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Lot No.CategoryDescriptionHammerPrice (£)
1Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsK.G.VI Commem. and Defin. very fine used coll. in four illustrated 22-ring SG Crown albums. Complete sets incl. all omnibus issues, Bahrain 1938/41 to 25r. SG 20/37, Fiji 1940 Postage Dues to 1s 6d SG D11/18, N.Borneo 1939 Postage Dues to. 10c SG. D85/89, Perak 1938/41 to $5 SG 103/21 and strong in some Indian States etc. Superb coll. collected over many years with a total Cat. of £30,000+. Additional SG supplementary album pages to suit are also included. Viewing is highly recommended.
2Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMIDDLE EAST extensive mint and used coll. in fourteen loose-leaf albums incl. Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and UAE with few MS, covers and postal stationary mixed in. Viewing recommended.
3Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCHINA. in a large box incl. c.50 Souvenir packs/Yearbooks. three main Hagner style albums with mint sets and sheets from 1982-2014. Looks to be comprehensive, including some duplication. Excellent modern content, ideal for a dealer or collector looking for a bargain
4Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBRITISH MIDDLE EAST K.G.VI to Q.E.II mint and used coll. in two well-filled red loose-leaf albums incl. Aden, Bahrain, EEF, Kuwait, Palestine etc. mixed condition in places
5Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN U.S.A. Commem. & Defin mint and used coll. 1847 to 2011 with some better items seen, plenty of Se-tenant mint unmtd. sheets and SG USA Part 22 3rd edition catalogue. Well organised in 4 stockbooks & 7 albums (some illustrated)
6Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFIJI and GAMBIA Q.V. to Q.E.II mint with a few MS on fifteen stock pages, some duplication STC £4,328
7Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsK.G.VI Commem. and Defin. mint and used coll. in a green Crown album STC £5,684
8Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN modern year books/packs incl. Australia 1990/4,1996/8,2000/1,2003 &2005/6, New Zealand 2011, China 2001,2003/5 & 2000 Protected Species, Netherlands 2003/4, Singapore 2005 and Malaysia 2004. Fine condition with many still in plastic wrapper. Also, South Vietnam 1950's/70s coll. of mint & used stamps in a small album (Total 24 items)
9Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN K.G.V TO Q.E.II Commem. & Defin mint & used coll. in twenty-three stockbooks and a large album. 1935 Silver Jubilee mint (excl. Egypt British Forces), 1937 Coronation mint, 1945/6 Victory mint, 1948 Silver Wedding mint unmtd. complete and 1953 Coronation mint. Also, many K.G.VI mint sets (some unmtd.) incl. Bermuda, Cayman Is. Dominica, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, N. Rhodesia etc. and some early Q.E.II sets. Some Foreign mixed in incl. Greece, Netherlands, Norway, and Portugal etc. with Commonwealth countries mainly modern mint and used. Thousands organised in two large boxes.2600
10Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsK.G.VI Commem. and Defin. used coll. in a red Crown album STC £3,033400
11Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used coll. Countries A - J in a New Ideal album, Germany China, France etc. all noteworthy. (100's)350
12Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMALAYSIA & STATES Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. on a variety of album pages (c.120 pages) incl. Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Sarawak and Japanese Occ., plus a few Singapore, STC £3,000275
13Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mainly used coll. Countries K - Z in a New Ideal album. (100's)375
14Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMALDIVES and MALTA Q.V to Q.E.II incl. some blocks and Postage Dues on eight stock pages STC £2,258
15Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsANTIGUA and BARBUDA K.E.VII to Q.E.II mint stamps on six stock pages STC £1,177
16Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint and used coll. incl. 1841 1d black 4 margin cancelled with Red MX, 1887/1900 Jubilee issue to 1s mint, KE.VII 1902 set to 1s mint, K.G.VI High values to £1 mint, Q.E.II to 1996 Commem. sets plus a few MS, Postage Dues, FDC's etc in two SG Davo albums, six stockbooks and a RM FDC album. Total Face value £180+400
17Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. used coll. in a red Crown Album mainly very fine STC £1,000+. Very clean, viewing recommended.300
18Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II mint & used coll. in three stockbooks and an album incl. Canada Provinces to early Q.E.II, Great Britain incl. K.E.VII to 5s used, K.G.VI high values etc, Postage Dues. Mixed condition.
19Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCONCORDE individual flight covers incl. some returns and some signed (c.100 items)120
20Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWELATH Q.V to Q.E.II Defin. & Commem. mint & used countries A to I singles, part-sets and sets incl. Antigua K.G.VI 1938 mint set to £1, various 1949 Silver Weddings mint & used etc. Plus K.E.VII Morocco Agencies in blocks of 6 to 25c. and various GB overprints. Well organised by country in a brand new 32-page Wessex Paragon stockbook. Some mint appears to be unmtd.85
21Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly 1940's onwards mint & used all world coll. incl. a handful of covers and some better K.G.VI and Q.E.II Commonwealth sets. in a large well stocked stockbook.50
22Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH AND FOREIGN 1858 to modern mostly used, a few mint. Incl. Argentina SG 1, Baden, Bavaria, China, Japan etc. approx 420 stamps in red stockbook.
23Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Straits Settlements etc. mainly fine used, some duplication well organised in 32-page stock.
24Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly modern mint & used mixed box incl. a few Commonwealth FDC's (some Royalty) & coin covers (7), Channel Is. 1969/93 in an SG Davo album incl. MS and Postage Dues ( a few gaps), also Channel Is. & IOM late 1980's/early 90's Special Issue Year Packs, Hong Kong Q.E.II 1975 Def. set of 14 to $20 mint unmtd., various Foreign countries incl. Portugal MS (c.40) & booklets (c.51) mint, a little Russia, Locomotive Philatelica Commonwealth Leaders of the World in 3 volumes etc. (12 albums, 1 stockbook, a shoebox and two tins).95
25Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMIDDLE EAST 1916 to 1960's mostly mint & used coll. incl. Saudi Arabia, South Arabia, Ajman, Manama, Fujeira, Ras Al Khaima, Sharaj & Dependencies etc. Mainly sets and part-sets, a few sheetlets, imperf. & unmtd. sets seen in a large red album sparse/mixed condition in places.Also, Trucial states coll. of mint MS and sets (some imperf.), well organised in a 2-ring binder (circa. 50 MS & 10 sets with some duplication).
26Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN 1964 to 1971 FDC Commem. & Defin. coll. mainly GB illustrated with typed addresses incl. 1964 Forth Road Bridge with South Ferry handstamp (illustrated with handwritten address), USA 1969 Moon Landing plus a few Regionals and Channel Islands in six 2-ring cover albums(c. 300 items)25
27Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used incl. Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Japan, China, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Poland etc. mainly modern fine used clean coll. in a brand new 32-page stockbook.
28Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly modern mint & used incl. Ajman, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Hong Kong, Zambia etc. one or two MS, part-sheets organised by country in a four-ring album46
29Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.V to Q.E.II in two-ring cover album incl. unused QE II air mail letters (7), GB, Australia and Japan Modern Maximum cards with stamps (8). Gibraltar and Malta illustrated FDC's (7), British Forces covers incl. HK, GB covers addressed to USA. 1936 British Forces in Egypt stamp seal used on cover etc. 40 items.
30Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used mainly modern coll. incl Germany, Belgium, China, Austria, Czechoslovakia etc. well-organised by country. Many fine in a new Wessex Paragon 32 page stockbook
31Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mint & used coll. incl. Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. in a 20 page stockbook.
32Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH 1937 K.G.VI Coronation complete Omnibus mint set mounted in a Whitfield King and Co specialised album Cat. £225 (202 stamps)28
33Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V to Q.E.II mint & used incl. Malta to late 1980's (later period mint unmtd.), St Vincent & Grenadines, Canada mint & used (STC £.3,500+), USA with interest in Airmail & Cancels, Vatican City mainly marginal blocks, small German Col. coll., four approval books remaindered with the odd good bit, Q.E.II GB 1953 to 1970's mint coll. incl. £20 FV in Lighthouse album with slipcase, Kenya, Transjordan mint some unmtd. Straits Settlements, Cayman Is., Greenland, Bahamas, Basutoland, Nigeria, Turks & Caicos Is., Seychelles, Bermuda, Virgin Is. Malaysia mint & used STC £1,000 plus Fiscals, Grenada etc. Well organised with plenty of part-sets, sets and some MS. Also a SG Part One 2020 and a 2012 GB Concise. Well worth viewing (7 albums, 5 stockbooks & thirteen folders in two boxes)650
34Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl.K.G.VI & early Q.E.II mint sheets,part-sheets and marginal blocks to 1s identified on leaves in a four ring album, other Commonwealth countries from K.G.V onwards incl. MS mainly used, and Foreign countries incl. Germany, Russia, Nederland etc. mainly modern used (3 stockbooks, 2 albums)
35Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly modern mint & used accumulation incl. China incl. a few coin covers, Vatican City, Great Britain Q.E.II, Cook Is., Sovereign Order of Malta, Channel Islands, Poland, IOM, Australia, Falkland Is. etc. organised in over 20 albums many with slipcase, stockbooks and folders. (three large heavy boxes)375
36Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mixed box with ECUADOR to late 1980's mint & used incl. some early Officials, Postage Dues, Airs, Telegraphs, MS etc in two albums (picked in places, some on Scott illustrated pages), GUATEMALA to 1984 mint & used in a stockbook (some with faults/mint no gum), EGYPT 1902 to 1949 postcards/covers with interesting postmarks and a few mint stamps written up on nine album pages,, K.G.VI COMMONWEALTH Commem. & Defin. coll. in 2 small loose leaf albums mainly short-sets mixed condition with a handful of items on small piece (New Zealand) plus Kuwait to mid 1990's mint and a small batch (c30 items) of Commonwealth (plus a few Foreign) covers/FDCS's/PHQ cards ( 6 albums in total in a medium sized box)
37Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II Commem. & Defin. mint & used countries R-T mainly, strong in South Africa and Rhodesia with plenty of postmarks to be sorted through in six stockbooks and an album (some duplication/mixed condition)130
38Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. a Lancaster Major album with earlies to 1950's Belgium, Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland in mixed condition (some heavily toned). Also, a well-filled World Postage stamp album mainly used, a Mercury stamp album, Foreign & Commonwealth on & off paper in packets/ on a few album pages incl. K.G.V and K.G.VI part-sets mint (some unmtd.) incl 1948 Royal Silver requires Wedding, and a few covers etc. Mixed condition, requires sorting in a medium-sized box.70
39Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN & CHANNEL ISLANDS Q.V to Q.E.II mixed boxed Commem. & Defin. mint & used incl. some decimal face on stock pages/books, presentation packs, NVI booklets, Postage Dues, two albums with some useful mint & used stamps, a few Prestige Booklets, 1969 and 1967 collectors packs (both heavily duplicated) etc. in a medium-sized archive box70
40Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN small box of mint and used Q.V. to QE.II Commem. & Defin. stamps in packets and a Movaleaf loose-leaf album incl. India, Malaya, USA etc. and c.160 1d reds largely unchecked. Also, MS, FDC's (c.45 incl. some illustrated), a few booklets and a part K.G.VI 1937 Coronation omnibus set in a specialised album etc60
41Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Q.V. to Q.E.II mixed box Commem. & Defin. mint & used incl. Stamps for Cooks Prestige Booklets (duplicated), Presentation Packs, MS, various stamps on stock pages and cards, (mainly Q.E.II) a few CI booklets, two sparse collections in a Lighthouse and an SG Davo album, a stock book of Postage Dues used, The Bookmark Cat. of British Decimal Postage Stamps 1973 etc60
42Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN collectors clear out medium sized box incl. various stamps & accessories. Numerous pages of stamps on album pages and cards incl. GB complete set of Q.E.II pre-decimal Commem., complete sheet of 40 Q.E.II Castles £1 black mint unmtd., Orange Free State & Ceylon Telegraph stamps on Hagner page, fine used Machin booklet panes written up on three pages, world coll. of pre-war on home-made leaves (hundreds), Q.V. postal stationary etc . Also, two new four-ring binders, unopened packets of stamp hinges, various Hawid and Davo mounts plus two 100g assortment of Lidner mounts, SG 2018 Part One Catalogue, two packets of SG Windsor supplement pages (2002 & 2005). etc. Viewing recommended.80
43Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl. G.B Q.E.II on a few album pages incl. 1959/63 Castles set of 4 to £1, many other countries on album pages, a few covers, small stockbook of the Middle East and Arabia etc. useful box could be worth sorting through34
44Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint &
mixed box mainly foreign modern incl. Norway covers in a two-ring album, a few cards on stamps, commercial covers, two all world albums, a few booklets, other loose items etc
45Cigarette & Post CardsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN postcards in three albums and a few loose from KE.VII to Q.E.II (c.1980's). Themes incl. Portraits, Royalty, London Landmarks, Royal Mail etc. Also a few Foreign incl. Greece (early 20th century c. 10 items), Germany Crown Prince Danzig Residence unused and a WWII letter in German requesting discharge from Torpedo Experimental Works. (c. 250 items)38
46Cigarette & Post CardsCigarette and Trade cards mainly Wills, Players and Brooke Bond Tea. A few better incl. Cohen Weenen & Co (2). A few hundred in a small album and folder. Mixed condition5
47Literature and AccessoriesSeventeen empty SG Great Britain stamp albums in a box.40
48Literature and AccessoriesFour-part steel drawer unit for storing stamps (or similar ) on cards. Eight drawers in total (two per part)
49AustraliaQ.E.II Christmas Is., Cocos Is., and Norfolk Is. mint incl. some duplication plus a few MS on fourteen stock pages STC £869
50AustraliaQ.E.II 1966 to 1980 mostly mint unmtd. coll. well organised in a large red stockbook STC £1,346 plus a few extras in packets and on a stockpage.
51Australia1984 to 2003 Frama Issues to $1 (approx 200 labels) on Seven Seas illustrated pages, Collecta album pages and Hagner leaves in an Australia Frama hingless album. Also, eight complete Australian Post booklets (FV $10.80)18
52Austria1933 250th Anniv. of Releif of Vienna and Pan-Catholic Congress set of six to 64g brown mint mtd. SG 706/11 Cat. £250
53Austria1936 Second Anniv. of the Assassination of Dr. Dollfuss 10s slate-blue mint unmtd. SG 793 Cat. £1300
54Austria1950/53 Air set to 20s. all horizontal pairs mint unmtd. SG 1215/21 Cat. £1000
55Austria1950/3 Air set of seven to 20s mint SG 1215/1221 Cat. £548
56BahamasQ.V to Q.E.II (late 1970's) mainly mint stamps and a few MS on 10 stock pages STC £2,834
57Bahamas1942 K.G.VI 450th Anniv. of Landing of Columbus in New World optd. double (T 25) ½d bluish-green mint mtd. SG 162b Cat. £2250
58Bahrain1938/41 K.G.VI set of 16 to 25r. mint SG20/37 Cat. £1000
59BarbadosQ.V. to Q.E.II mint and used incl. a few Postage Dues and MS on ten stock pages STC £2,771
60BarbadosK.G.V. 1912/16 part set of 12 mint and used to 2s mint and 1916/19 part-set of 6 to 1s on a cut-down album page and a stock card. (18 stamps). SG 170-70 and SG181/9 excl.184,186,188 Cat. £15034
61BasutolandK.G.V to Q.E.II (c.1960's) part and complete mint sets (some duplication) plus a few Q.E.II Lesotho (incl. blocks and MS) on four stock pages STC £955
62Belgium1919/20 2f purple King Albert (gum bend, some untidy perfs. right side) mint unmtd. SG 248 Cat. £650
63British Antarctic TerritoryQ.E.II mint incl. a few MS to 1980's on 6 stock pages STC £978
64British GuianaQ.V. to Q.E.II mint and used duplicated in places on ten stock pages STC 3,175
65British HondurasQ.V. to Q.E.II mint incl. various such. and ovpts. on seven stock pages STC £1,357
66British Indian Ocean TerritoryQ.E.II part and complete mint sets on three stock pages STC £359
67British LevantK.E.VII to K.G.V mint with a little duplication plus a page of MEF on three stock pages STC £1,009
68British Virgin IslandsQ.V. to Q.E.II mint on six stock pages STC £1,460
69Brunei1907 to 1950's Defin and Commem. mint stamps on four stock pages STC £1,351
70CanadaQ.V. to Q.E.II (1980's) mint & used coll. primarily in a red SG one country album, Q.V. to 20c, K.E.VII to 50c, K.G.VI to $1, modern Q.E.II mint, Special Delivery, Postage Dues, Airs etc. Also, extra's in two 64 page stockbooks & Yearpacks (1980/84) plus a few Gilbert & Ellice Is., Grenada, Cayman Is, Falkland Is. in one of the stockbooks. Mixed condition with some duplication.75
71CanadaQ.E.II 1953 to mid-1980's mint and used coll. well organised in a 48 page Lighthouse stockbook
72Channel IslandsGUERNSEY 1941/81 mainly mint coll. in an SG illustrated album incl. all SG listed German Occupation issues (incl. SG 1a/f some appear to be mint unmtd), 1942 issues on bluish paper used, few gaps to 1981 incl. booklet panes SG 27a/28a mint unmtd. and 1969 Postage Dues mint STC c.£40036
73ChinaColl. of five unused stamps on a card incl. Chinese Republic 1914/19 $2 black and blue, 1927/33 $1 sepia and brown-orange and $2 chestnut and deep blue, Yunnan Province 1926 $1 sepia and brown orange optd. T 1 and Sinkiang Province 1916/19 $2 black and blue optd. T 2 SG 305,328,160 100 & 80220
74CyprusQ.V to Q.E.II mainly mint on ten stock pages STC £1,340
75CyprusK.E.VII 1902/04 ½ pi, 30pa, 4pi and 12pi. mint mtd. Wmk Crown CA. 30pa & 4pi tone spots SG 50,51,54 & 57 Cat. £129
76Czechoslovakia1970/2000. substantial quantity of off-paper Defin. and Commem. stamps in packets, largely used but some mint including MS to 10 kr. Some Czech Republic and a few Slovakia. (many 100s).
77DominicaK.E.VII 1903/06 part-set of 8 to 2s6d Wmk CC on ordinary paper Fine mint SG 27/32 & 34/5 Cat. £16734
78Falkland Islands1938/50 K.G.VI 10s black & orange-brown mint SG162 Cat. £19026
79France1849 to mid-1900's Commem. and Defin. mostly used coll. incl. 1850. 15c green/bluish green used SG 4 and 1852 10c bistre-brown used SG37 used both poor margins but good colours etc, Postage Dues to 2f, one or two telegraph stamps, Charity stamps and a variety of French Colonies etc. well organised by date in a 64-page stockbook. Also, two smaller coll. in loose-leaf albums/packets one with some early imperf issues and a few Syria. Mixed condition, duplicated in places and faults with some early imperf issues.
80GermanyGERMAN POST OFFICES IN TURKISH EMPIRE 1900 part-set of eleven to 15pi on 3m violet black used SG 17/27 Cat. £35540
81Germany1931 Air Polar flight of Graf Zeppelin opts. 'POLAR-FAHT 1931' set of three mint unmtd. SG 469/71 Cat. £1000
82Germany1936 Summer Olympic Games Berlin MS (2) (one sheet has hinge remainders and a slight crease in each corner) used SG MS613a Cat. £22540
83Germany1937 6 + 19pf blue-green MS (imperf.) mint unmtd. SG 636 Cat. £27575
84Germany1951 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of four fine used SG 1069/1072 Cat. £160
85GermanyEAST GERMANY 1951 Friendship with China set of three to 50pf. blue mint (some minor gum disturbance on all values and 50pf. is creased lower left) SG E43/5 Cat. £375
86GibraltarQ.V.1886 2d brown-purple (thin), 1898 ½d grey-green and 2½d bright ultramarine mint mtd SG 10,39 & 42 Cat. £94
87Gibraltar1889/96 Q.V. part-set of 11 (less 20c green & brown) mint SG22/33 Cat. £200
88Gibraltar1908 K.E.VII £1 deep purple and black/red (a few black dots on reverse and a few short perfs.) mint mtd. SG 64 Cat. £650
89Gibraltar1910 K.E.VII 2s purple and bright blue/blue mint mtd. SG 72 Cat. £65
90Gibraltar1924 K.G.V 8s dull-purple and green (toned gum) mint mtd. SG 101 Cat. £325
91Gilbert & Ellice IslandsQ.E.II mainly mint unmtd. to 1976 & Tokelau to 1997. Sets and MS very few gaps in illustrated Kabe album with slipcase.
92Gilbert & Ellice IslandsK.G.V to Q.E.II mint stamps incl. a couple of postage dues on five stock pages STC £692
93Gold Coast1913/21 K.G.VI 10s green and red/green (blunt perf. lower right hand corner) used SG 83 Cat. £1308
94Great Britain1840 2d blue plate 2 lettered S-K with good to very large margins cancelled by complete Red MX very fine used SG 5
95Great Britain1840 1d black plate 2 lettered P-C with four margins and cancelled with red Maltese Cross very fine used SG2 Cat. £375100
96Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black lettered N-C fine used cancelled with Black MX100
97Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black lettered R-B fine used cancelled with Black MX100
98Great Britain1840 Q.V. 1d black lettered R-F fine used cancelled with Red MX100
99Great Britain1841 1d red plate 33 lettered E-B with four margins and cancelled with No.9 in Black Maltese Cross very fine used SG8 Cat. £180
100Great Britain1867/92 Q.V. 10s greenish-grey very fine used SG 135 Cat. £4000
101Great Britain1867/92 Q.V. £5 orange Optd. 'SPECIMEN' fine mint mtd. SG 133s Cat. £3000
102Great Britain1876/81 Q.V. 5s rose Telegraph plate 1 very fine mint o.g. Very Scarce SG T13 Cat. £1100
103Great Britain1882 Q.V. 5s rose plate 4 fine used SG 130 Cat. £4000
104Great Britain1882 Q.V. ½d pale green 'I.R. OFFICIAL SPECIMEN' block of four very fine mint o.g. SG O2s
105Great Britain1882 Q.V. 6d grey 'I.R. OFFICIAL' very fine mint (minor tone spot & dealer mark on reverse) SG O4
106Great Britain1883/4 Q.V. 5s rose fine mint unmtd. SG 180 Cat. £1100
107Great Britain1883/86 Q,V, 5d dull green 'GOVT PARCELS SPECIMEN' mint unmtd.
108Great Britain1883/4 Q.V. 10s ultramarine very fine used SG 183 Cat. £525
109Great Britain1883/4 Q.V. 2s.6d lilac fine mint mtd. SG 178 Cat. £600
110Great Britain1885 Q,V, £1 brown-lilac wmk. Crowns 'I.R. OFFICIAL SPECIMEN' SG O11
111Great Britain1886/1901 Q.V. ½d blue-green 'ARMY OFFICIAL SPECIMEN' mint o.g. (light crease) SG O42s
112Great Britain1889 Q.V. 1s dull green 'I.R. OFFICIAL' fine mint mtd. SG 015 Cat. £1000
113Great Britain1890 Q.V. 10s ultramarine 'I.R. OFFICIAL' very fine used SG 010 Cat. £3750
114Great Britain1891 Q.V. £1 green very fine used SG 212 Cat. £2000
115Great Britain1891 Q.V. £1 deep green fine mint o.g.
116Great Britain1892 Q.V. £1 green 'I.R. OFFICIAL' very fine used SG O16 Cat. £2500
117Great Britain1896/1902 Q.V. 1d lilac 'O.W. OFFICIAL SPECIMEN' fine mint mtd. SG O33
118Great Britain1902 K.E.VII £1 dull blue-green fine mint unmtd. SG 266 Cat. £3000
119Great Britain1902 K.E.VII 10s ultramarine fine mint unmtd. SG265 Cat. £2000
120Great Britain1902 K.E.VII 2s 6d dull purple very fine mint unmtd. SG 262 Cat. £650
121Great Britain1902 K.E.VII 9d dull-purple and ultramarine 'GOVT PARCELS 'stamps optd. with type O 7 fine mint mtd. SG O77 Cat. £650
122Great Britain1911 K.E.VII £1 deep green very fine used SG 320 Cat. £750
123Great Britain1911 K.E.VII 1s deep green and scarlet mint marginal (right and bottom with hinge remainder on bottom margin) SG 313
124Great Britain1912 K.E.VII 5s carmine fine mint unmtd. SG 318 Cat. £875
125Great Britain1913 K.G.V £1 green Seahorse mint lightly mtd. SG 403 Cat. £2800
126Great Britain1913 K.G.V £1 green Seahorse mint mtd. o.g. SG 403 Cat. £2800
127Great Britain1913 K.G.V 10s indigo blue mint mtd. SG 402 Cat. £1000
128Great Britain1915 K.G.V 10s deep blue very fine mint unmtd. with top margin SG 411 Cat. £5500
129Great Britain1929 K.G.V 1d scarlet wmk. sideways used SG 435a Cat. £906
130Great Britain1933 BPA Souvenir stamp printing papers issued to mark 20th Philatelic Congress of GB meeting in London set of 7 imperf. blocks of four
131Great BritainGerman Propaganda Stamps ' LIQUIDATION OF EMPIRE' vertical strip of six on 1937/47 K.G.VI 1d scarlet (St. Lucia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Bahamas and Trinidad) used
132Great BritainGerman Propaganda Stamps 'LIQUIDATION OF EMPIRE ST. LUCIA' on 1937/47 K.G.VI ½d red-brown mint mtd.
133Great Britain1939/48 K.G.VI 10s dark blue block of four incl. one stamp (bottom left) with 'Blot on scroll' flaw used SG478 & 478a Cat. £14624
134Great Britain1955/8 Q.E.II Castles, two sets of four to £1 (Waterlow & D.L.R printings ) (8 stamps) mint unmtd. SG536/9 & 536a/9a Cat. £850200
135Great Britain1956 Q.E.II Wilding 7d bright-green cylinder block of 6 mint unmtd. SG549 Cat. £300
136Great Britain1959 Q.E.II 2d brown phosphor graphite issue error of watermark mint unmtd. together with a used example, slogan cancel (2 stamps) SG 605a Cat. £37555
137Great Britain1969 British Ships 5d black, grey, red and turquoise with downward shift of black used38
138Great BritainQ.E.II to 2020 Commem. & Defin. mint unmtd. coll. incl. mint sets, Presentation Packs, Post & Go, booklets and Prestige Booklets etc. Face Value £3,780 in three stockbooks, eight small booklet folders, a small tin, a shoebox and a London 2012 Olympics four-ring binder.1700
139Great Britain1971 Strike Post mint and used coll. in a black four-ring album incl. Inland & Emergency mail (some in blocks), Airmail and various covers (some illustrated) (c.130 stamps & 50 covers)90
140Great BritainQ.E.II 1972 5p pale violet Machin Def. (PVA) block of four with perf. shift stamps broad band right
141Great BritainQ.E.II 1974 7p purple-brown Machin Def. imperf marginal (right) block of fifteen (creased bottom row) mint
142Great BritainQ.E.II 1974 Scotland 5½p violet (2 bands) heavily overinked with value filled in and dry print on top two values Pale Head (vertical strip of three)
143Great Britain1998 Q.E.II 26p Angel Playing Commem. horizontal marginal (left) block of six with four stamps (from left) imperf. Two remaining are partially perf. and creased (vert.) mint SG 2065a
144Hong Kong1938/57 K.G.VI Def. part-set of seven incl. 30c yellow-olive, 50c deep magenta, $2 reddish violet and scarlet, $5 green and violet and $10 bright lilac and blue (nibbled perfs. on some stamps) mint (unmtd. excl. 30c.) SG 151a, 153a, 158, 158a, 160 & 162 Cat. £410
145Hong KongQ.E.II used coll. in three well-filled red loose-leaf albums, a few booklets and covers, and plenty of postmarks.
146Hong Kong1999 to 2006 mint unmtd. coll. incl. one or two booklet panes/MS with some duplication in a stockbook STC £40855
147Iceland1933 Zeppelin ovptd. set of 3 mint mtd. SG179/81
148Indian StatesJAIPUR 1932/46 part set of 6 mint mtd. SG59/61 & SG64/736
149Indian StatesPATIALA 1937/8. K.G.VI part-set of 5 values 1r. to 15r. Optd. with T5 mint mtd. SG92/6 Cat. £33860
150Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsTUSCANY 1851/1861 coll. of five items incl. 1851/2 6c. slate-blue/grey very fine used imperf. with four margins, 1857 6c. blue in three shades with various cancels and 1861 5c green with pen cancel mainly very fine used on a card (5) Sa. Cat. €2,750 Sa.7, 15 & 18
151Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsNAPLES 1858 10 grana lake and 10 grana rose very fine used SG 5/5A, Sa. 10/11 Cat. £700
152Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsTUSCANY 1861 5c green mint no gum (small traces visible) with Sollami cert. No. CC6522. Sa. Cat. €9,500 Sa.18
153Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsNEOPOLITAN PROVINCES 1861/2 10g orange and 2g light blue(2) (Sa. 20a(2) & 21) (14g two sheet tariff) on small piece with fine used (scarce) with Sollami cert. No. CC6322. Also, 1861 5g carmine (Sa. 21) very fine used with crisp cancel on small piece. Total Cat. per Sas. €1,175
154Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsLOMBARDY & VENETIA 1863 10s blue and 15s brown very fine used on small piece with Sollami cert. No.CC6422 SG 30/31, Sa.44/45 Cat. £480
155Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsLIBYA 1912 to 1940 mint and used coll. incl. 1921 10l olive and indigo fine used block of 4 SG33A (scarce), 1912/15 1l brown and green & 5l blue and rose mint mtd. optd, 1915 Express Letter 25c rose and 30c blue and rose mint etc on a stock card (26 stamps incl. block of four)
156Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsFIUME 1919 Students Education Fund 10cor.+5l. slate-violet imperf. variety mint mtd. and 1920 5c. green unused horizontal strip of three part-imperf. Sa. Cat. €2,000 Sa.73/IIb & 127c
157Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsENTI PARASTATALI Consorzio Bibliot Torino 50c violet mint unmtd. block of four. Sa Cat. €1,040 Sa.33
158Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsSOMALIA 1932 mint unmtd. Perf. 12 incl. 20c carmine (two minor tone spots), 25c. green marginal block of four with bottom and right margin (mounted bottom right margin) and 35c. blue horizontal marginal pair some signed Biondi. (3 items Cat. £501) SG165/6 &168, Sa. 171/2 & 174
159Italy1933 Balbo Transatlantic Mass formation Flight L5.25 plus L44.75 strip of three with missing perf top centre mint unmtd. SG379 Cat. £180
160JamaicaQ.V. to Q.E.II mainly mint stamps on nine stock pages STC £1,912
161Jordan1954 set of thirteen to 1d mint mtd. SG 419/31 Cat. £170
162Kuwait1939 K.G.VI set of 13 to 15r. optd. with T3/4c (10r. creased) mint mtd. SG36/51 Cat. £37555
163Liechtenstein1921/53 mint coll. on a stock page incl. 1921 7½r indigo (perf. 9½) SG 51B and 1951 3f lake-brown (perf. 14½) SG 303B etc. Cat. £1,500+ (25 stamps)100
164LithuaniaMainly modern mint coll. (strength after 1990) incl. a few MS and blocks neatly mounted in a Simplex album. STC £800
165MalaysiaQ.V. to Q.E.II mainly mint incl. Sarawak on fourteen stock pages STC £3,458300
166Malta1863/81 Q,V. ½d buff block of four and ½d orange-buff block of four with left wing margin (stamps off-centre) mint mtd. SG 4 & 8 Cat. £1420
167Malta1878 Q.V. ½d yellow buff horizontal pair (some short perfs) mint mtd. SG 16b Cat. £450
168Malta1900 to 1997 mint (some unmtd.) coll. Sparse pre-Q.E.II, a few MS in a green Lighhouse albums and some extra Davo leaves.40
169Middle East Forces1942 K.G.VI 2d orange ovptd. T M2 used SG M7 Cat. £160
170Montserrat1938/48 K.G.VI set of 12 to £1 mint mtd. SG101a,102/8,109a,110a &111/12 Cat. £23432
171MozambiqueEarly 1900's to late 1960's mainly mint sets on c.40 album pages STC £2,184
172Netherlands1951 Air set 15g black brown and 25g brown black mint unmtd. SG 741/2 Cat. £800
173New Zealand1935 £4 light blue fiscal mint mtd. SG F166 Cat. £950
174NigeriaK.G.VI to early Q.E.II Commem. & Defin mint coll. incl. Republic of Biafra and Cameroons UKTT overprints etc. STC £150+18
175North Borneo1918 part-set of ten to 24c+4c mauve optd. T 70 (12c+4c off-centre) used SG 235/45 (excl.242) Cat. £121
176North Borneo1939 K.G.VI part-set of 12 to $2 mint mtd. SG303, 306/16 Cat. £760
177Palestine1918 set of eleven to 20p pale grey in blocks of four (some tone spots/perfs.) mint SG 5/15 Cat. £180
178Paraguay1962 to 1990 Commem. mint sets and MS incl. Space exploration, Paintings, Olympic games, Transport, Scouts , Famous People incl. Churchill & Kennedy, Wildlife etc. listed in SG appendix. There are a few used but mainly fine mint, some duplication organised in three loose leaf albums.
179Pitcairn Is.K.G.VI to Q.E.II mint stamps on five album pages, a little duplication STC £372
180Portugal1980 to 1988 mint unmtd. coll. few gaps incl. sets & MS. STC £1,908
181Qatar1964 Olympic Games Tokyo set of six optd. T 13 mint unmtd. SG 38/42 Cat. £60
182Russia1858 10k blue and brown perf. 12½ (small tear) mint mtd. SG5 Cat. £450
183Russia1875 onwards used coll. on album pages STC £700+48
184SamoaQ.V to Q.E.II mint stamps on six stock pages STC £62990
185Seychelles1938/49 K.G.VI part-set of twenty values to 5r mint mtd. incl. SG 137,139 & 149. Cat. £300
186Sierra LeoneQ.V. to Q.E.II mint and used on fifteen stock pages, some duplication STC £3,127
187SingaporeK.G.VI to Q.E.II mainly mint on three stock pages, some duplication STC £915
188South Africa1935/49 10s Official horizontal pair MM SGO27 Cat. £110
189South West AfricaK.G.V to Q.E.II mint incl. a few postage dues on six stock pages STC £2,034
190Southern Rhodesia1931/7 1s.6d black and orange-yellow Perf. 11½ used SG 24a Cat. £1508
191Spain1950 Stamp Centenary imperf set of eight mint mtd. SG 1141/148 Cat. £655
192Spain1953 AIR 50p blackish violet (a few short perfs.) mint unmtd. SG 1187 Cat. £900
193St HelenaQ.V. 6d blue imperf (minimal margins bottom left) used SG1 Cat. £20010
194St Kitts-NevisQ.V. to Q.E.II mainly mint of twelve stock pages, some duplication STC £1,617
195St. LuciaQ.V to Q.E.II mint incl. a few MS and Postage Dues on seven stock pages STC £851
196St. VincentQ.V. to Q.E.II mint incl. MS on sixteen stock pages STC £1,148
197Sudan1897 to 1951 mint stamps incl. some officials on six stock pages STC £785
198SwitzerlandSmall coll. of 1920's/40's Airmail covers (5) on album pages incl. 1930 Luffpost cover with 1921 2 on 2½c bistre buff block of four etc. Also, 1932 Railway postcard with 50th Anniv, of St. Gothard Railway set of three stamps mint (SG347/9). Mainly fine. (6 items)50
199Trans Jordan1942 set of eight to 20m olive-green mint mtd. SG 222/9 Cat. £10020
200Tristan Da CunhaK.G.VI to Q.E.II mint stamps & MS on seven stock pages STC £618