 4 loose-leaf albums)150.0
36Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN K.E.VIII to Q.E.II (1968) Commem. & Defin mint coll. incl. K.G.VI 1948 Silver Wedding set and Q.E.II Wildings incl. 1958 graphite-lined issue, 1955/8 & 1959/63 Castles to £1. (17) mint unmtd. 1962/3 Phosphor Issues complete, Regional Issues, Postage Dues etc. Very few gaps post 1952 in an illustrated Lighthouse album (with blank pages from 1840)with slip case180.0
37Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsAUSTRALIA K.G.V mint & used coll. incl. Head values to ¼d with OS NSW puncture and some varieties in a thirty-two page Wessex stockbook.160.0
40Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsAUSTRALIA mainly K.G.V. & K.G.VI used NSW incl. a selection Head values to ¼d with G NSW puncture, various perfins. etc. in three thirty-two page Wessex Knight stockbooks160.0
41Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCANADA mainly modern Q.E.II mint in three albums and a small bundle of FDC's/booklets, plus some earlier used Q.V to K.E.VII in a stockbook and three specialised Canada catalogues etc.80.0
44Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFRENCH COLONIES modern mint in two stockbooks (sparse in places) and a small box of duplicated stock incl. some earlier etc. on stock pages.120.0
46Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN in an archive box full to the brim of stamps on album leaves and stock pages most sorted by country in glassine packets with plenty of Commonwealth mainly used incl. K.G.VI etc.120.0
48Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA & POLAND early to modern used general coll. mainly part-sets and singles incl. CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1918 to c.1990 single stamps, part-sets with a few Airs and Postage Dues, SLOVAKIA 1939 to 1944 and POLAND 1918 to c. mid 1990's incl. 1919 5 on 3pf. brown Surch. T 6b SG 9B, 1938 20th Anniv. of Independence 25g. MS SG 348a on small piece etc. Mixed condition with gaps in two loose-leaf albums.
49Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsINDIA Q.V. to modern (c.2012) Commem. & Defin. used mixed lot consisting of mainly parts-sets and singles with some duplication incl a few States, Airs and Officials in an eight-page stock-book, on nine stock pages, and on approx. 35 cards / loose in a small tin box.
53Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN early to modern mint & used in albums(6), stockbooks(2) and album pages all arranged by country incl. a small SG stockbook of early issues from many countries with a high Cat. value (some with faults), also collections of Austria, Bosnia, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Surinam etc. in a medium sized box.700.0
55Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to early Q.E.II mint & used misc. countries on album pages incl. Bermuda, British Solomon Is., Brunei, Ceylon, Cyprus, Denmark, Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Northern Rhodesia, Sudan etc. plus one or two Foreign countries STC £5,000. Also, a few catalogues empty albums incl. an SG Part One 2022, GB Concise 2021 and Portugal & Spain 6th edition etc. in a medium box.300.0
56Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN used coll. to c.2000 comprising mainly of countries in CENTRAL & SOUTH EAST ASIA, MIDDLE EAST, NORTH EAST AFRICA organised by country incl. China, Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam etc. Predominantly single items and part sets with very few if any top values, mixed condition in twelve loose-leaf albums.375.0
57Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mainly used coll. incl. K.G.VI in a Crown Album with some useful Bermuda and Ceylon all in mixed condition, Q.E.II various countries to 1990's organised in ten loose-leaf albums plus Australia,, Canada, New Zealand and India/Pakistan/Ceylon arranged in single country loose-leaf albums incl. a few earlier issues, a Prinz 30 page stockbook of mainly modern used with a few K.G.VI mixed in and two further stockbooks of similar but with a few mint. Also modern MS (c.70 items) in a four-ring album. Medium sized box.240.0
58Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesBELGIUM mint & used accumulation comprising of 1920 to 2012 incl. MS in five illustrated Davo albums, a few earlier incl. on cover, postcards, stationary, sheets, FDC's etc. in eight stockbooks/albums and an OBP 2017 catalogue (plus an empty album with leaves) in two medium sized boxes.180.0
61Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH incl. AUSTRALIA FDC's from 1960's to 2000's in binders/albums (11) incl. Benham special album and Christmas themes in a binder etc. in a large box.120.0
62Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA and U.S.A used coll. mainly part-sets organised by country in seven loose-leaf albums incl. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Guatemala, Paraguay, Peru etc. Also, Suriname to 1962 incl. 1873 complete set used in an illustrated Lighthouse album.220.0
63Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box of albums and loose pages incl. Q.E.II Commem. 1953/64 mint unmtd. ord. & phos. issues singles & blocks in two specialised SG album appears complete, SAAR (duplicated & mixed) on approx. fifty Hagner stock pages, Nyasaland incl. some early Q.E.II mint unmtd. modern used GB, modern Rhodesia, mainly modern South African covers( three c.150 items),, various part-sets/sets organised on approx. .200 cards in a box file etc. mixed condition in two medium sized box (11 books / approx. 100 loose pages)375.0
64Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II mint stamps, booklets, Presentation Packs, MS & FDC's in glassine packets purchased as New Issues in early 1970's incl. Royal Mail, Channel Is. Isle of Man, Bermuda, Falkland Is. etc duplicated in places (two large boxes).140.0
65Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. accumulation to incl. a K.G.VI Crown album & Q.E.II Commonwealth mint & used part-sets in four New Age volumes both sparse although the albums are brand new, Great Britain Q.E.II Commem. mint sets to c.1998 on cards and in packets with a Face Value of c.£150 and Royal Mail FDC's (c.250 items), Jersey mint sets etc in Philatelic Bureau env. (c.140) as purchased, Foreign used modern stamps and covers in c.100 packets/env/wallets. etc, also a small qty of Ireland & IOM mint etc and modern Commonwealth covers loose in three medium-sized boxes.170.0
66Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box with plenty of covers etc. Ideal for ebay or similar90.0
67Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH K.E.VII to Q.E.II mainly used AUSTRALIA collections in albums, binders, stock books and album sheets (11 books/albums) in a medium sized box.90.0
68Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II mint & used Commem. & Defin. incl. an album of various Presentation Packs mint 1993 to 2000 (approx. 45 items), an album of Royal Mail FDC's 1970's/90's and a few more loose in the box, used Machin's in a stockbook and folder etc plus a couple of stock books of Foreign stamps incl. France and Germany etc80.0
69Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used all periods incl. Austria, Czechoslovakia, GB, Hungary, India, Netherlands incl. c.100 covers mainly modern, Spain, Paraguay, Sweden etc. Also, stamps in packets, postcards, on env. and covers and a couple of small plastic tubs in a large box.75.0
70Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mint & used comprising of a few collections in a medium sized box incl. countries B and G in a pair of Senator albums mainly K.G.VI to early Q.E.II (remaindered in places), various countries from A to Z in two SG Tower, two New Ideal and two DLUX albums, a stockbook with a few Foreign mixed in and a Viscount stamp album of mainly Asia Pacific mint to early Q.E.II etc.110.0
71Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly used various countries in six albums/stockbooks with plenty of earlier material to sort through.80.0
72Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mixed box incl. Q.E.II GB Commem., Defin and Regionals to 1970 in both mint & used (with gaps) mounted and written-up on graph paper in four A4 ring binders, various Commonwealth Q.V. to early Q.E.II incl. British Africa, India, Straits Settlements etc. in four A4 ring binders, small qty of Foreign incl. China in a couple of binders and a Lincoln album and loose modern env. / kiloware in a couple of small boxes. Also, SG Commonwealth Catalogues 1934, 59 & 76, Rare Stamps by Fred J Melville and and H. L'Estrange Ewen 1898 Catalogue. One medium seized box.75.0
73Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly used stamps and covers in albums, loose in two folders and stockbooks incl. Norway with some Officials, Channel Is., Russia, Belgian Congo, Hungary, USA etc ( Total of seven albums/folders/stockbooks)50.0
74Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box in albums, on pages incl. some loose covers and and album of Royalty etc. in a medium sized box.40.0
75Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl. Q.E.II blocks, Germany, Luxembourg, France etc in albums/books and on cards160.0
76Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN misc. box incl. modern GB mainly mint in four stockbooks and a Windsor album, early Presentation packs, FDC's, Foreign Yearbooks, Foreign used stamps in various plastic pots/tins, empty albums/stockbooks(6) etc in two medium sized boxes.85.0
77Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN mint & used mainly Q.E.II Commem. & Defin incl blocks, FDC's, Presentation packs etc. in a medium sized box.60.0
78Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN & CHANNEL ISLANDS mint & used mainly Q.E.II in albums and loose incl. a few FDC's and Postage Dues etc in a medium sized box.38.0
79Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH K.G.V to modern Q.E.II mint & used incl. blocks, Postage Dues etc. on stock and album pages mainly organised by country. A little duplicated in places in a medium sized mixed box.95.0
80Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used various countries incl. some early Q.E.II sets, Spain, Ireland etc. in seven albums85.0
81Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to modern Q.E.II mint & used various countries incl. Morocco Agencies etc. in seven albums/stockbooks and approx. 30 stock pages100.0
82Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. onwards mainly used S.W. Africa, Ireland, Jamaica & Locomotive Leaders of the World mint etc in seven albums.44.0
83Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mixed box incl. Q.E.II GB Commem. coll. (gaps) in a Windsor album, various used in two small boxes, a mixed bundle and an album of modern covers, small all world coll. in two loose leaf albums etc. in a medium sized box44.0
84Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN & CHANNEL ISLANDS mainly mint Q.E.II incl some sets in a couple of albums/stockbook, in sleeves etc.42.0
85Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN mint & used PHQ cards organised in packets and an album (100's) in a large box.60.0
86Literature and AccessoriesBox of various empty used stockbooks incl. eight/ten-page full size(11) and half-size(5), a twenty-four page Lighthouse in excellent condition etc (19 books in total)50.0
88Literature and AccessoriesEight SG four-ring binders and a twenty-two ring binder in excellent condition (all empty)25.0
89Literature and AccessoriesBox of eleven four-ring used Royal Mail binders with plastic sleeves/inserts46.0
90Literature and AccessoriesBox of eleven four-ring used binders most with some plastic sleeves/inserts incl. SG & Royal Mail34.0
91Literature and AccessoriesBox of ten four-ring used binders most with plastic sleeves/inserts incl. some Royal Mail20.0
92Literature and AccessoriesCatalogues incl. Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2007, British Commonwealth 2002 Part 1 Vol.2, Europe 2 & 3 3rd Edition etc. in a medium sized box.10.0
93Literature and AccessoriesVarious loose-leaf album covers with packets of new leaves / refills and two stockbooks in a medium sized box.10.0
95Cigarette & Post CardsPostcard coll. mainly used 1920's/60's with two calendars by the designer Mabel Lucie Atwell in a four ring binder. (c.210 items)120.0
97ThematicsROYALTY incl. 25th Anniv. of Q.E.II Coronation Commonwealth FDC coll. (c.50 covers) by Sumner, Kings and Queens of England coll. of FDC's (12 covers) featuring official Commem. stamps from St. Vincent by Sumner (dated June 1977), Q.E.II Silver Jubilee FDC coll. (c.50 covers) by Postal Heritage Society, HRH Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer mint stamps & MS in six SG volumes (a few gaps) plus some loose / as received in env. (c.25 env.) plus mounts from SG in a box. Two medium-sized boxes
102Anguilla1967 Q.E.II Independent part-set to 25c optd. Type T 1, seldom seen fine used SG 1/11 Cat. £265100.0
115Basutoland1933 K.G.V part-set of nine to 5s. used SG 1/926.0
117Bechuanaland1932 K.G.V part-set of eleven to 5s. used SG 99/10940.0
124British Honduras1962 Q.E.II Birds set of twelve to $5 mint unmtd. SG 202/13 Cat. £9520.0
125British Levant1906 K.E.VII 1pi. on 2d grey-green and carmine fine mint SG 15300.0
126British Occupation of Italian Colonies1951 K.G.VI surch B.M.A ERITREA set of seven used SG E26/32 Cat. £14038.0
138Ceylon1938/49 K.G.VI complete set to 5r. mint SG 386c/397a Cat. £11022.0
139Channel IslandsGUERNSEY 1942 ½d green and 1d scarlet mint unmtd. marginal pairs on bluish French banknote SG 4/5 Cat. £10022.0
141Channel IslandsJERSEY 1967 Q.E.II 3d violet phosphor band unaddressed FDC with Georgetown CDS in good condition Bradbury Cat. £25060.0
143Cook Islands1936 Postal Fiscal optd. with T 19 £3 green mint unmtd. SG 123b Cat. £450110.0
148Falkland Island Dependencies1954 Q.E.II set of fifteen to £1 fine mint (a few values incl. 10s unmtd.) SG G26/40 Cat. £22536.0
184Gilbert & Ellice IslandsK.G.VI /Q.E.II 1939 & 1956 complete sets used SG 43/54 & 64/75 Cat. £8320.0
225Great Britain1883/84 Q.V. 5s. rose on blued paper fine used SG 176250.0
241Great Britain1911/13 K.E.VII 2s.6d. dark purple fine mint, OG SG 317140.0
242Great Britain1911/13 K.E.VII 2s.6d. dull reddish purple fine mint SG 316140.0
246Great Britain1934/36 K.G.V set of 11 to 1s. mint unmtd. on an album page SG 439/449 Cat. £9522.0
247Great Britain1939 K.G.VI 5s red (SG 477) on hand addressed cover (slightly toned) dated 21st August 1939 first day of issue with London Slogan cancel, seldom seen.60.0
248Great Britain1939 K.G.VI high values set of 6 to £1 mint SG 476/478c Cat. £42555.0
249Great Britain1939 K.G.VI 10s. dark blue fine mint SG 478 Cat. £26040.0
251Great Britain1951 K.G.VI high value set of four to £1 mint unmtd to 10s. SG 509/12 Cat. £10022.0
253Great BritainQ.E.II 1959 to 2022 Commem. & Defin Royal Mail booklets identified incl.some varieties booklets in four SG four ring binders. Predominantly Machin Defin. however plenty of NVI's.2300.0
254Great Britain1958/61 Q.E.II graphite set of eight mint (some unmtd.) SG 587/59422.0
255Great Britain1961 Q.E.II Centenary of the Post Office Savings Bank set on clean illustrated FDC with typed address, Bradbury Cat. from £6514.0
256Great Britain1961 Q.E.II Seventh Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference set on clean illustrated FDC with typed address, Bradbury Cat. from £4510.0
257Great BritainISLE OF MAN 1963 Q.E.II 3d chalky paper (SG 2a) on illustrated unaddressed FDC with Santon IOM CDS, very fine, Bradbury Cat. £600 scarce120.0
280Kuwait1939 K.G.VI 15r. brown and green mint SG 51 Cat. £35065.0
285Malaysia1957 12c. Coat of Arms full sheet of fifty stamps mint unmtd. SG 2 Cat. £11236.0
294Montserrat1937 K.G.VI Coronation set of three perf. SPECIMEN mint SG 98/100 Cat. £8022.0
296Mozambique1951 Fish set of 23 mint unmtd. SG440/463 Cat. £220 and 1956 Visit of President to Mozambique 1e cream and 2e50 blue SG 508/9 on an illustrated FDC.32.0
297Netherlands1913 Centenary of Independence set of twelve fine used SG 214/225 Cat. £1200230.0
338Straits Settlements1941 K.G.VI 2c. orange full sheet of one-hundred stamps with white gum, scarce mint SG 294 Cat. £20030.0
344Switzerland1950 Official set of elevn optd. with Type O 73 fine CTO SG O522/3224.0
345Switzerland1950 Labour Office set of eleven optd. Type LB 3 fine used SGLB80/90 Cat. £16024.0
348Switzerland1950 International Refugees Organisation 80c. black/olive-grey, 1f. myrtle green/blue -green & 2f. brown-lake/pink optd. Type LR 1 fine CTO SG LR6/816.0
351Trinidad & Tobago1938/44 K.G.VI set of fourteen used SG 246/256 Cat. £6514.0