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Lot No.CategoryDescriptionHammerPrice (£)
1Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsK.G.VI Commem. and Defin. very fine used coll. in four illustrated 22-ring SG Crown albums. Complete sets incl. all omnibus issues, Bahrain 1938/41 to 25r. SG 20/37, Fiji 1940 Postage Dues to 1s 6d SG D11/18, N.Borneo 1939 Postage Dues to. 10c SG. D85/89, Perak 1938/41 to $5 SG 103/21 and strong in some Indian States etc. Superb coll. with a total Cat. of £30,000+. Additional SG supplementary album pages and interleaving to suit are also included. Viewing is highly recommended.
2Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. in a well filled Crown Album. Mixed condition in places, some mint sets appear to be unmtd. STC £36,400
3Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBRITISH EMPIRE Q.V. to K.G.V Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. in a New Ideal album with strength in Ceylon, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Nevis, Newfoundland, NSW, New Zealand and Trinidad. Also,1935 Jubilee mint sets almost complete.
4Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGERMANY mint & used to 1967 incl. German States, DDR, Allied Occupation & German Post Offices Abroad etc. Extensive coll. with strength in early Germany, Bayern, Wuttemberg and American, British and Soviet Zones. STC. EUR 172,450 per Michel 2002 organised in five illustrated Schaubek albums, an SG Davo and two Loose Leaf albums. Also, some collectors extras in a couple of small stockbooks and a small Commonwealth & Foreign coll. in a Meteor stamp album. Viewing highly recommended.4000.0
5Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. mainly mint coll. in a Crown Album. Better sets seen incl. Aden 1937 Dhow set to 10r mint etc STC £17,000
6Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN 1795 to Q.E.II Defin. & Commem. mint & used coll. with strength in Q.V. line engraved issues and K.G.V Seahorses in two albums annotated in places. Many pre-stamp covers incl. Bishop Marks(2), Freepost etc (15), a few Mulready 1d & 2d lettersheets and env. used & unused, 1840 1d blacks used average to very fine (12 incl. 4 on cover), 1840 2d blue used mainly fine (5 incl 1 on cover), 1841/57 1d red used (24 incl. 13 on cover) etc. K.G.VI Seahorses incl. 1915 DLR (6) to 10s, 1918 BW to 10s (9) both types mainly CDS, 1934 Waterlow re-engraved set of three mint & many used stamps/sets (c.35 stamps), 10s in a block of four, 2s 6d in a block of eight and on two airmail covers etc. Also, a peripheral mainly used GB coll. with a few early covers in two SG Davo albums, two SG 16 stockbooks and a Foolscap wallet. One medium-sized box.2800.0
7Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBELGIUM 1850 to 1969 mint & used coll. in two SG Davo albums with slip-cases STC £10,000
8Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. mint and used accumulation in two boxes incl. Q.E.II GB Smilers part-sheets, sheets (c. 200 items) and a few very recent Commem. sets/Presentation packs with a total Face Value of c.£3,250. Also various FDC's & env. (some Benhams), Railway stamps, Christmas seals, Q.E. II used Defin. on pages incl. SE Tenant pairs and strips, a few K.G.VI otherwise modern Commonwealth and Foreign mint sheets and covers etc. mixed in.1600.0
9Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsINDIA Q.V. 1842 to Q.E.II 1979 Commem. & Defin. mainly used coll. incl. Officials, Convention States, Used Abroad (incl.Aden, Muscat, Iraq, Persia, Burma etc). C.E.F and I.E.F. Comprehensive coll. with strength in Q.V, generally used/fine used with a few mint mixed in. Over 80 covers/postal stationary/postcards/stamps on small pieces and two pre-stamp covers. Very neatly written up by the vendor, mounted in five 22-ring albums. Also, small Commonwealth coll. of 1969 Centenary of the Birth of Gandhi (various countries 43 stamps) and six reference books; Stamps of India (Third Ed.), India Used Abroad (1972) and Specialised Priced Catalogue of Indian Stamps (1971) all by JAL Cooper, Numbers in Early Indian Cancellations and Indian Travelling Post Offices 1864-1891 both by D.R.Martin and Numeral Cancellations of the British Empire by The Reverend H.H.Heins.3000.0
10Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFRANCE 1850 to 1985 mainly used coll. with strength in early period incl. Postage Dues (pre-1900) in an illustrated Davo album. STC £20,400
11Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI coll. in a small FG Connoisseur album of mint mainly Defin. sets incl. Falkland Is. & Dependencies, North Borneo, Gilbert & Ellice incl. 1939 shades in blocks of four(7), Grenada, Turks & Caicos etc. STC 6,600
12Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH early Q.E.II mainly fine mint unmtd. many in various multiples incl. part sheets, blocks and strips. Short and part-sets to 1s and a handful of Postage Dues and Officials. Many appear untouched in original mixed glassine packets purchased from D.R.Pope and John Lister Ltd in the 1960's/70's possibly for an approvals business (c.550 packets). A few earlier mixed condition / duplicated700.0
13Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mainly fine mint unmtd. many in various multiples incl. part sheets, blocks and strips. Short and part-sets incl. Malaysian states to 50c and a few postage dues. Many appear untouched in original mixed glassine packets purchased from D.R.Pope and John Lister Ltd in the 1960's/70's possibly for an approvals business (c.185 packets). A few earlier mixed condition / duplicated.700.0
14Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH 1948 Royal Wedding Omnibus complete set mint600.0
15Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN U.S.A. Commem. & Defin mint and used coll. 1847 to 2011 with some better items seen, plenty of Se-tenant mint unmtd. sheets and SG USA Part 22 3rd edition catalogue. Well organised in 4 stockbooks & 7 albums (some illustrated)
16Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II ( to 2009) Commem. & Defin. mint & used mainly GB coll. incl. 1840 1d black fine used, Q.E.II Commem. sets mint unmtd. on Showguard mounts in Collecta albums, Presentation Packs (c.130), Prestige booklets (c.15), booklets and MS (c.50). FDC's 1960 to 2008 mainly Royal Mail illustrated with typed addresses and a few Cotswold and Benhams mixed in. Also, a small quantity of mainly modern IOM, Channel Is. and other Commonwealth. Total GB Face Value £1,767. All organised in 8 Collecta albums, 12 Royal Mail or similar albums, a folder & 8 stockbooks.900.0
17Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN modern year books/packs incl. Australia 1990/4,1996/8,2000/1,2003 &2005/6, New Zealand 2011, China 2001,2003/5 & 2000 Protected Species, Netherlands 2003/4, Singapore 2005 and Malaysia 2004. Fine condition with many still in plastic wrapper. Also, South Vietnam 1950's/70s coll. of mint & used stamps in a small album (Total 24 items)
18Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. mainly GREAT BRITAIN incl. 1971 to 2000 mint unmtd. sets, booklet panes, Regionals and Postage Dues in two illustrated lighthouse albums, Royal Mail Yearbooks 1987, 2001 to 2008 (9), Prestige Booklets to 2009 loose(52), a few booklets in a small stockbook and MS (29) in a Royal Mail album. Total Face Value c.£ 1,870. Also, a small quantity of early mainly used GB on stock cards/pages/packets and a Windsor album incl. Officials, 1d reds, a few BW Seahorses etc all in mixed condition and a few accessories incl. mounts in a medium-sized box900.0
19Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.V to Q.E.II (1971) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. in an illustrated Lighthouse album incl. Q.V. 1854/64 1d red plates 70 to 224 mint (excl plate 77), decent range of mint and used 1913/1934 Seahorses (19) incl. 1913 £1 green used and K.G.VI appears complete some mint unmtd etc. Also, some useful mint Officials and Postage Dues sets. Mixed condition in places incl. heavy cancellations, some tone spots, gum creases etc. Viewing recommended.3000.0
20Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsTURKEY 1863 to 1949 mint and used coll. in a loose leaf album
21Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used organised by country in four WH Smith stockbooks. incl. British Central Africa, Burma K.G.VI 1937 various to 10r used and some Officials, Ceylon, Indian States, Ireland, Kuwait some better K.G.V items to 15r., inverted ovpts. and Airs mint, Malaya & Malaysian States, North Borneo incl. Labuan some early surcharges, St. Helena Q.V. and Zanzibar incl. some complete sets mint etc. Duplicated and mixed condition in places,, also a handful of blocks, Postage Dues, covers and a few on small piece. Viewing recommended.950.0
22Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFALKLAND Is. & DEPENDENCIES Q.V. to Q.E.II mint in a 30 page stockbook. Some duplication STC £3,100
23Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFRANCE mainly modern mint on hangers in an album STC £4,900
24Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI and early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint, various countries mainly short-sets, well organised by country in a sixteen page stockbook.
25Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsSWITZERLAND 1854 to 1944 mainly used coll. in an illustrated SG Davo album with slipcase.1854/62 issues noted STC £3,800
26Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mainly GB Commem. & Defin. mint & used accumulation incl. GB Booklets many NVI (mainly Q.E.II with a handful of earlier incl. K.G.V 3s 1935 Silver Jubilee Issue) Face Value of c.£1,000 in a Windsor album and some extras loose in a box file, 1980's Q.E.II Philatelic Counter Handstamp covers (38 items), Royal Mail Postcards/PHQ cards, large folder packed with covers and envelopes etc. in a medium sized box.500.0
27Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II (1990's) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. from countries A to Z incl. Ceylon, Cyrus, Falkland Is. & Dependencies, Pakistan incl. Bangladesh ovpts and Officials to 50paisa etc. Mainly short-sets, some officials, MS and booklets organised in twenty-six SG Avon four ring albums and extra Cyprus in two further albums. Generally fine, some mint unmtd., mixed condition in places.650.0
28Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. GB mainly fine mint unmtd. FULL SHEETS of pre-decimal to 1s9d incl. some Regionals, 1961 ½d bright orange Postage Due SG D56 sheet of 240 (slight vert. & horiz. centre crease) and a Phosphor issue. Decimal sheets incl. some NVI with a Face Value of £550. Also, South Africa 1948 Silver Wedding 3d blue and silver mint unmtd. sheet of 120 stamps and Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1959 2½d purple and grey-blue SG21 sheet of 240 (slight crease in centre and bottom corners and a few small perf. tears in top margin only), and Royal Mail Press sheets(3). (Total c.140 items)425.0
29Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mainly GB Q.V. to Q.E.II (early 90's) Commem. & Defin. cover coll. generally fine illustrated with typed addresses incl. 1840 1d with 3 margins Taunton to London tied with Red MX, 1958 Commonwealth Games with Empire Games Village handstamp and many other pre-1970 (excl. 1948 Silver Wedding). Also some Royal Mail incl. booklet panes, and Cotswolds in two albums. Also, three official FDC's issued Feb 2000 (BAT, S.Georgia & Falkands.) commemorating Sir Ernest Shackleton's Trans-Antarctic Exp. 1914/17 (c. 100 covers)150.0
30Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN Christmas and TB seals, large quantity with some duplication. Mainly Scandinavia in three four ring-binders, loose/in env. in a small box and a few small folders.
31Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint mainly 1940's to 1970's in c.200 glassine mixed packets. Countries incl. Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Italy, Greece, Nepal, Poland, Monaco, Netherlands, Spain and Yugoslavia etc Plenty of mint unmtd. appears to have been purchased from London dealers as new issues, some multiples in blocks/strips etc with a few CTO's mixed in. Duplicated / mixed condition.120.0
32Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN incl. three small single country coll. of Germany (with a few pages of Austria mixed in) spanning 1875 to 1947 mint & used mainly sets/part-sets, a few covers and MS incl. 1936 Summer Olympic Games MS613a used(2). Also, an album of early used stamps from mainly Scandinavian countries , a further album of Netherlands (incl. Antilles and Indies) mint & used to 1950's and a stockbook (plus a few album leaves tucked in) of various European countries mint and used with a few covers to c.1950's incl. Luxembourg and Latvia etc. Mixed condition and duplicated in places (Total 6 albums/stockbooks).
33Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGERMANY 1933 to 1979 mint and used in three illustrated albums and EAST GERMANY 1949 to 1977 in four illustrated albums with gaps throughout, one or two better items noted incl. a few MS. Also, five stock books, two small plastic boxes of various mainly German stamps and a shoebox of stamps on small pieces/covers etc. Mixed condition.110.0
34Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGIBRALTAR Q.V. to Q.E.II (c.2010) Commem. & Defin. mint & used multiple part-collections incl. various sets, MS, FDC's, Yearbooks etc in a variety of albums & stockbooks, loose and in a plastic tub etc in a medium sized-box100.0
35Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH AND FOREIGN 1858 to modern mostly used, a few mint. Incl. Argentina SG 1, Baden, Bavaria, China, Japan etc. approx 420 stamps in red stockbook.
36Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Straits Settlements etc. mainly fine used, some duplication well organised in 32-page stock.65.0
37Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II mint & used incl. Ceylon Q.V to Q.E.II written up on twenty-two album pages, Ireland 1922 to 1969 used coll. incl some early part sets to 1s in an illustrated Collecta album. Also, collectors extras & remnants of India, Ceylon, GB and a few others, 1937 K.G.VI Coronation set on plain covers (14) and a few South American covers etc in a stockbook, a mini stockbook and a small packet plus The Story of EIRE and her Stamps by James A Mackay 1968. Mixed condition.70.0
38Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMIDDLE EAST 1916 to 1960's mostly mint & used coll. incl. Saudi Arabia, South Arabia, Ajman, Manama, Fujeira, Ras Al Khaima, Sharaj & Dependencies etc. Mainly sets and part-sets, a few sheetlets, imperf. & unmtd. sets seen in a large red album sparse/mixed condition in places.Also, Trucial states coll. of mint MS and sets (some imperf.), well organised in a 2-ring binder (circa. 50 MS & 10 sets with some duplication).36.0
39Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH modern mint with many sets and MS (35) incl. Ascension, Bermuda, Cook Is. Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Monserrat, Niue, St. Vincent, Tuvalu etc neatly arranged on eight Hagner pages.36.0
40Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used incl. Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, China, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Poland etc. mainly modern fine used clean coll. in a brand new 32-page stockbook.30.0
41Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.V to Q.E.II in two-ring cover album incl. unused QE II air mail letters (7), GB, Australia and Japan Modern Maximum cards with stamps (8). Gibraltar and Malta illustrated FDC's (7), British Forces covers incl. HK, GB covers addressed to USA. 1936 British Forces in Egypt stamp seal used on cover etc. 40 items.
42Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used mainly modern coll. incl Germany, Belgium, China, Austria, Czechoslovakia etc. well-organised by country. Many fine in a new Wessex Paragon 32 page stockbook30.0
43Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin mainly used incl. Australia (three stockbooks and an A4 folder of c.100 FDC's), Great Britain in two Windsor Sovereign albums, Misc. in a stockbook and shoebox with a few Foreign on paper plus an SG Australia 7th Edition catalogue and British Commonwealth Revenues by J Barefoot Ltd 2002. Mixed condition with some duplication in a medium-sized box.50.0
44Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsUNITED NATIONS FDC's from 1952/85 (c.550 items) organised in a small box.60.0
45Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used coll. incl. Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. in a 20 page stockbook.20.0
46Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used coll. incl. stamps, GB Postal stationary and covers, Censor Mail, Balloon Post, Maritime Mail, Air Mail covers, Strike Mail, Postcards etc.... many early 20th century items from a range of different countries incl. India, Germany, Austria annotated in places. Total of 26 albums/stockbooks in a large box.550.0
47Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.E.II mint & used incl. GB Smilers (c.86) and Royal Mail Years Books 1984,88/9,1998,2001/4 (8 items) with a total FV £1,740. Also, Foreign & Commonwealth covers mainly modern (1948 onwards) mint Royalty and a few booklets in four Royal Mail albums etc.850.0
48Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II GREAT BRITAIN mint & used incl. Smilers (c.45), FDC's, Presentation Packs, MS, High-Value Castles incl. mint blocks duplicated and on cover in four albums/stockbooks, Concorde/First Flight covers (c.25), Strike Mail and early GB incl. revenues mint & used in two small stock books, Jersey 1960's to 2013 mint mainly sets in a half-filled Lidner 64 page stockbook. etc Total FV (excl. Jersey) £1,350.600.0
49Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. France mainly used possibly ex-dealer stock remaindered to 1960 in a small stockbook, Iceland mint & used to 2016 STC £1,300 on illustrated pages in a black 2-ring binder, SAAR 1954 Marian Year set of three in marginal blocks of 10 SG 348/50 Cat. £110 mint unmtd., various in a large stockbook, DANZIG 1920/36 on c.15 illustrated pages, small Rhodesia, Cyprus, Estonia, German Colonies, Swaziland, New Foundland, Gambia collections on pages, South Arabia - Aden States mint & used on pages STC £350 etc. Also an SG Davo GB vol VII and slipcase (empty)300.0
50Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl.K.G.VI & early Q.E.II mint sheets,part-sheets and marginal blocks to 1s identified on leaves in a four ring album, other Commonwealth countries from K.G.V onwards incl. MS mainly used, and Foreign countries incl. Germany, Russia, Nederland etc. mainly modern used (3 stockbooks, 2 albums)220.0
51Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mixed box with ECUADOR to late 1980's mint & used incl. some early Officials, Postage Dues, Airs, Telegraphs, MS etc in two albums (picked in places, some on Scott illustrated pages), GUATEMALA to 1984 mint & used in a stockbook (some with faults/mint no gum), EGYPT 1902 to 1949 postcards/covers with interesting postmarks and a few mint stamps written up on nine album pages,, K.G.VI COMMONWEALTH Commem. & Defin. coll. in 2 small loose leaf albums mainly short-sets mixed condition with a handful of items on small piece (New Zealand) plus Kuwait to mid 1990's mint and a small batch (c30 items) of Commonwealth (plus a few Foreign) covers/FDCS's/PHQ cards ( 6 albums in total in a medium sized box)200.0
52Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. GREAT BRITAIN mint Defin. stamps, Presentation packs (some duplication) and covers in two albums and GB modern mint sets and 2012 Olympic covers (c.30) in a red clipper stockbook, Total FV £750. Also, 1977 to 1982 GB FDC incl. some officials in a cover album, Egypt mint &used early Postage Dues, Officials, British Forces in Egypt and Express Letters etc (c.20 pages in hingeless album), various used incl. GB, Mongolia, Austria, Spain and Norway in a hingeless album and a few pages of foreign mint & used mainly European countries in a Prinz stockbook. etc325.0
53Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. Royal Mail Prestige Booklets to 2010 (49 items, FV £608) in three RM 2-ring albums, Jersey 1969/80 mint (a few missing) in an illustrated album with slipcase, FDC's incl. London 2012 Paralympic Games & some C.I. etc, and an All World mainly used coll. in four binders and a Strand Stamp album etc in a medium-sized box.325.0
54Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mainly GB Commem & Defin. mint and used mixed box incl. Ireland 1922 to 2003 mainly used, Marshall Is., GB Olympic Games mint, Q.V. 1d reds on a couple of stock pages, Q.E.II mint and used blocks, Presentation Packs mainly pre-decimal incl. 1969 British Ships in German language but also some modern to 2022 (c.60 items), booklet pages, strike mail and Parcel post & Heli mail covers etc. Also prescription stamps, premium bonds, postcards etc mixed in 3 albums, 2 large 2-ring A4 binders and a small box. Total Face Value c.£580325.0
55Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. Q.E.II modern GB mint sets, MS and Prestige Booklet pages (some duplication) with FV £230, GB Special Stamps printed album 1924 to 1978 mainly mint with exception of 1929 PUC £1 black used. SG438 Cat. £600, Early Covers and Letters/Cards etc incl. Germany, GB, US Naval Forces etc in a folder, modern San Marino and Austria used in small hingeless album, Belgium to 1970's mint & used in half-filled SG Davo album, Germany sparse in Davo album etc400.0
56Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used incl. GB 1976 to 2020 used in two stockbooks, India incl. various Officials and a few modern blocks/used on piece in two stockbooks and a further five stockbooks of similar material from other Commonwealth countries incl. Canada, Australia etc. Duplicated in places in a total of nine Lighthouse stockbooks.230.0
57Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin mint & used mixed box incl. GB pre-decimal mint plus a few Postage Dues used (2 stockbooks), Q.V to Q.E.II Australia and Australian states duplicated in places (2 stock books), Rhodesia K.G.V to Q.E.II (3 stockbooks), Foreign incl. Austria and Italy in a stockbook, a few pages of Burma 1948/70 mint & used, 1937 Coronation Omnibus part-set, various Commonwealth (3 albums) etc.275.0
58Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II mainly mint incl. Royal Mail MS to 2008 (61 items FV £220) in two 2-ring RM albums, Channel Is. mint sets & MS to 2017 in three illustrated albums, Tristan Da Cunha Q.E.II mint coll. to 1987 in an illustrated album, with slip case and Q.E.II mainly used Machins in three stckbooks etc in a medium-sized box.200.0
59Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used all periods incl. Austria, Czechoslovakia, GB, Hungary, India, Netherlands incl. c.100 covers mainly modern, Spain, Paraguay, Sweden etc. Also, stamps in packets, postcards, on env. and covers and a couple of small plastic tubs in a large box.
60Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. Q.E.II mint booklet panes in a Windsor album with a FV £140, New Zealand 1935 to 1989 mainly used sets & MS in an SG printed album, a small qty of early mint GB in a black folder, 1935 Silver Jubilee used & 1937 Coronation mint part omnibus sets in a Movaleaf album, Foreign mainly European countries in SG Senator album etc100.0
61Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mainly small coll. in albums/stockbooks incl. Q.V. to early Q.E.II mint coll. in an album, Q.E.II and K.G.VI mint incl. Gambia in a small stockbook, GB, Persia, India used in a Movaleaf stockbook, K.G.VI incl. a few pages of India and Malaya in a loose-leaf album, a couple of schoolboy albums etc. in a medium-sized mixed box. (Total 15 albums/stocks)200.0
62Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl. GB booklets 1954/58(14), a small box of J.T. Hilton approval books (sparse), a few stock book pages of China Provincial ovpt. mint blocks, Q.V. to early Q.E.II mainly used duplicated values in a variety of small stockbooks/albums(13) incl. Burma, Iraq etc. plus a few Foreign. Mixed condition.110.0
63Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint incl. GB Q.E.II Commem. mint sets/blocks and used gutter pairs in a stockbook (FV c.£200), Princess Diana mint incl MS in a stockbook, various countries in a small folder incl. GB Q.V used and a few Q.E.II modern mint, stockbooks & albums (total 10 albums/stockbook/folder) mixed condition in a medium-sized box.110.0
64Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl. All World A to Z (c.1930's to modern) coll. of mainly short sets mounted in two SG albums, six schoolboy albums, modern Commonwealth Thematics incl. Locomotives and Royalty, a tin case of used mainly GB in bundles, mainly mint sheets (c.100 items) incl. IOM, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Lundy, USA in an A4 binder and a variety of covers/souvenir sheets. Mixed condition.50.0
65Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mint and used incl. GB Q.E.II used (sets, phosphors, Castles, Machins, Regionals etc.), Australia, Channel Is., Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa etc, Also, a small JPS cigarette card Military Uniform of the British Empire coll. and a small bundle of covers, envelopes, Postcards loose in a medium sized box.50.0
66Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II mainly mint incl. GB early Presentation packs (c.40), Royal Mail c.1980's/90's FDC's in a bundle and two albums, a couple of Royal Mail 1996/7 Yearpacks/books, mint sets/gutters in a stockbook, FV c.£150, mint Commonwealth coll. with some Royalty in an album etc in a medium-sized box95.0
67Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN A to Z used organised by country in twenty-six 2 ring A4 binders. Mixed condition in a large box.65.0
68Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II mint & used mixed lots in a variety of albums and loose in a large wooden box incl. Australia, Great Britain (incl. some mint Q.E.II decimal), USA, Canada etc.. Total of 5 albums plus a few albums leaves in an env. and a couple of small boxes. Mixed condition.400.0
69Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mint & used incl. Australia & states QV. to Q.E.II c.1999 (three illustrated albums & three stockbooks, New Zealand used on a few stock pages, GB 1971 Strikemail in a folder, Winston Churchill mint stamps in an SG Special album, GB used Q.V. to early Q.E.II in a hingeless album and 1990's Royal Mail FDC's in three folders, mint Wildings in a stockbook etc in a medium-sized box
70Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. a small loose-leaf album of various countries (Luxembourg, Norway and Germany) some mint, Hing Kong and India mainly Q.V. and K.G.VI used on Hagner pages in a four ring binder, part-Omnibus sets incl. 1935 Silver Wedding, 1946 Victory & 1953 Coronation in a Loose-leaf album with other Commonwealth, GB used in two Windsor albums, small qty. of Q.E.II mint GB blocks incl. a few Wildings & Castles in a stockbook, Channels Is., IOM mint in an album, a few Foreign covers on album pages etc. Mixed condition in a medium-sized box150.0
71Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN covers and commercial envelopes etc mainly 1950's onwards (c.500 covers)40.0
72Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used assortment of stamps and covers in five albums/stockbooks, a file folder and loose in a small box incl. Germany, India, USA, GB and Spain 1982 World Cup etc. Mixed condition in a medium-sized box60.0
73Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mint & used mixed box of hundreds of loose items incl covers and on album pages covering all periods etc. Largely unsorted in a medium-sized box55.0
74Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN large quantity of mainly used stamps, some on paper and some sorted by country. Housed in glassine packets, envelopes and tins etc. Two medium-sized boxes mixed condition.25.0
75Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Sumner 22ct Golden Replicas of GB Stamps in six volumes and The Disney World of Postage Stamps in four albums in a medium-sized box200.0
76ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN AVIATION coll. 1920's to 2020 mint mainly fine unmtd. sets & MS incl. some ovpts. and officials in eleven Lighthouse albums(Vario sheets). Extensive A to Z of countries incl. Albania 1928 Air Inauguration of Vlore. Brindisi Air Service optd. with T37 set of seven to 3f mint, unmtd. France 1936 Air 50f emerald green mint and 1936 Air Bruele background in second colour 50f ultramarine mint, Greece 1933 Air. Aeroespresso Co issue set of three to 120d mint SG458/460 and 1933 Air Govt issue set of seven to 50d mint SG468/474, Latvia 1933 Air Charity Riga-Bathurst Flight optd. LATVIJA-AFRIKA 1933 set of five to 100s on 25s blue mint unmtd, Newfoundland 1932 The "Wayzata Stamp" 1 dollar blue unissued, New Guinea 1931/9 Air sets (4) mint, U.S.A. 1918 Air set of three to 24c mint SG 546/548 etc. Plus a few extras/duplicates in a Vario Stock album.2200.0
77ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN various thematic collections incl. SCOUTS Commonwealth A-Z modern mint unmtd. coll (c. 202 stamps & 11 MS) on Verio pages in a Lighthouse album, FLOWERS & FAUNA of the World 1977 to 1994 by Fleetwood in three albums (c. 200 covers & fours sets of mint stamps), 1937 CORONATION Omnibus set mint appears complete in a small stockbook, BATTLE OF BRITAIN 1990 covers (22 signed covers), and various ROYALTY collections in specialised albums incl. Q.E.II 25th Anniv. Crown Agents omnibus issues mint sets & MS in four SG binders, 1977 Silver Jubilee (2), Life & Times of Q.E.II the Queen Mothers 90th Birthday (38 stamps on 19 album pages), SG Royal Wedding HRH Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer (one album), 1973 Royal Wedding Princess Anne & Captain Mark Philips (one album), Q.E.II 60th Birthday (one album), Ruby Wedding Q.E.II & Prince Philip (one album) plus a few extras in a small stockbook and a small paper bag etc (two medium-sized boxes).100.0
78ThematicsFOREIGN countries A to Z coll. of FLOWERS mainly modern mint & used incl. MS from around the world organised in eight four-ring binders.100.0
79ThematicsOLYMPICS 1988 & 1992 in Westminster Olympic Masterfile albums incl mint stamps, covers (some Numismatic) and 1980 Olympic Games Mint sheet Stamp collection by Sumner. (Total 8 albums)75.0
80ThematicsROYALTY large coll. incl. 1953/78 25th Anniv. of the Coronation, Royal Wedding HRH Price of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer (likely to be duplicated in places) plus Royal Wedding FDC coll by Sumner in two albums, The Royal Family etc (29 albums) in a 3 medium-sized boxes.170.0
81ThematicsROYALTY mainly HRH Price & Princess of Wales mint stamps, booklets, MS, Souvenir sheets FDCS's etc incl. HRH Princess of Wales FDC cover album by Sumner etc in five plastic tubs, five albums and two stockbooks. Two medium-sized boxes55.0
82ThematicsROYALTY in seven SG Royal Events albums34.0
83Cigarette & Post CardsPostcard coll. mainly used 1920's/60's with two calendars by the designer Mabel Lucie Atwell in a four ring binder. (c.210 items)
84Cigarette & Post CardsMiscellaneous coll. of cigarette, trade and postcards etc incl. some earlier sets in nine albums and plastic folders. (100's)190.0
85Cigarette & Post CardsVintage Postcard album containing around 50 'saucy' British holiday Postcards from the 1950's/60's. Includes those by Bamford. Album is in poor condition but cards are fine.16.0
86Cigarette & Post CardsTwo unused 'Souvenir Letter Cards' in very fine condition depicting 'Hop Picking (1) and (2) photographed and produced by Harold H. Camburn of Royal Tunbridge Wells
87Literature and AccessoriesA selection of catalogues incl. Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth & Empire Part 1 (2011,2020 & 2021), SG GB Concise 2020 ( and 5 earlier years), SG Australia 6th Edition, Stoneham Stamp catalogue(5) a medium-sized box32.0
88Literature and AccessoriesVarious empty albums,, folders and spare Hagner leaves incl. SG Windsor (2), Royal mail Presentation packs album, FDC albums etc (10 items in reasonable condition)14.0
89Literature and AccessoriesPostcard sized stamp holder with perf. gauge produced by F.B.Smith 'Foreign and Colonial Stamp Merchant, 432 Strand, London WC'
90Antigua1921/29 K.G.VI part set of thirteen to 4s mint Cat. £220
91Ascension1922 K.G.V set of nine to 3s. 'SPECIMEN' Optd. T 1 mint SG 1s/9s Cat. £800180.0
92Ascension1935 K.G.V 1½d deep blue and scarlet with 'Kite and horizontal log' flaw mint SG 31l Cat. £475
93Ascension1938/53 K.G.VI 2s.6d. black and deep carmine with 'Davit Flaw' mint SG 45ca Cat. £1400
94AustraliaQ.E.II 1966 to 1980 mostly mint unmtd. coll. well organised in a large red stockbook STC £1,346 plus a few extras in packets and on a stockpage.44.0
95Austria1933 250th Anniv. of Releif of Vienna and Pan-Catholic Congress set of six to 64g brown mint mtd. SG 706/11 Cat. £25045.0
96Austria1936 Second Anniv. of Assassination of Dr. Dollfuss 10s. slate blue top-right marginal mint unmtd. SG 793 Cat. £1300
97Austria1949 Child Welfare Fund set of four mint unmtd. SG 1162/5 Cat. £110
98Austria1950 Air set of 7 mint unmtd. SG 1215/1221 Cat. £500
99Austria1950/53 Air set to 20s. all horizontal pairs mint unmtd. SG 1215/21 Cat. £1000
100Austria1951 Reconstruction Fund set of four mint unmtd. SG 1225/8 Cat. £100
101Bahamas1942 K.G.VI 450th Anniv. of Landing of Columbus in New World optd. double (T 25) ½d bluish-green mint mtd. SG 162b Cat. £2250
102Bahrain1938/41 K.G.VI set of 16 to 25r. mint SG20/37 Cat. £1000
103Bahrain1942/45 K.G.VI part set of nine to 8a mint SG 38/44,47 & 49
104Barbados1897/98 Q.V. set of nine mint SG 116/24
105Belgium1919/20 2f purple King Albert (gum bend, some untidy perfs. right side) mint unmtd. SG 248 Cat. £650
106Belgium1932 Cardinal Mercier Memorial Fund set of nine mint unmtd. SG 609/17 Cat. £650
107Burma1937 25r orange and blue fine mint SG 18 Cat. £1800
108Burma1937 10r green and scarlet Official optd. T 01a mint (toned gum) SG O14 Cat. £750
109CanadaQ.E.II 1953 to mid-1980's mint and used coll. well organised in a 48 page Lighthouse stockbook15.0
110Cayman Islands1900/1907 Q.V(2) & K.G.V(13) various to 1s mint Cat. £420
111Ceylon1912/25 K.G.V 100s. grey-black mint (toned. gum top perf.) SG 321 Cat. £3500
112ChinaMainly Empire and Peoples Republic plus a few Provincials Japanese Occupation etc. Large quantity of mint & used stamps, Postage Dues & MS to 2008 on c.110 stock cards identified with SG No.. Some are reprints incl. 1949/50, mixed condition and duplicated in places.230.0
113China1926 Yunnan Province 15c and 30c in blocks of six Optd. T 01 mint unmtd. (some gum tone spots and pulled perfs.) SG 13 & 16
114China1926 Yunnan Province matginal blocks of four 1½c., 2c., 13c, 15c, 30c and 50c Optd. T 01 mint unmtd. (some toning and pulled perfs.) SG 3/4, 12/13 & 16/17
115China1926 Yunnan Province vertical pairs 1½c., 13c, 15c, 30c and 50c Optd. T 01 mint unmtd. (some gum tone spots and pulled perfs.) SG 3,12/13 & 16/17
116Cyprus1928 K.G.V 50th Anniv. of British Rule set of 10 to £1 used SG 123/132 Cat. £450
117Czechoslovakia1970/2000. substantial quantity of off-paper Defin. and Commem. stamps in packets, largely used but some mint including MS to 10 kr. Some Czech Republic and a few Slovakia. (many 100s).
118Dominica1937 K.G.VI Coronation 'SPECIMEN' set of three mint SG 96s/98s Cat. £10028.0
119Falkland Islands1912/20 5s reddish maroon fine used SG 67a Cat. £325
120Fiji1935 K.G.V Silver Jubilee 1s. slate and purple with 'diagonal line by turret' flaw mint unmtd. SG 245f Cat. £375
121France1849 to mid-1900's Commem. and Defin. mostly used coll. incl. 1850. 15c green/bluish green used SG 4 and 1852 10c bistre-brown used SG37 used both poor margins but good colours etc, Postage Dues to 2f, one or two telegraph stamps, Charity stamps and a variety of French Colonies etc. well organised by date in a 64-page stockbook. Also, two smaller coll. in loose-leaf albums/packets one with some early imperf issues and a few Syria. Mixed condition, duplicated in places and faults with some early imperf issues.120.0
122Germany1871 to 1920 part-sets/sets mainly fine used and covers(4) on fourteen annotated album pages incl. 1872 1g & 2g SG 19/20 on cover postmarked 19/3/74 to Paris, 1875/99 2m various shades one with pen-cancellation and 1889 10pf (2) on small piece used abroad (Constantinople) . Also various values 1922/23 issues in full sheets (11).275.0
123GermanyNEW GUINEA 1901 part-set of eleven to 3m mint SG 8/1816.0
124Germany1919 Weimer Republic to 1939 mainly used coll. on thirty annotated album pages incl. some officials and Welfare sets, Air incl. all three Zeppelin sets. Also 1930 Int, Philatelic Exhibition Berlin MS and Postcard etc. STC Eur 7,000+325.0
125Germany1933 Welfare Fund part-set (7) to 40pf +35pf magenta plus 6pf.+4pf. myrtle green and 8pf.+4pf. orange-red on small piece used SG 513/521 excl. SG 515
126Germany1940 'Brown Ribbon' Race and Hitlers Culture Fund 42pf.+108pf. brown mint unmtd. SG 735
127GermanyBERLIN 1949 Anniv. of U.P.U. set of seven mint unmtd. SG B54/60 Cat. £950
128GermanyBERLIN 1949 to 1990 predominantly mint unmtd. part-sets/sets, booklets, Postcards and MS in an illustrated Lighthouse album STC £3,200150.0
129Germany1951/52 Posthorn set of 16 mint unmtd. SG 1045/1060 Cat. £2750
130GermanyEast Germany 1951 Friendship with China set of three mint unmtd. SG E43/45
131Germany1951 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of four mint unmtd. SG 1069/72 Cat. £170
132GermanyEAST GERMANY 1951 Friendship with China set of three to 50pf. blue mint (some minor gum disturbance on all values and 50pf. is creased lower left) SG E43/5 Cat. £375
133Germany1951 50th Anniv. of Award to Rontgen of the First Nobile Prize for Physics 30pf. blue mint unmtd. SG 1073 Cat. £100
134Germany1953 Transport Exhibition Munich set of three mint unmtd. SG 1093/6 Cat. £100
135GermanyBERLIN 1954 7pf turquoise-green and 70pf. yellow-olive mint unmtd. B118/119 Cat. £169
136GibraltarQ.V. 1886 2d brown-purple (thin), 1898 ½d grey-green and 2½d bright ultramarine mint mtd SG 10,39 & 42 Cat. £94
137GibraltarQ.V. (1886) to Q.E.II (1987) Commem. & Defin. used coll. a little remaindered early on and early Q.E.II short-sets. Generally good to fine STC £40020.0
138Gibraltar1910 K.E.VII 2s. purple & bright blue used SG 72 Cat. £48
139Gilbert & Ellice Islands1911 K.G.V set of four SPECIMEN mint SG 8s/11s Cat. £180
140Gilbert & Ellice Islands1924 K.G.V £1 purple and black/red mint SG 24 Cat. £550
141Gilbert & Ellice IslandsQ.E.II mainly mint unmtd. to 1976 & Tokelau to 1997. Sets and MS very few gaps in illustrated Kabe album with slipcase.50.0
142Gold Coast1902/09 K.E.VII five stamps 1s.(2) to 20s. mint Cat. £430
143Gold Coast1902 K.E.VII part-set(10) to 10s. mint SG 38/47 Cat. £280
144Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black plate 6 lettered F-B fine mint with four-margins large part OG SG 2
145Great BritainQ.V. to Q.E.II (to 2021) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. 1840 1d black fine/fine used (4), Q.V., K.E.VII and K.G.V to £1 used (some mixed/heavy cancels), Q.E.II sets and MS mint unmtd. Face Value c.£3,300 in nine SG albums with slipcases.2100.0
146Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black plate 4 lettered A-I superb with Red MX SG 2
147Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black (3) all four-margin cancelled with Black MX
148Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black (3) all four-margin cancelled with Red MX
149Great Britain1840 2d blue plate 2 lettered S-K with good to very large margins cancelled by complete Red MX very fine used SG 5250.0
150Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black plate 1b lettered B-L very fine used cancelled with Ruby MX SG 2
151Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black plate 1b lettered E-L very fine used cancelled with Black MX SG 2
152Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black plate 4 lettered M-B very fine used cancelled with Red MX SG 2
153Great Britain1840 Q.V 1d black plate 8 lettered I-E fine used cancelled by Red MX Cat. £525
154Great Britain1891 Q.V £1 green used SG 212 Cat. £800110.0
155Great Britain1840 Q.V 1d black lettered I-G fine used cancelled by Red MX75.0
156Great Britain1840 Q.V 1d black lettered B-G three margin cancelled by Red MX
157Great BritainQ.V. to Q.E.II mint & used incl. a Ring Binder containing five A4 sleeves with cards of Q.V. and K.E.VII GB used in mixed condition, each sleeve priced to sell at £10 and twelve 4 x 1st class stamp booklets with new style barcoded self-adhesive stamps (Face Value £52.80).65.0
158Great Britain1841/51 Q.V. 2d blue lettered P-A four margin fine/very fine used cancelled by No. 4 in black MX SG 14f
159Great Britain1841/51 Q.V. 2d blue plate 3 lettered B-D fine used cancelled by No. 2 in black MX SG 14f
160Great Britain1841 1d red plate 33 lettered E-B with four margins and cancelled with No.9 in Black Maltese Cross very fine used SG8 Cat. £180
161Great Britain1855 Q.V. 2d blue Optd. 'SPECIMEN' very fine mint OG SG 23
162Great Britain1892 Q.V. £1 green 'I.R. OFFICIAL' Optd. T 02 very fine used SG 016
163Great Britain1883/6 Q.V. 9d dull green 'GOVT PARCELS' Official Optd. T 07 SG O63
164Great Britain1883 Q.V. 9d dull green fine mint mtd. OG SG 195
165Great Britain1884/8 Q.V. 5s. Rose 'I.R. OFFICIAL' Optd. T O2 in blue black mint mtd. (small faults) with Wenvoe Cert. No. 2205-07 May 2022 SG O9b
166Great Britain1884 Q.V. 3d lilac horizontal pair fine mint unmtd. SG 191
167Great Britain1884 4d dull green fine mint mtd. part OG SG 192
168Great Britain1887/92 Q.V. 4d green and purple-brown IMPRIMATUR fine mint unmtd. OG SG 205
169Great Britain1890 Q.V. 10s. ultramarine 'I.R. OFFICIAL' Optd. T O2 'SPECIMEN' mint mtd. OG SG O10
170Great Britain1902 stamps of K.E.VII 'R.H. OFFICIAL' Optd. with T 09 ½d blue-green and 1d scarlet fine mint mtd. SG O91/2
171Great Britain1902 K.E.VII 9d dull purple and ultramarine 'GOVT PARCEL' official Optd. T 07 fine mint mtd. OG SG O77
172Great Britain1902 K.E.VII ½d blue-green 'ARMY OFFICIAL' Optd. T O4 horizontal pair Control mint mtd. SG O48
173Great Britain1902 K.E.VII 2d yellowish green and carmine-red 'GOVT PARCEL' Offical Optd. T07 fine mint mtd. SG O75
174Great Britain1912 K.G.V ½d green watermark inverted fine mint unmtd. SG 344Wi
175Great Britain1912 K.G.V 1d scarlet 'no cross on crown' variety in a horizontal pair with normal fine mint unmtd. SG 350a
176Great Britain1913 K.G.V £1 dull blue-green Seahorse mint lightly mounted SG 404
177Great Britain1913 K.G.V set of four 'SPECIMEN' Seahorses to £1 fine mint mtd. SG 400/403
178Great Britain1913 K.G.V 10s. indigo blue Seahorse fine mint lightly mtd. SG 402
179Great Britain1913 K.G.V 5s rose-carmine fine mint mtd. SG 401120.0
180Great Britain1915 K.G.V 10s. blue Seahorse fine mint mtd. SG 412
181Great Britain1915 K.G.V 5s. pale carmine Seahorse very fine mint unmtd. SG 410
182Great Britain1915 K.G.V 5s. bright carmine Seahorse fine mint mtd. SG 409
183Great Britain1915 K.G.V 2s.6d. yellow-brown Seahorse very fine mint lightly mounted SG 406
184Great Britain1915 K.G.V 2s6d grey-brown Seahorse fine mint mtd SG 407
185Great Britain1915 K.G.V 2s.6d. Sepia Seahorse fine mint mtd. SG 408
186Great Britain1924 K.G.V 1½d red-brown Tete-beche pair fine mint lightly mtd. SG 420a
187Great Britain1934 K.G.V set of three Seahorses fine mint unmtd. SG 450/452
188Great Britain1939/48 K.G.VI set of three to 10s. optd. 'SPECIMEN' fine mint mtd. SG476/8
189Great BritainK.G.VI to Q.E.II (2012) Commem. & Defin. mint unmtd. coll. incl. 1948 Royal Silver Wedding pair and 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Gold Medal Winners issues & sheetlets etc. Few gaps, a few MS incl. Regionals and a few booklets. Face Value £1,450 in three illustrated Lighthouse albums.750.0
190Great BritainQ.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint Presentation Packs (c.930 items) from 1982 to 2012 heavily duplicated (2000's in particular) in five albums and loose in a box. Total FV £4,460. Also, a few booklets and Royal Mail FDC's plus a few Commonwealth & Foreign covers (c.500 items) from 1965 to 2011 housed in three medium-sized boxes.2300.0
191Great Britain1956 Q.E.II Wilding 7d bright-green cylinder block of 6 mint unmtd. SG549 Cat. £30060.0
192Great BritainRoyal Mail Prestige Booklets complete to 2022 (Unsung Heroes Women of World War II) in two SG albums (97 items)750.0
193Great BritainQ.E.II 1972 5p pale violet Machin Def. (PVA) block of four with perf. shift stamps broad band right
194Great BritainQ.E.II 1974 7p purple-brown Machin Def. imperf marginal (right) block of fifteen (creased bottom row) mint
195Great BritainQ.E.II 1974 Scotland 5½p violet (2 bands) heavily overinked with value filled in and dry print on top two values Pale Head (vertical strip of three)
196Great Britain1981 to 2007 Cotswold Commem. cover coll. many Special Hand stamps, 1992 Q.E.II 40th Anniv. Assession to the Throne £2 Coin cover, a few extra items incl. Benham Christmas Special edition, a few Royal mail cover covers etc (c.554 covers) organised in six albums200.0
197Great Britain1982 to 2007 BENHAM Defin. covers plus a few other items incl Benham Christmas limited edition covers etc. (c.669 covers) well organised in 9 albums. D1 to D523
198Great Britain1998 Q.E.II 26p Angel Playing Commem. horizontal marginal (left) block of six with four stamps (from left) imperf. Two remaining are partially perf. and creased (vert.) mint SG 2065a
199Grenada1946 K.G.VI Victory 1½d carmine and 3½d blue SPECIMEN mint SG154s/165s Cat. £9022.0
200Hong KongQ.V. to Q.E.II (1968) Commem. & Defin. mint & used on fourteen illustrated album pages incl. K.G.VI to $1 mint and some K.E.VII British PO in China overprints mint & used. STC £70055.0
201Hong Kong1903/11 K.E.VII nine mint stamps to $1 SG 65/6, 68/72 & 97/8 Cat. £500
202Hong Kong1904/07 $10 slate and orange/blue. Key K.E.VII stamp used SG 90 Cat. £1500
203Hong Kong1912/21 K.G.V $1 to $5 (5) used SG112/6
204Hong Kong1938/57 K.G.VI Def. part-set of seven incl. 30c yellow-olive, 50c deep magenta, $2 reddish violet and scarlet, $5 green and violet and $10 bright lilac and blue (nibbled perfs. on some stamps) mint (unmtd. excl. 30c.) SG 151a, 153a, 158, 158a, 160 & 162 Cat. £410
205Hong KongQ.E.II Study of the 1954/62 Def. Issues with Major Printing varieties used complete excl. SG 65c variety on 14 pages Cat. £38040.0
206Hong KongQ.E.II 1999 to 2017 Commem. & Defin. mint unmtd incl. sets, MS, and Cantor/Austrian State Printing Special stamps in four albums, few gaps STC £2,750. Also, collectors extras in a large stockbook (incl. a handful of K.E.VII to early Q.E.II mint td & a few FDC's) and on Hagners in a folder plus a packet of new Lidner illustrated leaves 2006/2010 all in a medium sized box.275.0
207Iceland1933 Zeppelin ovptd. set of 3 mint mtd. SG179/8115.0
208Italy1906 to 1945 mint incl. Airs, some gaps and faults on thirty-three album pages STC £1,00050.0
209Jordan1954 set of thirteen to 1d mint mtd. SG 419/31 Cat. £170
210Liechtenstein1934 Vaduz First Liechtenstein Philatelic Exhibition 5f. chocolate MS mint SG MS144 Cat. £2750
211LithuaniaMainly modern mint coll. (strength after 1990) incl. a few MS and blocks neatly mounted in a Simplex album. STC £80025.0
212Malay StatesKELANTAN 1937/40 K.G.VI set of fifteen to $5 mint SG 40/54 Cat. £1700
213Malay StatesTRENGGANU 1938 K.G.VI $5 green and red/yellow mint SG 44 Cat. £650
214Malta1878 Q.V. ½d yellow buff horizontal pair (some short perfs) mint mtd. SG 16b Cat. £450
215Malta1919 K.G.V 10s. black mint SG 96 Cat. £3250
216Malta1948 K.G.VI New Constitution 5s. black and green Optd. T 52 with 'NT' joined variety mint SG 247a Cat. £400
217Middle East Forces1942 K.G.VI 2d orange ovptd. T M2 used SG M7 Cat. £1608.0
218Monaco1885 to 1990 Commem. & Defin. mainly mint coll. neatly annotated in two folders incl. 1885 part-set of ten to 25c mint and 1c, 2c(2), 5c,& 15c on cover, 1891/4 set of twenty-three to 5fS mint, 1901/21 set of nine mint incl. 5f mauve, 1905/10 Postage Dues mint (12) incl. 10c Olive SGD32a, 1919 War Orphans Fund to 1f+1f mint, 1933/39 set to 20f mint etc. Comprehensive coll. incl. MS mint (c.15) and used on cover/postcards(c.40 items), STC £17,000+
219Mozambique1951 Fish set of 23 mint unmtd. SG440/463 Cat. £220 and 1956 Visit of President to Mozambique 1e cream and 2e50 blue SG 508/9 on an illustrated FDC.
220Netherlands1893/98 2g.50 ultrmarine and rosine and 5g. lake and bronze green used SG 164/5 Cat. £925140.0
221Netherlands1920 2.50 on 10g. orange-red and 2.50 on 10g. orange-vermillion Optd. T 21 fine used SG 236/7 Cat. £340
222Netherlands1923 25th. Anniv. of Queen's Accession set of eleven fine used SG 259/269 Cat. £600
223Netherlands1951 Air set of two used SG 742/3 Cat. £40070.0
224New ZealandQ.V. to Q.E.II (1986) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. a little remaindered pre-K.G.VI on untidy leaves but some useful items. STC £2,050.Also fourteen Heath covers in an env.
225New Zealand1906 K.E.VII 5s. deep red Wmk upright mint SG 329a Cat. £400
226New ZealandVICTORIA LAND 1911 K.G.V ½d. deep green mint SG A2 Cat. £850
227New Zealand1935 £4 light blue fiscal mint mtd. SG F166 Cat. £950
228Nigeria1914 K.G.V £1 purple and black/red mint SG 12a Cat. £22570.0
229North Borneo1939 K.G.VI part-set of 12 to $2 mint mtd. SG303, 306/16 Cat. £76080.0
230PakistanBAHAWALPUR 1948 set of eight Officials used SG 020/27 Cat. £170
231Rhodesia1910/13 K.G.V 8d grey-purple and dull purple mint (short perf. SE corner) SG 185a Cat. £400
232Rhodesia1910/13 7s.6d. said to be carmine and bright blue a scarce shade, sold as seen used SG 162 Cat. £1400
233Russia1858 10k blue and brown perf. 12½ (small tear) mint mtd. SG5 Cat. £450
234Seychelles1938/49 K.G.VI part-set of twenty values to 5r mint mtd. incl. SG 137,139 & 149. Cat. £30030.0
235Sierra Leone1905 K.E.VII 5s. green and carmine and £1 purple/red mint SG 97/8 Cat. £360
236Sierra Leone1907 K.E.VII set of thirteen to £1 mint SG 99/111 Cat. £435
237Sierra Leone1912/21 K.G.V £5 orange and green mint (some toned gum/perfs.) SG 130 Cat. £4500
238St Helena1903 K.E.VII 2s. black and violet mint SG 60 Cat. £65
239St Helena1922/37 K.G.V 15s. grey and purple/blue mint SG 113 Cat. £1100
240St Helena1922/37 K.G.V 10s. grey and olive-green fine used SG 112 Cat. £25080.0
241St. Vincent1937 K.G.VI Coronation SPECIMEN set of three mint SG 146/8 Cat. £8026.0
242Switzerland1914/18 10f. deep mauve and 1928/31 deep grey-green in blocks of four fine used SG 297 & 337 Cat. £280
243Switzerland1945 Peace set of 13 fine used SG 447/459 Cat. £1200
244SwitzerlandUNITED NATIONS 1950 5f. slate-blue and 10f. green optd. type LU 1 fine used SG LU19/20 Cat. £450
245Switzerland1953 'Pro Juventute' with German text SG JSB3 Cat. £150
246TanzaniaIndependence to 1990's mint & used coll. with a few covers, MS etc. neatly annotated in two folders.30.0
247United States of AmericaEarly to 1970's mainly used coll. incl. Airmail, Parcel Post etc. on c.150 mainly pre-printed album pages (incl. some empty pages). Mixed condition in places.20.0
248United States of America1851 to 2010 mint & used incl. some modern sets and MS. Mixed condition in two stockbooks plus a small box with many identified single stamps in glassine envelopes.36.0
249United States of America1922/32 set of 23 to $5 mint SG 559/581 Cat. £600
250United States of America1933 Air Graf Zeppelin Chicago Flight 50c. green fine mint SG A732 Cat. £10018.0