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Lot No.CategoryDescriptionHammerPrice (£)
1Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to K.G.V (1840 to Mid-1936) Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. in two New Imperial albums incl. Falklands 1882 1d dull claret and 4d grey-black mint SG5/6, India 1854 4a indigo and red used SG17, India 1902/9 & 1912 Officials part-sets to 25r used, Gwalior 1928/36 Officials part-set incl. 10r to 25r (SG O88/90) used, plenty of other Indian states mint & used to 5r, Rhodesia 1913 £1 black and purple SG254, Straits Settlements 1911 $25 purple and blue/blue F.C. SG 168, Kedah 1922 set of 8 mint Optd to 50c mint, various Federated Malay States to $25 used, Western Australia 1s pale brown SG6a used and Zanzibar 1913 40r black and red and 50r black and purple SG260d/e etc. Collected by vendors late father living in India hence usual well tropicalised/ toned condition and with bulk of contents in Asian countries. Mixed condition .£1,600.00
2Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN & COMMONWEALTH Q.V. to early Q.E.II mint & used coll. incl. 1d blacks used 4 margin on small piece & 3 margin with red MX, 1883/4 5s rose used SG180 and Seahorses to 10s,Turks Island to 1s mint, Ceylon mint incl. various surch., Falkland Is. Dep. mint part-sets incl. 1938 to 1s, Gambia, Gold Coast, Seychelles Jamaica, Southern Rhodesia etc. Also a handful of part-omnibus sets incl. 1935 Silver Jubliee (c. 140 stamps) mint & used and a few Foreign stamps & MS(2) on stock pages in 2 albums with some duplication and in mixed condition.£380.00
3Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.E.VII mint & used coll. with strength in Ceylon, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Hong Kong, Montserrat, Morocco Agencies, St Vincent, and Seychelles. Some better items and varieties noted. Very clean well organised lot in Simplex medium Loose Leaf album.£300.00
4Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mint sheets, part-sheets and marginal blocks/pairs to 1s much of which appears to be unmtd. Mainly fine (sheets mostly folded, a few perf. splits and minor tone spots seen). Also a few early Q.E.II, (c. 130 items) well organised and identified on leaves in four-ring album.
5Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBRITISH MIDDLE EAST Q.V. to Q.E.II mint coll. incl. Trucial States, Morocco Agencies, British Levant, Aden, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain etc. Some better items seen incl. Abu Dhabi 1966 new ccy. part-set of 7 to 200 fils on 2rs black SG15/23 (excl. SG 20 & 21), Kuwait 1955 Q.E.II DLR Castles Type II set of 3 high values surch UM SG 107a/9a Cat. £375 etc. STC £1,500+ notated on stock pages in a 4-ring album with slipcase
6Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. Japan and China (one album of early to 1970's), 1972 mint Silver Wedding Omnibus in specialised album, various Commonwealth countries seen incl. India and others (K.G.V / VI to 5s and plenty of Foreign. Singles, part-sets, some blocks and MS etc. Also a couple of albums of 1960's/80's FDC's incl. GB Royal Mail, Philart, some unaddressed etc. Total of 9 stockbooks and 4 albums some duplication in mixed condition.£120.00
7Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to early Q.E.II Defin. & Commem. mint & used coll. incl. British Central Africa 1895 3s black and yellow mint with left hand margin SG38 , Nyasaland Q.E.II 1953 set to 10s unmtd. mint, and a page of Q.V. GB Fiscals used etc. Well organised by country in a green SG Senator loose leaf album, some duplication.
8Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMIDDLE EAST Trucial states incl. Ajman, Manama, Ras Al Khaima, Umm Al Qiwain, Sharjah and Fujeira coll. of mint MS and sets (some imperf.) well organised in a 2-ring binder (c. 50 MS & 10 sets with some duplication).
9Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mostly modern used coll. Many countries incl. Belgium, France, GB (QE II), Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan etc plus a few covers well presented in 8 page stockbooks (3) & 32 page stockbooks (2). Some duplication.£55.00
10Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH AND FOREIGN 1858 to modern mostly used, a few mint. Incl. Argentina SG 1, Baden, Bavaria, China, Japan etc. approx 420 stamps in red stockbook.
11Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsMIDDLE EAST 1916 to 1960's mostly mint & used coll. incl. Saudi Arabia, South Arabia, Ajman, Manama, Fujeira,, Ras Al Khaima, Sharaj & Dependencies etc. Mainly sets and part-sets, a few sheetlets, imperf. & unmtd. sets seen in a large red album sparse/mixed condition in places.
12Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mint & used incl. Canada, Falkland Is., Gibraltar, Cyprus, Malta and Mauritius incl. a few blocks and ovpts. etc.. Duplication in places on 8 stock pages STC £447
13Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used coll. with various countries from K.G.V onwards and some MS. Duplication in places well organised in a blue SG 32 page stock book
14Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Defin & Commem. mint & used mostly modern incl. Canada, New Zealand, Cyprus etc. a little duplicated in places, a few MS, part-sheets and some earlier K.G.VI
15Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH. K.E.VII to K.G.VI. mounted mint and used selection, including Bahrain, Cayman Isles, British Solomon Isles, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Newfoundland (SG 231 Air noted), Orcha, Sudan (incl. K.G.V Gordon Anniversary SG 59-65) 31 stamps on cards.
16Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGULF STATES to 1990's mint & used incl. Dubai, South Arabia, UAE, Umm al Qiwain, Sharjah & Dependencies, Fujeira, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc. A handful of surch./ovpts. seen well organised by country in a 24 page lighthouse stockbook.
17Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mostly modern used coll. incl. Germany, Nederland, Russia etc. well organised in a 32 page stockbook (some duplication)
18Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN early 1900's to modern worldwide coll. with a few stamps on pieces well presented in a blue16 page stockbook
19Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mostly modern incl. GB and Malaya etc. with a little duplication in two eight page stock books.£20.00
20Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to K.G.VI Commem. & Defin. Jamaica and KUT used coll. on stock page, Mainly duplicated part-sets.
21Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mainly GB FDC coll. incl. GB 1980 to 2001 Benham Defin. & Commem. Small Silk single stamp covers in sets in nine Benham Silk albums & four plain 4-ring binders, Commonwealth Battle of Britain covers (c.40 items) some signed incl GB & Regionals, Jersey, Belize and Falkland Is., 1960's to 1991 GB FDC's incl. Royal Mail, Benham, Cotsold (c. 300covers) in four SG 4-ring binders, Royalty Benham covers Golden Wedding, Queen Mothers 100th Birthday & Diana incl. some MS, coin covers (2) and a handful of mint sets in a Benham album (c.75 items). Also, Life Times of Queen Mother modern mint Commonwealth coll. in a Royal Events binder and GB Q.E.II booklets, MS and Prestige booklets with Face Value c. £275 plus a few mint Jersey & IOM etc. Well organised in three boxes.£320.00
22Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN K.G.V to late 2000's mint & used largely Middle East incl. Aden, Ajman, Bahrain, Dubai,, Fujeira, Kuwait, Qatar, Umm El Qiwain (qty of used souvenir sheets incl. JFK &Churchill). \the lot incl. MS, part-sheets, full-sheets, modern postage covers etc. in stockbooks(6) on album leaves/stock pages, albums and loose all in a medium sized box. A little duplication in places.
23Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used accumulation with large quantity of India stamps mainly 1940's onwards in bundles/packets., souvenir cards, loose, postal stationary, covers, War Relief booklets etc, Also, UN 1950/60's FDC coll. in an album, Commonwealth by country mounted in c.25 drawing books/album pages, mostly modern all world in 2 stockbooks, small K.G.VI to early Q.E.II India & GB coll. in a blue hingless album, kiloware, small D-Day themed modern coll. in an illustrated album for the keen sorter in a large box. Mixed condition with some duplication.
24Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used incl. some Canada 1930/46 part-sets to $1 & various Special Delivery mint blocks which appear to be remnants of a larger coll. Also K.G.VI Nigeria, Gold Coast & India mint sets/part-sets and various Foreign mint & used in envelopes and 2 small approval type books mixed condition and some K.G.VI / early Q.E.II pre-decimal part-sheets in a small box.
25Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mostly modern incl. Ireland, Canada, Australia, USA. Part-sheets (c.18), covers & aerogrammes (c.20), year books (2), all world modern in two small albums & mini-stockbook, Also, a handful of Q.V. to early Q.E.II mint & used small Commonwealth collections on stock/album pages which could be worth sorting through. Mixed condition in a half filled archive box.
26Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesMainly Great Britain mint & used Commem. & Defin. incl. K.G.VI to early Q.E.II mint sets (some appear to be UM) to £1 (c. 32 cards & a few pages of a stockbook), Q.E.II pre-decimal Commem. packs (c. 40 items some duplication), 1960's-80's GB FDC's mainly illustrated incl. some RAF signed, officials (c. 60 items) etc. in a small archive box.
27Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mixed box of stamps, FDC's and Cigarette Cards incl. 1928/70's U.S.A Commem. and Airmail low values in an album, small quantity of kiloware and a schoolboy album plus a few modern Jersey mint Royalty, mainly Foreign Postcards and airmail env., GB Royal Mail illustrated FDC's (some with typed addresses 1974/2000 (c. 100 items) and early (c.1880's ledgers/receipts with Q.V. 1881 1d stamps (c.50 items) etc. Also a small coll. of cigarette & trade cards (1930's onwards) incl. John Player & Sons 1939 British Naval Craft, WA & AC Churchman 1938 Boxing Personalities other sporting themes, Disney and PG Tips (c. 20 sets) in good condition
28Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Commem. & Defin. mint & used accumulation on cards, in packets, small stockbooks(2). Early & modern stamps, cards, MS and covers (1,000's). incl. a small amount of GB & CI mint decimal. Collectors residual in a small black suitcase which could be worth sorting through.£40.00
29Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN used and unused covers, FDC's, letter cards etc. mainly 1960's to 1990's. GB, China, Israel, Poland, Germany, Switzerland etc. in a small box (c. 1,000 items)£40.00
30Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used mixed box incl. Franklin Philatelic Official coll. of World Wildlife FDC's 1976/9 (c 144 items), Franklin Philatelic Commonwealth coll. of Q.E.II Silver Jubilee 1977 FDC's (c. 52 items + New Zealand MS SG1137 mint), Sumner Q.E.II Royal Wedding Commonwealth FDC coll. 1981 (c.104 items) all in large specialised albums, GB mint & used 1953/71 sets in SG Worldex ring binder and All World coll. mainly used in SG Worldex album (1000's) etc. Mixed condition.£30.00
31Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN accumulation in a good sized Bankers Box of incl. a few Japan, China, Costa Rica, GB, Cyprus on stock/album pages, FDC's (incl. Readers Digest coll. in an illustrated album of USPS 1980/1), covers, pre-stamp letters, postal stationary etc. Also mystery box of largely unchecked used stamps, an SG collect British stamps Cat. etc...£36.00
32PNCCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN coll. offering a large quantity of silver coins/proofs & medals incl. Society of Postmasters Medallic FDC album, UN Conference FD Medal covers (both John Pinches Ltd, Royal Mail Post Office Stamp Issues & FDC's 1976 (Danbury Mint), 12 days of Christmas 1976, 200th running of the Derby etc. Also, proof coin sets (copper, aluminium, nickel, bronze etc.) from GB, Malta etc plus other Commem. coins such as Crowns & Australian pre-decimal currency.
33PNCGREAT BRITAIN Q.E.II Royal Mail/Mint coin cover coll. to 2019 (c.115 items incl. some duplicates) incl. 1998 Order of the Garter 650th Anniv., 2002 Golden Jubilee with £5 note in duplicate and an unissued Golden Jubilee cover very scarce/possibly unique, Commonwealth Games Manchester, 2009 Kew Gardens 250th Anniv.
etc. Also noted 2001 St. George The Dragon 10s Ingot Cover, 2003 Q.E.II Coronation Anniv. 1s 3d Ingot cover and one or two Buckingham covers in 8 Royal Mail/Royal Mint PNC albums
34PNCCOMMONWEALTH small coll. in 2 albums incl. History of WWII Westminster coll. (8 covers), Q.E.II Coronation 2003 Westminster coll. (6 covers) plus Royal Mail Q.E.II 70th Birthday SG RMC7 and Royal Mint 1986 Commonwealth Games Edinburgh £2 coin cover.£28.00
35ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Feline (Cats) unmtd. mint coll. Many modern (mainly 1990's) sets of UM stamps countries A to Z incl. Jersey, Maldives, Oman, Gambia etc. with plenty of MS incl. 1990 Yemen Republic 460f Black-smoke longhair kitten Imperf. SG MS38 Cat. £19 etc. on stock pages in a black 4 ring binder (c. 150 stamps & 135 MS).£75.00
36ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH Lord Nelson & Battle of Trafalgar illustrated Benham covers in 2 black Kestral albums. (c. 110 covers in fine condition)£50.00
37ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH AVIATION HERITAGE unmtd. mint sets, covers & MS Westminster coll. incl. 75th Anniv. RAF 1918/75 with hand signed covers (Fl. Lt. John Peters & John Nicholls) and Legendary Aircraft incl some CTO in 3 illustrated 4 ring albums.
38ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH ROYALTY History of the Monarchy Westminster cover & coin cover Coll. and Diana Princess of Wales covers & MS (UM) coll. in 2 illustrated 4-ring albums.
39ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Sir Winston Churchill modern mint & used coll. incl. plenty of mint MS (c .35 items) on 12 stock pages.
40Literature and AccessoriesSAFE Country printed hingless albums - GREAT BRITAIN 1971 to 1998 ( 8 albums with Slip cases)
41Literature and AccessoriesBox of catalogues (incl SG Concise 2014, SG Collect Birds 2007, SG Simplified 2010, Stoneham 37th Edition, Bradbury BFDC 35th Edition), other reference books, empty albums (SG Windsor, Simplex Medium etc) and accessories (incl Lighthouse UV lamp and SG colour key) in a medium sized box.£20.00
42Literature and AccessoriesThree stockbooks incl. one large Lighthouse, two SG hingless album covers (no leaves), and an SG Middle East Catalogue (Part 19) 7th Edition.
43Literature and AccessoriesThe Bookmark Catalogue of British Decimal Postage Stamp Books compiled by DGA Myall 1973 published by GB Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle incl 1975 revised pages in an 4 ring binder (excellent condition).
44Literature and AccessoriesBlack stamp cards mostly black single strip in excellent condition (c. 800 items) in a small box.
45Literature and AccessoriesTwo loose-leaf blue Collecta albums and a WH Smith Global album, all with leaves.
46Literature and Accessories1895 to 2001 various Stanley Gibbons Catalogues and Prices Guides: incl. 1897 Price Catalogue British Empire, 1954 Two Reigns Postage Stamp catalogue and British Common. Part 1 1954,1968 & 2001. (5 Items)
47AntiguaK.G.V mint coll of 9 stamps on a card 1913 5s grey-green and violet & 1932 Tercentenary to 1s. mixed condition MM SG51 & SG81/8 Cat. £170
48Ascension1922 K.G.V part set of 8 to 2s MM SG1/7 & 9 Cat. £228
49Ascension1938 3d black and grey block of 4 UM SG42a Cat. £80
50AscensionModern Q.E.II unmtd. mint sets & MS to 2017 STC £925 in a blue Lighthouse stockbook.
51Australia1927 to 1986 mint in Schaubek album ( a few used) incl. useful complete mint sets from 1940 onwards on printed album leaves (plus new album leaves to 2000 incl.). Face Value A$200+. Also loose FDC's from 60's, 70's & 80's & two packs of AUS post postcards in wallets (circa 310 items), a stock book with various used stamps & a coll. of specialised gums mint, Australia special issues & AAT in Schaubek stockbook (with some printed leaves inserted), mint Australia & AAT in a Schaubek stockbook with Face Value A$240+)
52AustraliaK.G.VI to early Q.E.II used coll. to £1 mostly fine incl a few blocks on 7 stock pages.
53AustraliaMainly K.G.VI to Q.E.II (late 1980's) mint & used coll. on 13 album pages.
54AustraliaAAT 1959/94 mint coll. complete to 1994 Huskies on stock leaves.
55AustraliaModern mint coll. on 5 album pages STC £65, Wildlife, Royalty, Sport etc. incl MS (2), appears mostly UM.
56Australia1984 to 2003 Frama Issues to $1 (approx 200 labels) on Seven Seas illustrated pages, Collecta album pages and Hagner leaves in an Australia Frama hingless album. Also eight complete Australian Post booklets (FV $10.80)
57AustriaAustria 1950 30th Anniv. of Carinthian Plebiscite set of 13 FU SG1212/4 Cat. £150
58BarbadosBarbados 1938 1d p13½x13. Tiny tone spot on one perf. MM SG249 Cat. £275
59BermudaBermuda 1938 K.G.VI 12s6d deep grey and brownish orange MM usual brown gum MM SG120 Cat. £550
60BermudaBermuda 1938 K.G.VI 2s6d MM SG117 Cat. £70£18.00
61Bermuda1938 K.G.VI £1 purple and black/red MM SG121 Cat. £275
62Bermuda1939 K.G.VI 10s bluish green and deep red/green MM SG119a Cat. £225
63British Solomon Islands1940 Postage Dues set of 8 to 1s6d MM SGD1/8 Cat. £95
64Brunei1924/37 set of 13 to $1 basic set toned gum UM SG60/78 Cat. £189
65Brunei1947/51 part-set of 13 to $10 (excl. 6c black) UM SG79/92 (excl. SG83) Cat. £159
66Canada1852/7 3d red 4 margins (left very narrow) VFU SG18 Cat. £450
67Canada1897 $1 lake used SG136 Cat. £550
68Canada1908 Quebec Tercentenary part-set of 4 incl. 5c Indigo, 10c violet (thin), 15c brown-orange and 20 dull brown MM SG191,193/5 Cat. £445
69Canada1924 1c chrome-yellow imperf vert. pair MM SG256a Cat. £180
70Canada1949 K.G.VI set of 10 officials to $1 purple optd Type O 3 MM SGO162/71 Cat. £275£65.00
71Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1905 set of 5 MM SG8/12 Cat. £85
72Channel IslandsJersey (from 1969), Guernsey (from 1958) & Alderney mint coll. to c.2017 in two country albums to 1993 then loose/in packets many in original packaging. Comprehensive coll. incl. MS and booklets.
73Channel IslandsALDERNEY 1983 to 2019 mint coll. incl. sets, MS and Prestige Booklets (ASB1 to 28) in three albums plus extras/duplicates and a few pages of Guernsey & Jersey in a stockbook. Face Value c. £915£180.00
74Dubai1963/72 mint & used Commem. coll. incl. sets, part-sets and MS. Appears to be mostly unmtd. mint Cat. £560 on illustrated pages (incl. blanks) in 2 albums. Good starter collection to build on.
75Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands K.E.VII 1904 to 1s MM SG43/8 Cat. £171
76Falkland Islands1914 K.G.V 5s reddish-maroon MM SG67a Cat. £300
77Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands 1968 Q.E.II complete set of 12 UM SG232/45 Cat. £65
78France1956 to 1976 Red Cross Booklet mint coll. incl. 1956 Paintings by Le Nain and Watteau SG XSB6 etc. in a red Lindner album (c. 20 items)
79France1960 to 1979 mint & used coll. incl a few Postage Dues and Airmail. Mainly fine used part-sets with one or two betters items incl. Philatelic 1964 International Stamp Exhibition 1f ultram, carmine-red & brown used with bottom and right margin / emblem and entrance ticket. in a green illustrated Lighthouse album.
80GermanyEarly Germany used on a stockcard. High Cat. value. duplication. (approx. 105 stamps)£60.00
81Germany1936 Summer Olympic Games Berlin MS (2) used SG MS613a Cat. £225
82Germany1936 L.Z. 129 Hindenburg first North American Flight (12-14 May 1936) Lakehurst - Frankfurt Main with US stamps 1932 15c grey & 1937 25c Blue Air cxld. CDS NY and 7 wavy lines. Large purple Special Pictorial Flight cachet to left side. Listed in Sieger - Verlag 22 Edn. page 268 & 274 SG574 & SG A776
83Germany1936 L.Z. 129 Hinderberg first N.American flight of 1936 pre-printed addressed Postcard with 1934 Air 15pf dull ultramarine & 1936 Air 50pf deep blue listed in Seiger 22nd edition Page 268 & 272 SG528 & SG 603
84Germany1936 L.Z 129 Hindenberg illustrated cover first West to east Zepplin Flight, USA postage 1922/32 6c Defin., 1934 National Parks 9c vermillion & 1935/7 Air 25c blue. Listed in Seiger 22 Edition page 268-13 & 274 SG593, SG747 & SG A776
85Germany1937 Hitlers Culture Fund & 48th Birthday 6+19pf blue green MS UM SG MS637 Cat. £400
86Germany1938 L.Z. 130 Graf Zeppelin flight cover flown on 2 -3 December over Sudetenland addressed to Leicester GB with 25pf blue, 50pf green and 25pf+15pf deep blue(2) cxld. Rhein - Main 1.12.38 Off centre Red Pictorial Flight cachet. Third Reich Flight Cachet Single black ring CDS 2.12.38 7-18 Reichenberg 3 (Sudentengau) shown on reverse side of cover. Listed in Seiger - Verlag. 22 Edn Page 294/5 & 7. Good condition. SG657/8 &SG670
87Germany1939 L.Z. 130 Zeppelin Flight 22 internal flight from Frankfurt to Kassel illustrated P.P.C. by red flight cachet 1939 with 8pf orange(2), 12pf rosine, and 6pf+19pf green (block of 4) cxld. with CDS Frankfurt Main black double ring. Listed in Sieger 22 Edn. page 294 & 299. Fine condition. SG498A, SG500A &660
88Germany1949 Centenary of the First German Stamps set of 3 used SG1035/7 Cat. £180
89Germany1949 Centenary of the First German Stamps set of 3 UM SG1035/7 Cat. £130£34.00
90Germany1949 Refugees Relief Fund set of 4 used SG1039/1042 Cat. £200
91Germany1949 Refugees Relief Fund set of 4 UM SG1039/1042 Cat. £160£40.00
92Germany1949 Opening of W.German Parliament 10pf blue-green and 20pf carmine-red UM SG1033/4 Cat. £135£28.00
93Germany1950 Death Bicentenary of Bach 10pf +2pf myrtle-green and 20pf+3pf claret used SG1043/4 Cat. £145
94Germany1950 Death Bicentenary of Bach 10pf +2pf myrtle-green and 20pf+3pf claret UM SG1043/4 Cat. £170
95Germany1950 Bach set in blocks of four UM SG1043/44 Cat. £680
96Germany1951 700th Anniv of St Mary's Church Lubek 10pf+5pf black and green & 20pf+5pf black and claret used SG1065/1066 Cat. £220
97Germany1951 National Philatelic Exhibition 10pf+2pf yellow, black and green and 20pf+3pf yellow, black and claret used SG1067/8 Cat. £145
98Germany1951 National Philatelic Exhibition 10pf+2pf yellow, black and green and 20pf+3pf yellow, black and claret UM SG1067/8 Cat. £170
99Germany1951 Posthorn set of 16 to 90pf. MM SG1045/1060 Cat. £2750
100Germany1952 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 used SG1082/5 Cat. £140
101Germany1952 75th Anniv. of German Telephone Service 30pf blue UM SG1087 Cat. £75
102Germany1952 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 UM SG1082/5 Cat. £140
103Germany1953 Transport Exhibition Munich set of 4 UM SG1093/6 Cat. £110£24.00
104Germany1953 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 UM SG1099/1102 Cat. £110£24.00
105Germany1953 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 used SG1099/1102 Cat. £130
106Germany1954 set of 22 to 3Dm UM SG1103/1122 Cat. £400
107Germany1954 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 UM SG1126/1129 Cat. £65
108Germany1959 Inauguration of Beethoven Hall Bonn MS used SG MS1233a Cat. £70
109GermanyLate 1960's to 80's modern coll. in a small 4 ring binder. (some duplication)
110Germany1990 to 1999 comprehensive mint collection (missing 1993 & 1994) in a Davo album.
111Germany (Berlin)1949 Birth Bicentenary of Goethe set of 3 on piece used SG B61/3 Cat. £225
112Germany (Berlin)1951 Death Centenary of Lortzing 20pf brown-lake UM SGB74 Cat. £80£24.00
113Germany (Berlin)1952 Famous Berliners set of 10 UM SGB91/100 Cat. £170£34.00
114Germany (East)1950 German Stamp Exhibition 'Debria' sheet imperf (toned) MM MSE29a Cat. £200
115Germany (East)1953 70th Death Anniv. of Karl Marx MS (2 sheets) used SG MS111a Cat. £400
116Germany (East)1955 135th Birth Anniv. of Engels MS used SG MS233a Cat. £200
117Germany (West)1954 Relief Fund set in Blocks of four UM SG1126/9 Cat. £260
118Germany Allied Occupations1947/48 Russian Zone set of 16 to 84pf. emerald-green on large piece CTO 26.6.48 Dresden Philatel.Treffen SG928/44£20.00
119Gibraltar1903 8s dull-purple and black/blue MM SG54 Cat. £170
120Gibraltar1903 K.E.VII 4s dull purple & green with two toned perfs. MM SG53 Cat. £150
121Gibraltar1903 K.E.VII 2s green & blue mint. MM SG52 Cat. £200
122Gibraltar1903 K.E.VII 8s dull-purple and black/blue MM SG54 Cat. £170
123Gibraltar1905 K.E.VII 2s green & blue with small collectors mark on rear and a toned perf. MM SG62 Cat. £120
124Gibraltar1906 8s purple and green MM SG74 Cat. £250£80.00
125Gibraltar1903 K.E.VII £1 deep-purple and black/red MM SG64 Cat. £650
126Gibraltar1910 K.E.VII 2s purple & bright blue used SG72 Cat. £48
127Gibraltar1910 K.E.VII 4s black & carmine MM SG73 Cat. £179£60.00
128Gibraltar1924 K.G.V 4s black and carmine MM SG100 Cat. £70
129Gibraltar1924 8s dull-purple and green (toned gum) MM SG101 Cat. £325
130Gibraltar1925 K.G.V £1 red-orange and black MM SG107 Cat. £190
131Gibraltar1927 £1 red-orange and black MM SG107 Cat. £190
132GibraltarK.G.V to Q.E.II mint to c.2011 coll. incl. 1931 Script wmk to 3d with perf varieties, 1938 to £1 with perf varieties incl. 1½d perf 13½ and 1948 Silver Wedding mainly good to fine. STC £4,400, Q.E.II appears to be UM in two large stock books and album leaves(8).
133Gibraltar1935 K.G.V 2d ultramarine and grey-black with extra flagstaff (block of 4 with 3 normal) MM SG114a Cat. £75
134Gibraltar1960 Q.E.II complete set of 14 UM SG160/73 Cat. £80
135Gold Coast1948 Q.E.II set of 12 to 10s UM SG135/46 Cat. £85
136Great BritainQ.V. 1841 2d Blue Post Office envelopes on silk thread paper unused incl. some overprinted SPECIMEN. Accompanied by correspondence dated 1897 & 1898 by the then owner Lt. Col. H.L. Ellis with stamp dealers Buhl & Co Ltd and Mr Evans with regards to value and rarity of all 4 flaps pointed variety. (15 items).£200.00
137Great BritainQ.V. to Q.E.II mainly used, much duplicated, valuable, accumulation in three boxes, 1d black four 4-margin examples, 1d plates, surface printed and line engraved well represented, 1887 Jubilee values to 1s (both) mint and used, officials values to 1s mint and used, KEVII values to 10s, £1 green used one sound, one with faults, KGV Seahorses to 10s, re-engraved set to 10s, 1912, 1924, 1934 values to 1s mint, 1929 PUC £1 used (creased), KGVI values to £1 mint and used. Many apparently ‘as bought’ in original auction folders, also a little foreign and Commonwealth, MEF overprints on pieces. Condition is very mixed, still some better items observed: one for the sorter. (Thousands)£3,700.00
138Great BritainQ.V. to Q.E.II (1841 to 1990) mint & used Commem. & Defin. coll. in large Red SG Windsor Album (Vol I & II) incl. K.G.VI 1939/48 set of 8 to £1 used, 1951 set of 4 (10s & £1 mint), some Q.E.II used phospors and Q.E.II mostly mint sets & MS from 1971 with Face Value c. £115. etc. Mixed condition.£50.00
139Great BritainQ.V. to Q.E.II (to 1970) mint & used Commem. & Defin. coll. in a green SG Windsor album incl. 1840 1d black used (3 margin) , K.E.VII 1902/13 set of 15 to 1s mint, various Seahorses used to 10s, K.G.VI to high value sets to £1 used, various 1955 Castles incl. £1 black mint (Waterlow SG539), 1955/8 Wildings set of 24 to 1s6d mint, some Q.E.II 1963 Red Cross phosphor part-set of 2 (SG643p/4p) used,
140Great BritainQ.V. to Q.E.II mint & used Commem. & Defin, coll incl Q.V. 1887/92 Jubilee set of 15 used to 1s, K.E.VII 1924/26 Block Cypher set of 13 to 1s used, Q.E.II mint set mostly unmtd. (1971 to 2002), Regionals, Machins, Postage dues etc. with Face Value c. £ 395 housed in three Collecta albums (one of which is duplicated in places) and an illustrated Lighthouse album.
141Great Britain1841 2d blue 3 with margins obliterated by MX with No. 12 in centre FU SG14 Cat. £550
142Great BritainQ.E.II to 2019 predominantly decimal unmtd. mint Commem. & Defin. sets and MS in 4 stockbooks (1 large & 3 small) and 2 Royal Mail Millennium albums (incl. Millennium £5 coin cover & MS(2). A handful of early used incl. Q.V 1d red and K.G.V low values used on small pieces etc. Face Value c. £1,800)£850.00
143Great Britain1870 ½d rose plate 19 MM SG49 Cat. £300
144Great Britain1918/19 K.G.V 2s6d pale brown well centred MM SG415a Cat. £175
145Great Britain1934 10s dull grey-blue used block of 4 re-engraved Seahorses SG 452 Cat. £320
146Great Britain1934 K.G.V Seahorses set of 3 to 10s (re-engraved) MM SG450/52 Cat. £575£150.00
147Great Britain1939/48 K.G.VI high value set of 6 to £1 MM SG476/8c Cat. £425
148Great BritainMostly modern (1950's onwards) British Locals sets and covers mint & used incl. Bardsey, Easdale, Channel Is., Staffa Scotland, Lithou, Gairsay, Lundy (plus a handful of postcards), etc. in a well filled 2-ring binder.
149Great BritainQ.E.II 1950's to 2006 Defin. & Commem. coll. incl. mint Presentation Packs 1981 to 2006 appear complete in eight 2-ring albums, 1968/70 mint pre-decimal packs (c.18 items) Also Commem. mint sets with corresponding FDC 1990/93 in 2 albums, more mint sets mainly UM (1984/7 & 1992/8) in a stamp Bug Club album/year books and various FDC's (c.65 items) with a couple of Registered letters loose & in a 2-ring album. Face Value c. £790£400.00
150Great BritainQE II pre-decimal used in green stockbook, definitives to £1, many regionals and commems with higher values. (Approx 1,100 stamps.)
151Great BritainQ.E.II early decimal commemoratives unmounted mint cylinder blocks, gutter pairs etc, FV approx £28 in Blockmaster stockbook (204 stamps.)
152Great Britain1960 to 2019 Q.E.II mint Royal Mail Commem. and Defin. Presentation Packs incl. a handful of notable early/forerunner packs e.g. 1959 Phosphor-Graphite Issue SG599/609 (2) Cat.£300 each, 1964 Forth Road Bridge SG659/60 Cat. £325, 1969 German Language packs incl. British ships, Notable Anniv. & Machin (2), Post & Go and Regionals. Face Value c.£2,700 in 17 Royal Mail 4-ring albums. Appears complete excl. a handful of pre-decimal issues.£1,800.00
153Great BritainQ.E.II to 2019 Prestige Booklets (approx. 120 items with many issues between 1992 and 2010 duplicated x 2 or more) incl Souvenir / Special Edition Packs. Face Value c. £1,500 in 6 Royal Mail Universal 4-ring albums.£750.00
154Great BritainRoyal Mail Defin. & Commem. Press sheets (9) 2012 to 2018 mint in original packaging incl. British Auto Legends SG MS3518, St Georges Chapel SG MS3932, Royal Wedding SG MS4092, Diamond Jubilee SG MS3272, Diamond Wedding and Machin Def 40th Anniv. SG MS 2743, 5Oth Anniv. Machin Def. Design Icon SG MS3964, Machin Def. Golden Anniv. SG MS 3965, The Royal Wedding Platinum Anniv. SG MS4032 with Total Face Value c. £445. Also, Royal Mail Philatelic Bureau bulletins from 1998 in 4 specialised slipcases & SG Collect British Stamps Cat, 2006 and various GB 1970's Royal Mint annual coin sets, Serious collectors residual in a box.£200.00
155Great BritainQ.E.II to 2019 Royal Mail miniature sheets
mint many duplicated x 6 or more. Appears complete Face Value c. £3,240. Also a few souvenir sheets and HK FDC Beijing Olympics 2008 in 4 Royal Mail Stamp 4-ring albums ( approx. 780 items)
156Great BritainQ.E.II to 2019 mint decimal folded stamp booklets incl. many NVI with Face Value c. £1879 in 4 Royal Mail stamps 4-ring albums.£950.00
157Great Britain1983 to 1993 Defin. & Commem. used coll. organised in a blue SG Devon album (a few gaps).
158Great Britain1984 to 2019 Royal Mail Year books (Nos. 1-36) in pristine condition (some still in original wrapping). Face Value c. £2,010 (36 items)£1,000.00
159Great BritainQ.E.II Royal Mail Post Office label & Comm. mint sheets Face Value c. £1,870 in two expanding files. Some duplication (approx. 130 items).£950.00
160Hong Kong1882 Q.V 5c pale blue MM SG35 Cat. £50
161Hong Kong1947 K.G.VI $10 Reddish violet & blue on chalk surfaced paper MM SG162b Cat. £200
162India1883/99 officials used (8) incl. 1a carmine with On H M S inverted ovpt STC £4,250 + on a card mixed condition/toned in places
163India1955 part-set of 14 to 10r UM Cat. £100
164Indian StatesNABHA 1942 K.G.VI Officials 1r grey and red/brown and 5r green and blue optd Type T O 11 MM SGO66 & O68 Cat. £287
165Iraq1918 to early 1980's mint & used coll. mainly Commem. sets, part-sets & some Officials incl. British Occupation 1918 5r. on 50pi. rose with Surch 27mm wide SG13a Cat. £42 and other ovpt's noted. Well organised on 21 Hagners or similar in a 2-ring binder.£30.00
166Isle of Man1973 to 1993 unmtd. mint coll. incl. Postage Dues in Linder country album plus mint sets, booklets and MS etc in packets/stock pages to c.2017 (many in original IOM Post Office packaging).£200.00
167ItalyFIUME 1919 set of 17 to 10cor CTO on piece SG52/70
168Italy1946 Work, Justice & Family 100l carmine (off-centre & pulled perfs.) UM SG669 Cat. £550
169Italy1947 30l bright blue MM SG667 Cat. £600
170Italy1949 75th Anniv. U.P.U. 50l ultramarine MM SG725 Cat. £120
171Italy1952 30th Milan Fair 60l bright blue UM SG811 Cat. £90
172Jamaica1941 5s slate-blue & yellow orange Perf 14, line FU SG132a
173Jamaica1956 Q.E.II set of 16 to £1 UM SG159/74 Cat. £100£34.00
174Jordan1920's to late 1960's Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. incl. Postage Dues, Revenues, FDC's(2), air letters (2) with some marginal blocks noted organised on album pages in a green 22-ring binder.
175Leeward Islands1954 Q.E.II set of 15 to $4.80 UM SG126/40 Cat. £65£24.00
176Liechtenstein1997 National Patron Saints 20f multicoloured horizontal pair with 3 margins UM SG1152 Cat. £110
177Luxembourg1949 Grand Duchess MS UM SG524a Cat. £225
178Luxembourg1951 To Promote United Europe set of 6 FU SG543/8 Cat. £160
179Luxembourg1952 CENTILUX 2f & 4F pair UM SG552FA Cat. £190
180Luxembourg1957 Europa set of 3 UM SG626/8 Cat. £275
181Malay StatesKEDAH 1912 part-set to $1 Wmk Mult Crown CA MM SG1/11 Cat. £80£22.00
182Malta1935 K.G.VI 5s black and green with Semaphore flaw UM SG230a Cat. £85
183Mauritius1969 Q.E.II complete set of 18 UM SG382/99 Cat. £35
184Morocco Agencies1898 50c bright lilac horizontal pair incl. one normal and one with Long tail to 'S' flaw FU SG6 & 6b Cat. £398
185Natal1904/8 £1. 10s brown-orange & deep-purple with revenue cancel SG162
186Netherlands1952 Netherlands Stamp Centenary and Centenary of Telegraph Service 10c green & 20c slate-blue, plus International Postage Stamp Exhibition set of 4 UM SG756/757 & 757a/d Cat. £143
187New Zealand1938/53 K.G.VI mint & used coll. written up on album leaves (c.25) incl. a range of varieties, coil pairs with numbers, blocks etc
188Newfoundland1865/71 Q.V. 12c red-brown MM SG28
189North Borneo1918 part set of 10 to 24c+4c mauve (less 10c) surch with type T70 used SG235/245 Cat. £118
190North Borneo1922 Malaya-Borneo Exhibition, Singapore part-set of mixed values and shades to 50c MM SG253,255/7,259/61,263,265,267/70,274/5
191North Borneo1939 set to 25c MM SG303/313 Cat. £250
192North Borneo1939 part-set of 12 to 50c MM SG303/14 Cat. £302
193Northern Rhodesia1963 Q.E.II set of 14 to 20s UM SG75/88 Cat. £60
194Norway1955 Stamp Centenary and Int. Stamp Exhibition Oslo set of 3 in vertical strips of 3 (9) optd with T 99 mint SG455/7
195Norway1961 to 1994 FDC's,( some illustrated), express airmail env. etc in two 4 ring album (c.205 items)
196Panama Canal Zone1935 General Goethals booklet imperf. edge containing 12 x 3 cent Canal Zone stamps mint SB31 Cat. £190
197Pitcairn Is.1940 K.G.VI set of 10 to 2s6d UM SG1/8 Cat. £75£30.00
198Pitcairn Is.1957 Q.E.II set of 12 to 2s6d (13) Cat. £50+ UM SG18/28£20.00
199Portugal1944 Third National Philatelic Exhibition Lisbon MS FU SGMS964a Cat. £350
200Portugal1944 3rd National Exhibition MS FU SG964a Cat. £350
201Portugal1945 Naval School Centenary MS used SGMS988a Cat. £200
202Portugal1945 Naval School MS FU SG988a Cat. £200
203SAAR1950 Council of Europe set of 2 UM SG294/5 Cat. £285
204SAAR1950 Admission to the Council of Europe 25f blue and 200f brown lake UM SG294/5 Cat. £285
205San Marino1952 Air Stamp Duty and Philatelic Exhibition set of 6 UM SG446/51 Cat. £110
206South Africa1853 4d deep blue used SG4 Cat. £170
207South AfricaMAFEKING SIEGE 1900 3d pale blue/blue unused no gum SG19
208St Helena1937 1½d. (brown gum). MM SG99f Cat. £90
209Sweden1958 to 1997 mint coll. incl. a few complete booklets in a green SG album STC £1,477 (2017 Cat.)
210Switzerland1916 Pro Juventute: 3c, 5c and 10c in blocks of 4 FU SG J3/5 Cat. £510£160.00
211Switzerland1924 Special Flight card with 1914/39 Defin. 10c green/buff and 1923/40 25c bluish grey and deep dull blue. SG280 & SG318
212Switzerland1924 Flight cover with 1921 surch. 20c on 15c purple/buff and 1923/40 Air 25c bluish grey and deep dull blue SG314 & SG318
213Switzerland1924 Special Illustrated postal card addressed to Berne with 1908/33 Defin. 5c violet grey/buff (vert pair) and 1923/40 25c bluish grey and deep dull blue SG265 & SG 318
214Switzerland1924 Special Flight cover addressed to Lausanne with 1923/40 Air 65c slate-blue and dp turquoise-blue. SG325
215Switzerland1926 Registered flight cover addressed to Alexandria, Egypt with 1914/33 Defin. 25c orange-red/buff, 25c scarlet/buff, 25c yellow-brown/buff and 1923/40 Air 45c red and indigo SG 290/2 & SG323
216Switzerland1938 to 1978 mint and used coll. incl. good blocks on 18 album pages. STC £1,100.
217Switzerland1941 Pro Juventute Bicentenaries MS UM SG MSJ99a Cat. £140
218Switzerland1945 Centenary of the Basel Cantonal Stamp Issue MS UM SG MS 446b Cat. £90
219Switzerland1948 Organisation Mondiale de la Sante set to 10f blocks of 4 UM SG17/25 Cat. £1224
220Switzerland1953 PRO JUVENTUTE booklet mint SG JSB2 Cat. £300
221Switzerland1955 National Philatelic Exhibition Lausanne MS UM SG MS561a Cat. £150
222Tristan Da CunhaModern Q.E.II unmtd. mint sets & MS to 2017 STC £927 in a green Lighthouse stockbook.
223Turks & Caicos1938 K.G.VI set of 14 to 10s UM SG194/205 Cat. £130£44.00
224United States of AmericaEarly mint coll. on album pages incl. 1873 3c, 1914/15 values to 12c. Mixed condition in places.