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Lot NoCategoryDecsriptionHammer
1Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN, GUERNSEY & IOM mint coll. 1949 to 1976 (mainly Q.E.II) incl 100's of full & part-sheets (c 40,000 stamps). Some pre-demical items of note incl. large qty of K.E.VIII defin. to 2½d & various Q.E.II Castles to £1 in part-sheets and blocks (mainly no watermark variety). Plus 10p & 50p booklets from 1974/6 many with original banding into 10's/25's etc. Total Pre-decimal Cat. of c£1,900 plus decimal FV of c£2,300 largely in GB. All sorted, itemised and stored in large GPO envelopes.1250
2Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mint coll. in 4 loose leaf albums. Strength in Barbados, Bermuda, Gibraltar, Grenada, Sarawak, & Malaya. Mixed condition toned in places (c 2,800 stamps).1500
3Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to Q.E.II coll. mint & used mainly fine - singles, sets & short sets notated on c100 cards. Useful lot, better items seen incl. Stellaland 1884 part-set to 6d mint SG1/4, Canada 1908 10c violet mint SG193, 1912 Royal Cypher ½d pale green used (8)SG334, East Africa and Uganda Protectorates 1912/21 3r violet and green used SG55 etc... STC £5,800+ well presented in a 4 ring album.
4Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II (Coronation to late 1950's) mint & used coll. Appears to be few gaps incl. some better complete mint sets & officials and Postage Dues. Mounted on New Age album pages in a Fogh Queen Elizabeth Loose Leaf album.500
5Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mint Omnibus Issues 1935/78 (9 sets) in specialised albums incl. 1935 Silver Jubilee, 1937 Coronation, 1945/7 Victory, 1948 Silver Wedding, 1949 UPU, 1953 Coronation and QEII Silver Wedding, Jubilee & Coronation Anniv. Earlier sets appear mostly complete, mixed condition with toning in places.950
6Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBRITISH COMMONWEALTH coll. Q.E.II mostly FU in 5 New Age albums180
7Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to Q.E.II mint & used coll. countries M-Z.. Range of Malaya incl. Perak 1935 part set to $5, Nyasaland various 1897 to 1933 part sets to £1 mostly used, and some Seychelles Q.V. to K.G.V mint etc mounted in a black SG Loose Leaf album.120
8Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBRITISH COMMONWEALTH K.G.VI coll. in 2 volumes. Cat £1,600+110
9Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to Q.E.II mint & used coll. countries A-M. Some better sets and part-sets seen incl. K.G.V Cayman Is. 1922 to 10s SG69/83 set of 21, strong in Cyprus incl. 1934 set of 11 to 45 pi SG133/43 & some Q.E.II shades, etc. well presented in a black SG Loose Leaf album.140
10Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsBRITISH COMMONWEALTH mint coll. mostly early Q.E.II. Many sets incl. 1965 St. Vincent to $5 set of 16 SG 231/245, Australia 1964 Bird set of 10 SG 363/9 Cat £42, 1966 Solomon Is. to $2 set of 19 UM SG 135b/152b, 1962 Jamaica set of 17 to £1 UM SG181/196, 1963 New Hebrides set of 13 to 5f UM SG98/109 and 1953 Trinidad & Tobago set of set of 13 to $4.80 UM SG 267/78a. Some unmounted material, some MS and STC £570+ in an illustrated hingeless Lighthouse album with slip case.90
11Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN to early Q.E.II mint & used coll. in a green SG Devon album. Incl. 2 x 1d blacks.120
12Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used coll. Mostly Commonwealth countries (A-Z) from 1940's plus a few Foreign incl. Germany, Denmark & Greece etc well presented in 3 stockbooks (some duplication).75
13Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mostly modern used coll. Many countries incl. Belgium, France, GB (QE II), Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan etc plus a few covers well presented in 8 page stockbooks (3) & 32 page stockbooks (2). Some duplication.
14Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN used coll. predominantly Middle East plus Commonwealth to K.G.VI in a dark red loose leaf album.40
15Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used coll. mostly modern. Many countries incl. France, Germany, Netherlands USA etc. Noted a few Used GB (QEII) & Foreign on small pieces, well presented in a blue 16 page stockbook.26
16Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN early 1900's to modern worldwide coll. with a few stamps on pieces well presented in a blue16 page stockbook
17Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used accumulation in stockbooks, albums and small boxes. A few K.G.V mint singles & sets to £1 noted incl. Malta & Bermuda. Also Mint GB booklets (100's est. c. £1,250 FV), Jamaica Q.E.II mostly mint coll. in a loose leaf album, Guernsey/IOM modern mint sets, USA 1847 to 1970's in an illustrated album (incl some MS, sheets and modern covers), some early/censored covers in a scrapbook, Europa mint coll. in Davo album, a couple of school boy albums, various loose & in tins etc.. plenty to sort through.700
18Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH K.G.V to Q.E.II (late1960's) predominantly Uganda, KUT & India in part sheets & large blocks (c15,500 stamps). K.G.V part blocks noted to £1. Also, 1950's/70's covers incl. Royal visits, 1948 Olympics, a few items from other Commonwealth countries incl Malaysia and Australia) plus a few Foreign. Mixed condition in places. (circa 200 items some duplication) Well organised in clear plastic folders all housed in a box.375
19Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint & used accumulation on A4 sheets, album pages, loose in bags, on cards and in a heavy Capricorn album. Thousands of single stamps, blocks etc in mixed condition some unchecked all in a large box.. Could be a sorters paradise...250
20Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN interesting mixed box incl. GB 1960's/70's FDC's in a Pioneer cover album (c 100 covers), London 1980 Post Office FDC's, 2nd MS(25) & 3rd MS(20), 1980 Story of Wedgewood £1 booklets SGDX2 (10) in perfect condition, various 1970's/80's Commonwealth complete mint sets on cards (c 18 cards plus a few MS), Various GB pre-decimal booklets (9), Hong Kong 1975 Defin. set of 14 to $20 UM in presentation folder(2), various Year Packs 1976/79 incl. Cyprus, Iceland, Sweden, Greenland, Denmark, Norway, Singapore & Switzerland with some duplication(c38 packs), 1970's Swedish booklets (17), London 1980 2nd & 3rd MS (c75 of each), 1939/46 Vatican mint coll. in mini Classico stock book (some toning) etc..
21Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mostly modern FDC's with various themes incl. Space, Wildlife, Churchill, Olympic Games, UN, Christmas, Postal Heritage coll. of British Commonwealth FDC's etc in albums (9 plus a few folders).40
22Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN largely 1970-2000 coll. of commercial covers to UK. Many registered, some Official, many countries, strength in Russia, Hong Kong, Middle East. (c382 covers)32
23Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesMixed Box incl. Kedah coll on 8 album leaves. B.A.T. (2 album leaves), Royalty mainly FDC's (1 album), a few empty albums and SG catalogues(3) etc.
24Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH K.G.VI and Q.E.II coll. of covers and postcards. Incl FDCs of Barbados (1985 to $5), Gibraltar, Zimbabwe (1980 to $2) etc. (c225 items) 26
25Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH AND FOREIGN mixed box. incl. Imperial Japanese booklet with 15 stamps and three postcards (some toned) GB SG 142, Q.V. 1880 2½d blue used, varied condition, some torn (243),28
26Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mostly modern mint various themes incl. Centenary of the birth of Churchill (on cards), Australia Post stamps & souvenir pack Sir Donald Bradman 2001, UN NY 2003 Indigenous Art pack, Christmas stamps of GB (1960's/70s) in 3 printed ring binders, 1964 Tokyo Olympics on illustrated Lighthouse pages, Int Red Cross Centennial album of 46 countries, 1980 Olympics mint sheets & UN Freedom from Hunger all World album. Mixed condition some incomplete albums.
27Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH 1960's to 80's incl. 3 small boxes of unsorted used stamps on pieces. GB FDC's, a few mint sets & MS, an old approval book and some all world covers etc..16
28Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN K.G.V to late 2000's mint & used largely Middle East incl. Aden, Ajman, Bahrain, Dubai,, Fujeira, Kuwait, Qatar, Umm El Qiwain (qty of used souvenir sheets incl. JFK &Churchill). \the lot incl. MS, part-sheets, full-sheets, modern postage covers etc. in stockbooks(6) on album leaves/stock pages, albums (sparse) and loose all in a medium sized box. A little duplication in places.
29ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mainly Royalty. FDC's and modern mint stamps incl. Postal Heritage Society Q.E.II Silver Jubliee, David Fletcher coll. Silver Jubliee Coin covers, 80th Birthday Queen Mother (mint stamps), Royal Houses of Europe, Historic stamps of Royalty etc. some illustrated albums.
30ThematicsGREAT BRITAIN 1970/71 National Army Museum Military Covers (set of 60) plus a few extra Military themed items in a blue National Army Museum Cover album (74 items).30
31PNCCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN coll. offering a large quantity of silver coins/proofs & medals incl. Society of Postmasters Medallic FDC album, UN Conference FD Medal covers (both John Pinches Ltd, Royal Mail Post Office Stamp Issues & FDC's 1976 (Danbury Mint), 12 days of Christmas 1976, 200th running of the Derby etc. Also, proof coin sets (copper, aluminium, nickel, bronze etc.) from GB, Malta etc plus other Commem. coins such as Crowns & Australian pre-decimal currency.
32PNCGREAT BRITAIN 2000 to 2018 Royal Mail Coin Covers some with mint stamp sets included. Nelson, Q.V & other Royalty., Olympics, Kew Gardens, RAF, Churchill etc.. (106 items) in excellent condition.675
33Literature and AccessoriesLarge box of mostly Royal Mail accessories & publications incl. wooden boxes(3), small cover albums (6) and inserts etc.20
34Literature and AccessoriesGreat Britain 1996 to 2002 illustrated album leaves in a _x000D_
Lighthouse Album.
35Literature and AccessoriesAccessories, album leaves and empty albums.30
36Alsace & Lorraine1870 2c chestnut, points up, Minr No Gum SG3 Cat £12010
37Andorra1972 Europa 8p multicouloured UM SG67 Cat. £150
38Ascension1956 Defin. set of 13 MM SG57/69 Cat. £140
39AustraliaAustralia 1927 to 1986 mint in Schaubek album ( a few used) incl. useful complete mint sets from 1940 onwards on printed album leaves (plus new album leaves to 2000 incl.). Face Value A$200+. Also loose FDC's from 60's, 70's & 80's & two packs of AUS post postcards in wallets (circa 310 items), a stock book with various used stamps & a coll. of specialised gums mint, Australia special issues & AAT in Schaubek stockbook (with some printed leaves inserted), mint Australia & AAT in a Schaubek stockbook with Face Value A$240+)
40Australia1931 to 1979 mostly Q.E.II mint coll. with one or two better items noted incl. 1963/64 Navigators set of 6 to £2 UM. SG355/60.Cat £120 Also a few complete sets of AAT 1957/ 1987. Well presented in a red illustrated Lighthouse hingless album with slip case (incl blank pages).55
41Australia1935 Silver Jubilee set of 3 to 2s FU SG151/8 Cat. £55
42AustraliaAAT 1959/94 mint coll. complete to 1994 Huskies on stock leaves.
43AustraliaAustralia 1979/95 Q.E II mint coll. with very few gaps. on stock leaves Face Value of A$600+
44AustraliaAustralia 1980's to 2000's mainly Commem. issues with various mint stamp sets, miniature sheets, booklets & Year Books incl. 2003 Rugby World Cup(booklet(2), FDC & MS), Commonwealth Games 1982, Ausipex 1984 etc. Face Value circa A$360._x000D_
45Austria1931 Rotarian Congress set of 6 to 1s MM SG666/71 Cat. £350
46Austria1936 Ski set of 4 UM SG788/91 Cat. £90
47Austria1936 Ski set of 4 to 60s MM SG788/91 Cat. £90
48Austria1948 Costumes set of 27 to 10s UM SG1108/1144 Cat. £390
49Austria1949 Prisoners of War Relief Fund set of 4 coats of arms in blocks of 4 MM SG1170/1173 Cat. £280
50Austria1950/3 Air (Bird) set of 7 UM SG1215/21 Cat. £500
51Austria1950/3 Air (Bird) set of 7 FU SG1215/21 Cat. £400
52Austria1950 30th Anniversary Carinthian plebiscite set of 3 MM SG1212/4
53Austria1952 Olympics 2s.40+60g, deep blue-green block of 4 UM SG1233 Cat. £164
54Bahrain1933 to 2010 Defin. & Commem. mint & used coll. appears complete mostly UM in 2 illustrated albums. (see full scans)700
55Barbados1938/47 1d scarlet, Perf 13½ x 13 MM SG249 Cat. £276
56Barbados1974 Orchids set of 18 to $10 MM SG485/500 Cat. £38
57Barbados1985 set of 15 to $10 UM SG763a/78a Cat. £50
58Basutoland1954 set of 11 to 10s UM SG43/53 Cat. £110
59Basutoland1954 10s black and maroon UM SG53 Cat. £4014
60Belgium1932 Cardinal Mercier Memorial Fund 10f+40f claret toned MM SG617 Cat. £250
61Bermuda1938/53 2s purple & ultramarine/grey-blue MM SG116 Cat. £110
62Bermuda1953 set of 18 to £1 MM SG135/50 Cat. £130
63Bermuda1953/62 10s and £1 UM SG149/50 Cat. £69
64British Antarctic Territory1973 set to £1 UM Cat. £42
65British Honduras1953/62 set of 12 to $5 UM SG179/90 Cat. £9020
66British Honduras1962 Birds set of 12 to $5 UM SG202/13 Cat. £8020
67British Indian Ocean Territory1968 Marine Life set of 18 UM SG16/30 Cat. £65
68British Levant1885-1905 mint overprints on GB stamps. Incl. SG 3a QV 12 piastres and SG 11 and 12 KE VII 12 and 24 piastres. (5 stamps) Cat. £19030
69British Levant1902-1922 mint overprints on K.E.VII and K.G.V GB stamps, some Levant_x0019_only
70British Occupation of Italian Colonies1932 Airs set of 6 in blocks of 4 FU SG31/36 Cat. £44075
71British Virgin Islands5c Seashells Wmk inverted UM SG317w Cat. £85
72Brunei1924/37 set of 13 to $1 basic set toned gum UM SG60/78 Cat. £189
73Bulgaria1932 Air set of 3 used SG323/5 Cat. £120
74Canada1897 Jubliee issue part set of 12 to $1 MM
75Canada1918 to 1968 mint coll. incl 1927 set of 5 to 12c SG266/70, 1928/29 part set of 8 to $1, 1942 War effort (incl. Air) set of 16 to $1, 1946/9 set of 6 to $1 pus a handful of Officials and Postage Dues. Plus some Newfoundland sets/part-sets 1868 to 1943 incl. Also a few Price Edward Is. and New Brunswick. Well presented in a red illustrated Lighthouse hingless album with slip case (incl blank pages). STC £1,200+130
76Canada1930/1 50c blue and $1 olive-geen LMM SG302/3 Cat. £22032
77Canada1952/3 $1 black official block of 6 optd with type O5 UM SGO195 Cat. £33
78Cayman Islands1938 set of 12 to 10s (toned) UM SG115/126a (excl 120a/121a) Cat. £93
79Cayman Islands1950 K.G.VI set of 13 to 10s UM SG135/49 Cat. £8020
80Channel IslandsGUERNSEY 1941 to 1990 mint coll. of Defin and Commem. plus a few Postage dues (1969/80) in an illustrated Lighthouse album with slip case. . Few gaps with a Face value of c£80
81Channel IslandsJERSEY 1941 to 1988 mint coll. incl. War occupation issues and some Postage Dues (1969/78) in an illustrated Lighthouse album with slip case. Almost complete with a Face Value of c£7028
82Cyprus1948 Royal Silver Wedding UM SG166/7 Cat. £6023
83Cyprus1955 set of 15 to £1 MM SG172/87 Cat. £110
84Dubai1963 to 1971 Defin. & Commem. coll. mostly UM coll. Complete bar a few scarce overprints. Incl. some imperf sets and some CTO in an illustrated album. (see full scans)
85Estonia1918 to 1926 mint & used coll. on 10 album pages. STC £200+
86Falkland Island DependenciesSouth Georgia 1971 set to 50p on 10s (toned gum) UM Cat. £60
87Falkland Islands1921/8 set of 8 MM SG73/80 Cat. £150
88Falkland Islands1968 Flowers set of 14 to £1 UM SG232/45 Cat. £6514
89France1884 1f reddish brown MM SGD292 Cat. £750
90France1926 Olivier Merson 10f sage-green and red MM SG431 Cat. £170
91France1953 National Relief Fund Portraits set of 6 MM SG1172/7 Cat. £85
92France1954 National Relief Fund Portraits set of 6 (toned perf. 20f) MM SG1215/20 Cat. £225
93France1955 National Relief Fund Portraits set of 6 MM SG1253/8 Cat. £200
94GermanyLate 1960's to 80's modern coll. in a small 4 ring binder. (some duplication)
95Germany1933 Welfare Fund set of 8 used SG513/21 Cat. £450
96Germany1934 Welfare Fund set of 9 used SG551/9 Cat. £180
97Germany1954 President Heuss set of 20 UM SG1103/22 Cat. £400
98Germany1990 to 1999 comprehensive mint collection (missing 1993 & 1994) in a Davo album.
99Germany (East)1953 Karl Marx MS(2 sheets) UM SGMSE111a Cat. £400
100Gibraltar1903 8s dull purple and black/blue MM SG54 Cat. £170
101Gibraltar1903 8s dull-purple and black/blue Crown CA MM SG54 Cat. £170
102Gibraltar1905 2s green and blue MM SG62 Cat. £12048
103Gibraltar1906 2s purple and bright blue/blue MM SG72 Cat. £65
104Gibraltar1910 4s black and carmine MM SG73 Cat. £170
105Gibraltar1924 4s black and carmine FU SG100 Cat. £130
106Gibraltar1924 4s black and carmine MM SG100 Cat. £70
107Gibraltar1925 10s deep ultramarine and black FU SG106 Cat. £80
108Gibraltar1927 £1 red-orange and black MM SG107 Cat. £190
109Gibraltar1929 2s red-brown and black FU SG103 Cat. £40
110Gold Coast1948 K.G.VI set of 12 to 10s MM SG135/46 Cat. £85
111Great Britain1971 to 2017 Royal Mail mint packs and FDC's. Mostly Commem. mint packs 1981 to 2017 (c. 700 packs) plus a few Def. sets and booklets. Face Value c. £2,550 (many duplicates). Also Royal Mail FDC's (c 1,100 items) 1971 to 2017 mixture of handwritten and typed addresses with a variety of cancellations. Few Gaps, many multiples well organised _x000D_
in boxes.
112Great Britain1960's to 1992 Royal Mail Commem. stamps mostly in part-sheets. Face Value c £1,700 (c10,000 stamps). Plus a few pre-decimal and London 1980 Int. Stamp Exhibition mint MS (49). Well organised by year in a large A4 ring binder.1000
113Great Britain1969 to 2013 Royal Mail Prestige Booklets (Stamps for Cooks to Merchant Navy) in 4 Royal Mail Prestige 2 ring binders (c. 60 items) UM475
114Great BritainGreat Britain mint coll. of mainly 1970's/80s Royal Mail Prestige Booklets (c 12 items) and booklets (c 22 items with approx. FV £60). Some better early presentation packs incl. £1 book Story of Wedgewood in a small 2 ring album.85
115Great BritainGreat Britain K.G.V to early Q.E.II mainly mint (some MNH) in a stock book. Some better sets incl. 1948 Silver wedding set of 2 to £1 Cat. £40 (unmounted), 1951 K.G.VI High Values set of 4 to £1 SG509/12 unmounted, and a few 1969 Machin's to £1.70
116Great Britain1856 to 1989 mint coll. Defin. Commem., Regionals, officials & Postage Dues incl. 1887 Jubliee Issue to 1s, 1902/10 set to 1s, 1912/22 Royal Cypher to 1s, 1918 Seahorses (3) to 10s, 1939/48 set of 6 to £1 UM & 1955 Castles set of 4 to £1 etc Face Value c £180 in two SG Davo Albums with slip cases.
117Great Britain1910 to 1952 coll. of K.G.V and K.G.VI mostly FU values to 2s6d. Incl. Commem. e.g. 2½d 1935 Jubilee (14) and postage dues, with many side and inverted wmks, all in 107 well-sorted packets.(1,500 + stamps).30
118Great BritainK.E.VIII to .E.II pre-decimal mint & used coll. in a red red ring binder.
119GreeceCORFU 1941 10d red-brown optd with T1 signed on rear MM SG16 Cat. £700
120Greece1955 Pythagorean Congress set of 4 in blocks of four UM SG742/745 Cat. £600
121Greece1955 Pythagorean Congress set of 4 all marginal blocks of 4 UM SG742/5 Cat. £600
122Grenada1938 10s steel blue and carmine MM SG163 Cat. £60
123Grenada1972 Q.E.II 5c & 8c Air Mail with double Opt (5c has gum crease) UM SG501a/2a Cat. £80
124Grenada1972 set of 14 to $5 UM SG501/17 Cat. £5014
125Hong Kong1882/96 2c rose pink wmk Crown CA MM SG32a Cat. £225
126Hong Kong1885 20c on 30c orange-red MM mSG40 Cat. £20060
127Hong Kong1949 75th Anniv. of UPU set of 4 MM SG173/6 Cat. £50
128Hong Kong1973 Q.E.II. set of 14 to $20 UM SG283/96 Cat. £100
129Hungary1954 Air Stamp Day and Philatelic Exhibition MS UM SGMS1386a Cat. £90
130Indian States1942/48 GWALIOR 1r. grey and red-brown & 15r. brown and green optd with type T 5 in blocks of four UM SG112 & 116 Cat. £412
131Italy1934 football and air set of 9. FU SG413/21 Cat. £1000
132Italy1947 30l bright-blue UM SG667 Cat. £60044
133Italy1949 75th Anniv. U.P.U. 50l ultramarine MM SG725 Cat. £120
134Italy1950 Radio set 20l violet & 55l blue FU SG749/50 Cat. £190
135Italy1951 International Gymnastics Festival Florence FU SG787/789130
136Jamaica1941 5s slate-blue & yellow orange Perf 14, line FU SG132a
137Jamaica1938/52 £1 chocolate & violet UM SG133a Cat. £6018
138Jamaica1956/8 set of 16 to £1 UM SG159/74 Cat. £9520
139Kuwait1923 to 2010 Defin. & Commem. coll. mostly UM. Missing only a few stamps & Officials in 2 illustrated albums (see full scans).
140Liechtenstein1951 Royal Couple Princess Georgina 3f lake-brown UM SG303B Cat. £150
141Luxembourg1952 National Philatelic Exhibition Centenary set of 7 UM SG552a/552g
142Luxembourg1956 Europa set of 3 FU SG609/11 Cat. £100
143Luxembourg1957 Europa set of 3 UM SG626/8
144MaltaQ.V. to Q.E.II mint 7 used coll. incl. blocks and some useful material in a blue loose leaf album.65
145Malta1922 10s blue/black Optd with type 20 MM SG105 Cat. £250
146Malta1938 K.G.VI 2s, 2s6d & 10s on 2 small pieces used SG228/9, SG231 Cat. £31
147Malta1948 Royal Silver Wedding UM SG249/50 Cat. £38
148Malta1965 to 2000 mint coll. appears to be mostly UM. Some gaps in ring album and a few stock pages.
149Mauritius1965 set of 15 to 10r UM SG317/31 Cat. £70
150Mauritius1969 set of 18 to 10r UM SG382/99 Cat. £2710
151Morocco Agencies1949 set of 17 to 5s ovpt T9/10 MM SG77/93 Cat. £80
152New ZealandNew Zealand 1915 to late 70's mint & used coll. Commem & Defin. (circa 800 stamps & a few MS) approx Face Value NZ$ 20. FDC's 1926 Childrens Health to 1981 in good condition in plastic covers & loose in an album slip case (97 items)32
153New Zealand1958 2d on 1½d brown-lake surch as T 190 (2 stamps) UM SG763/763b Cat. £130
154Norfolk Island1947 3d emerald and green & 2s deep blue both on white paper UM SG6a & 12a Cat. £3110
155North Borneo1916 Cross on 25c Perf. 15 (toned perf.) MM SG213a Cat. £450
156North Borneo1939 $1 brown & carmine MM SG315 Cat. £150
157Nyasaland1913/21 10s pale green & deep scarlet/green VFU SG96 Cat. £160
158Orange Free State1900 1d on 1d deep brown mint No Gum SG102a Cat. £600
159Oman1944 to 2010 Defin. & Commem. mostly UM coll. Few gaps in 2 illustrated albums plus a few extras on album pages. (see full scans).700
160Panama Canal Zone1935 General Goethals booklet imperf. edge containing 12 x 3 cent Canal Zone stamps mint SB31 Cat. £190
161Papua New Guinea1916/31 Pair of 1½d pale grey-blue & brown “Dot before 2 of ½”, some toning. UM SG95
162Papua New Guinea1916/31 Pair of 1½d pale grey-blue & brown “Dot on 1 of ½”, some toning UM SG95
163Pitcairn Is.1949 Royal Silver Wedding MM SG11/12
164Pitcairn Is.1957 set to 2s6d (14 stamps) UM SG18/28 Cat. £55
165Portugal1944 Third National Philatelic Exhibition Lisbon MS FU SGMS964a Cat. £350
166Portugal1945 President Carmona MS UM SGMS984a Cat. £325
167Portugal1946 Portuguese Castles MS UM SGMS996a Cat. £275
168Portugal1947 Regional Costumes MS UM SGMS1009a Cat. £325
169Portugal1947 Costumes set of 8 MM SG1002/1009
170Qatar1957 to 2010 Defin. & Commem. mostly UM coll. (missing a few stamps/ ovpts & MS) in 2 illustrated albums (see full scans).1800
171SAAR1949 National Relief Fund Paintings set of 5 FU SG281/285
172SAAR1949 Arms Officials set of 12 UM SGO264/O275 Cat. £180
173SAAR1949 Youth Hostels Fund 8f+5f brown & 10f+7f green FU SG259/60 Cat. £320
174SAAR1950 Honouring Adolf Kolping (miners' padre) 15f + 5f lake marginal block of 4 UM SG286 Cat. £168
175SAAR1951 National Relief Fund vertical designs set of 5 UM SG306/10 Cat. £75
176San Marino1952 500th Birth Anniv. of Columbus set of 13 UM SG425/37 Cat. £300
177Singapore1969 $10 multi-coloured horizontal pair UM SG115 Cat. £76
178South Africa1910 to 1988 mint coll. incl. 1925 Air set of 4 to 9d, 1941/46 War Effort set, 1947/54 set of 9 to 5s pairs. Also some Officials and Postage Dues incl. 1914/22 1s red/black UM SGD7 Cat £60 in illustrated hingless Lighthouse album with slipcase._x000D_
179South West Africa1961 to 1988 mint coll. incl. some complete sets e.g 1961/3 set of 15 to R1, 1962/6 set of 6 to 5c and 1961 Postage Dues to 10c plus a few MS in illustrated hingeless Lighthouse album with slip case.36
180Swaziland1899/1900 2s6d buff MM SG7 Cat. £325
181Switzerland1942 National Fete MS UM SG429a Cat. £85
182Switzerland1945 Peace set of 13 FU SG442/59 Cat. £1200
183SwitzerlandPRO JUVENTUTE 1953 Charity stamps booklet mint SGBSJ3 Cat. £150
184Tangier1949 set of 15 to 10s MM SG261/75 Cat. £120
185Tonga1962 5s orange-yellow and slate lilac block of 4 UM SGO14 Cat. £600
186Trinidad & Tobago1940 $4.80 red-carmine used SG256 Cat. £5514
187Turks & Caicos1973 15c Brown Pelican, Crown to right of CA UM SG390w Cat. £130
188Turks & Caicos1973 4c Blue Heron, Crown to right of CA UM SG385w Cat. £110
190United Arab Emirates1964/2017 Defin. & Commem. mostly UM coll. with very few gaps (a handful of stamps & a couple of MS). Incl. Abu Dhabi 1964/72 in 3 illustrated albums. (see full scans)