General Sale No.1990

The auction will take place on Saturday 9th November 1.30 pm. Live bidding will be available via our website.

General Sale No. 1990, strong in Foreign collections, gold sovereign covers and Commonwealth singles and collections including:

Lot 1: COMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mint coll.with a few misc. covers in 5 stockbooks.  Many complete sets, several with top values that appear to be mint unmtd. India States noted to be in good condition relative to other similar K.G.VI collections seen.  Also incl. Aden 1937 Dhows set, Burma, Canada, Cyprus, Falk Is, GB, HK, KUT, Malaya and States incl Kelantan 1937-40 set, Perak 1938-41 set to $5, Singapore, N. Rhodesia, Pakistan incl Officials, South Africa etc

Lot 38: COMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to Q.E.II mint and used incl. comprehensive GB Q.V. to Q.E.II used coll. in an album (sets excl. £1 values) in good/fine condition with a handful of loose early covers and officials,  mint GB coll in an album for the same period with a good range of Wildings, a few better items seen STC. £ 17,000+. Also 2 presentable All World schoolboy albums, a mixed stockbook, stamps in 11 envelopes/2 small containers etc..

Lots 68 to 90: Philatelic Numismatic Covers containing a gold sovereign.

Lot 164: France 1849/2001 mint and used coll.  in 3 Lighthouse albums STC. £ 17,600+ 

Lot 189 Germany 1933 Zeppelin Chicago Flight set of 3, UMM, signed Buhler.  SG510/12 Cat. £ 4250

Lot 226: Great Britain QV – Q.E.II (to 2009) mint and used coll. incl. some Regionals and Channel Islands arranged in 2 SG peg albums in slip cases. STC. £ 12,018(SG2017) (c3304 stamps) 

Lot 247: Great Britain 2003 Fruits and Vegetables imperf block of 10 UM SG2348ab Cat. £ 3,500   

Lot 356: SAAR 1928 1oF + 10F Christmas Charity, VFU SG134 Cat. £ 5,500

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Lot No.CategoryDescriptionLow Est (£)High Est (£)
1Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mint coll.with a few misc. covers in 5 stockbooks.: Many complete set, several with top values appear to be mint unmtd. India States noted to be in good condition relative to other similar K.G.VI collections seen.950011000
2Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH coll. : Good range in Australia, Canada, South Africa and India. Arranged in 4 SG Devon albums and 2 D Ring Binders containing WM Steiner leaves. STC 30,706 (c15,305 stamps)30003300
3Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN mainly Syria mint and used coll. in mixed condition: incl some Lebanon and Algeria STC 4,1009001100
4Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCommonwealth K.G.VI mint and used coll.: in a toned (not all pages effected) K.G.VI album STC 6,900+650800
5Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI used coll., good lot to complete: in a Crown album STC 4,400475600
6Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI mint and used plenty of short sets with potential for expansion,: mixed condition in a Crown album425550
7Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V to Q.E.II coll. mint & used: Mainly fine condition - singles, sets & short sets on 80 cards in a 4 ring album. STC 1,895380420
8Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsAUSTRIA & BOSNIA 1879/1918 mint and used coll.: some useful items to be had in a green album STC 3,000350425
9Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI remaindered used coll.: in battered Crown album350400
10Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN incl. Germany, SAAR and Berlin 1930's/50's: incl post war mint sets in a green album325400
11Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN & COMMONWEALTH coll. 1940's/80's mainly Q.E.II mint and used.: Better items incl. K.G.VI 1939 part set to 10s (used), 1948 Silver Wedding set & 1951 set to 1 & 1955/9 Castles FU, 1948 Olympics on cover etc300350
12Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to K.G.V used coll. in large stock book.: Strength in Australia and states (incl. early Victoria), Canada, Ceylon (incl SG 201), India (incl SG 219 25 rupees) and states, Malaya and states, New Zealand. (c 2,700 stamps)300325
13Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to K.G.V mint mtd. & unmtd. coll. in large stock book: Australia and states, Canada (incl SG 131 QV Jubilee 10c),  Gibraltar (incl. 10s SG 106), India and states, Malaya and states, Malta (incl SG 210a extra flagpole), New Zealand etc. (c1165 stamps)275325
14Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.V. to Q.E.II mint and used coll.: incl 2 penny blacks and 50+ FV in 3 albums240300
15Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN K.G.VI to Q.E.II (pre-decimal) mint and used: incl. better Wildings in a red folder210275
16Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN 1920's onwards mostly China duplicated material: in a large stockbook200250
17Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.II mint and used coll. Defin. & Commem.: incl. SG Stamp stock book mostly mint unmtd. from 1950's, some short sets & early GB decimal STC. 300 (c289 stamps and 1 MS) and Filisafe stock book mostly used STC 600200250
18Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFOREIGN 1914 - 1930 used coll. in a pair of tidy SG Ideal albums.: Generally sparse but some European and South American countries with good ranges. Some better items seen.165200
19Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH 1840 - 1936 used pair of New Imperial Albums.: Sparsely filled, good early Newfoundland noted and albums are in good condition.140160
20Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWELATH & FOREIGN 1937 to 2008 FDC coll. mainly Great Britain: also several covers from other countries 5 large and 3 small cover albums.130160
21Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCommonwealth and Gibraltar modern coll. mostly UM in two stockbooks.: incl. Gibraltar modern sets and m/s 2015/18 etc STC 605130150
22Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint and used coll. in 7 stockbooks: with a few Foreign mixed in.120150
23Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mostly Q.E.II coll. of ST Kitts, St Christopher, Nevis and Anguilla: mint unmtd. Nicely presented in a red hinged leaf album90110
24Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH in L/L Album with Seychelles K.G.VI.: Different Papers. Countries I to Z. mint and used90110
25Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN earlies to 1960's mostly used coll.: incl a few better items in large green album80100
26Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN from K.G.V to Q.E.II mostly mint: printed Commem. Stamp album6080
27Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI fine used coll. In a stock book.: Some better items. Also Stanley Gibbons Part I catalogue 20184448
28Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH used and unused, Countries A - G (including a few Great Britain): Well presented in 32 page SG stock book. 4050
29Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsITALY  Foreign Occupation of Italian Territories mostly mint coll. on a card.: Incl. Trieste B zone, German Occupation of Zara, a rare AMG VG variety etc.3850
30Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsDODECANESE ISLANDS  mint and used coll.: incl a few high Cat. items on a card (c70 stamps)3850
31Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH early Q.E.II fine used coll.: Australia, Canada, Cyprus (incl. 1955 set to 1), Gibraltar (incl. 1953 set to 1), Ireland and Malta (1956 set to 1) in a Schaubek album.3650
32Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN used official UK Government covers: incl. Cabinet Office (5), House of Commons (10), Ministry of Defence (20, varied incl. Berlin), Buckingham Palace (3), FCO bag (Bolivia), and 10 other senders. 60 covers.3050
33Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsITALIAN COLONIES  mint and used coll. on 3 cards: Incl. Eritrea and Libia etc.3040
34Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsITALY - Pre 1945 coll. on three cards.: Some UM complete sets incl. etc2840
35Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN coll. in 4 old school albums. : Postcards in clear plastic bag.2428
36Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsFIUME coll. of mostly VFU single items on a card.: Some top values and blocks of four etc. (c 30 stamps)2030
37Miscellaneous Lots & CollectionsITALIAN OCCUPATIONS  Small coll. of VFU, UM and LMM stamps on a card.: Better items noted incl. UM Croatian Occ of Sibenik and Podogoriça etc1626
38Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Q.V. to Q.E.II mint and used coll.: incl. comprehensive GB Q.V. to Q.E.II used coll. in an album (sets excl. 1 values) in good/fine condition with handful of loose early covers and officials,21002500
39Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN 1950's/ early 2000's FDC coll. incl. Defin.,Commem., varieties and special issues etc.: Pre-demical covers incl. 1953 Coronation, 1957 Scout Jubliee Jamboree with Sutton Coldfield CDS and 1958 Commonwealth Games all typed and illustrated.12001400
40Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGreat Britain, Channel Islands, IOM, USA coll. mint and used.: IOM 1964/2002 UM in 2 Lighthouse albums & 39 booklets (1973/91).650850
41Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Mixed box: 12 albums (incl. Q.V to Q.E.II) with better sets noted plus old printed album pages, German banknotes etc mixed condition in places600850
42Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Mixed box: stamps in packets, on loose leaf pages and several trade and cigarette cards in albums etc in an archive box.350400
43Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Mixed box: incl. covers, Cinderellas and Fiscals etc. well worth a rummage in an archive box300400
44Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Mixed box: incl. an old auction lots, approval books, covers, Fiscals etc sorters paradise in an archive box.240300
45Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN FDC coll. from 1950's: incl Q.E.II Wildings on plain cover all loose in a box (large qty)180240
46Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN 1840/2001 Commem. & Defin. mint & used coll. in mixed condition.: circa 370 GB & Commonwealth covers incl. 1953 DLR Castles SG 536/7 FDC Cat 75 , 1953 532/Q.E.II Coronation SG SG532/5 FDC's Cat75, many GPO PB Edinburgh Postmarks.170200
47Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesLUXEMBOURG used and well duplicated in a decent sized box (qty)170200
48Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCANADA FDC coll. 1976 to 2008: in 8 cover albums120140
49Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Used Overseas: incl. British Forces in Arabia, Muscat, Bahrain, luggage labels etc in a box file.120140
50Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Mixed box: covers, postcards, loose stamps on pieces, in packets and several trade cards (incl. film stars) etc in an archive box.120140
51Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN K.E.VIII to Q.E.II mint and used coll.: Mostly Q.E.II sets, part sets and a few early FDCs incl. 2 moderately filled Q.E.II SG New Age albums containing countries H to Z with several A-H countries in packets, some better sets seen.120200
52Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN world covers in a box120140
53Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN world covers in a box110130
54Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCovers, GB pre stamp, postal stationery incl. some modern85120
55Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN Mixed box: incl. albums, stockbooks, Coin covers, a battered 2018 SG Part 1 Cat. and presentation packs etc needs to be sorted6085
56Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN world covers in a box6075
57Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN loose covers (c300) incl. some Benhams (1960's/90's).: Q.E.II mint stamps (some sets) in envelopes, on cards and in 2 mini-stockbooks. All in plastic box.5560
58Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN largely 1970-2000 coll. of commercial covers to UK.: Many registered, some Official, many countries, strength in Russia, Hong Kong, Middle East. (c382 covers)5580
59Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesFOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH K.G.VI and Q.E.II coll. of covers and postcards.: Incl FDCs of Barbados (1985 to $5), Gibraltar, Zimbabwe (1980 to $2) etc. (c225 items) 5070
60Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH AND FOREIGN mixed box: Incl. Imperial Japanese booklet with 15 stamps and three postcards (some toned) GB SG 142, Q.V. 1880 2½d blue used, varied condition, some torn (243),4560
61Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN FDC coll. incl KG VI 1948 Olympics and 1951 Festival of Britain.: Maximum cards, presentation packs etc. (c 95 items)3650
62Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesITALY FDC coll. in a box (qty)3450
63Miscellaneous Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN quantity of old legal documents: in a small box from 1860's to early 1900's1230
64AutographsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN signed covers: incl. Steve Waugh, Richard Baker, Linford Christie, Steve Bruce etc. (25 covers)2040
65AutographsGREAT BRITAIN signed covers: incl. Richard Baker, Linford Christie, Steve Waugh, Sharon Davies, Sally Gunnell etc. some duplication (24 covers)2040
66AutographsGreat Britain signed Medal Heroes Commem. covers: Linford Christie, Nick Gillingham, Sally Gunnell, Campbell Walsh, Duncan Goodhew, Sharon Davies, 2 of each (12 covers)1630
67PNC2 boxes full of miscellaneous modern commemorative coins, proofs and Royal mint year sets: 2 x 5oz Silver coins noted and many other 1oz Silver coins. (100-200 items)550650
68PNC1998 150th Anniversary Gold Rush Benham coin cover: containing an American Golden ¼ oz Eagle150180
69PNC1997 Royal Golden Wedding Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1958.150180
70PNC1997 Farewell Hong Kong Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1898150180
71PNC1997 Q.V. Diamond Jubilee Centenary Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1897150180
72PNC1998 Diana Princess of Wales Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1981150180
73PNC1998 Her Majesty The Queen Mother Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1923150180
74PNC1998 The First World War Remembered Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1914150180
75PNC1999 The Royal Wedding: HRH Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones Benham coin cover containing a gold sovereign minted in 1964150180
76PNC1999 Winston Churchill V for Victory Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1899150180
77PNC2000 Millennium Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 2000150180
78PNC2000 100th Birthday The Queen Mother Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1900150180
79PNC2000 100th Birthday The Queen Mother Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 2000150180
80PNC2001 Q.V. Centenary Tribute Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1901150180
81PNC2001 Q.E.II 75th Birthday TributeBenham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1926150180
82PNC2002 Golden Jubilee of the Accession of Q.E.II Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign (Shield) minted in 2002150180
83PNC2003 Golden Jubilee of the Accession of Q.E.II Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1957150180
84PNC2003 50th Anniversary Q.E.II Coronation Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 2003150180
85PNC2003 Concorde Farewell Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 2003150180
86PNC2004 Bicentenary of Steam Locomotion Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 2004150180
87PNC2004 Flying Scotsman 70th Anniversary 100 mph steam run Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1924150180
88PNC2005 40th Anniversary The Death of Sir Winston Churchill Benham coin cover: containing a gold sovereign minted in 1965150180
89PNC2005 Royal Wedding: HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall Benham coin cover containing a gold sovereign minted in 2005150180
90ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH 1975/2006 Thematic cover coll.: incl. some signed items. 100+ covers incl. railways, Diana and cricket etc, some duplication5080
91ThematicsGREAT BRITAIN London 2012 Olympics Royal Mail FDC complete set: Incl. Para-olympics in 4 ring album.3040
92ThematicsCOMMONWEALTH 1970's to early 2000's Commem. FDC's mostly Thematic in a small box.: incl. Great Britain, Channel Islands and Commonwealth etc. All in good condition (c200 covers)1026
93Literature and AccessoriesFive empty albums incl. K.G.VI Cown albums (3): and Q.V to K.G.V Commonwealth Imperial albums (2) in reasonable condition.160180
94Literature and AccessoriesSelection of albums incl. SG-Davo Hingless with slip covers GB(3) and Jersey.: Royal Mail FDC albums (3) plus 2 others. (9 albums)4060
95Literature and AccessoriesGreat Britain. The Plating of the Penny 1840-1864 by Roland Brown (1972) in box, with corrigenda.: The Plating of Alphabets II, III and IV by WRD Wiggins and GC Tonna (1973).4048
96Literature and Accessories1895 to 2001 various Stanley Gibbons Catalogues and Prices Guides: incl. 1897 Price Catalogue British Empire, 1954 Two Reigns Postage Stamp catalogue and British Common. Part 1 1954,1968 & 2001. (5 Items)3050
97Literature and AccessoriesRoyal Mail blank FDC albums with leaves all in good condition (7 albums)2640
98Literature and AccessoriesStanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2017 (6 volumes).2632
99Literature and AccessoriesRoyal Mail presentation pack albums with leaves in good in condition (7 albums)2040
100Literature and AccessoriesUvitec Micro Ultra-violet lamp, Morley-Bright watermark detector, and Stanley Gibbons Colour Guide1620
101Aden StatesAden States 1951 Qu'aiti State opt set of 8 MM.: SG 20/27. Cat 321012
102Alsace & LorraineAlsace & Lorraine 1870 2c chestnut, points up, Minr No Gum.: SG3 Cat. 1201012
103AntiguaAntigua 1863/7 1d. Rosy mauve, 1d. Dull rose & 1d. Vermillion, all small star, Fine Used.: SG5/7 Cat. 1651416
104AscensionAscension 1924/33 4d grey-black & black/yellow, VFU.: SG15 Cat. 951416
105AscensionAscension 1924 3s MM.: SG 20. Cat 1003644
106AscensionAscension 1938 3d black and grey block of 4 UM: SG42a Cat. 802640
107AustraliaAustralia 1913/94 mostly used coll.: in a red Collecta album120140
108AustraliaAustralia 1930 /80 mint and used coll.: many varieties, shades and blocks incl early Kangaroos to 2s (SG12) and 1932 Harbour Bridge set etc. written up in 2 albums330400
109AustraliaAustralia 1931/6 10s grey & pink Specimen, Very LMM.: SG136s Cat. 4258090
110AustriaAustria 1850's/2001 used coll. with value in early material: in 3 albums STC 12,4008001000
111AustriaAustria 1931 Rotarian Congress set of 6 UM: SG666/71 Cat. 3004448
112AustriaAustria 1933 50 Shilling used. SG 704. Cat 1000300350
113AustriaAustria 1936 Ski set of four UM: SG 788/791. Cat 90.3040
114AustriaAustria 1950/3 Air, Birds set of 7, UM: SG1215/21 Cat 500140150
115AustriaAustria 1950 30th Anniv. of Carinthian Plebiscite: set of 3 FU SG1212/4 Cat. 1504460
116BahrainBahrain 1948 K.G.VI set of 11 used.: SG 51/60a. Cat 953440
117BarbadosBarbados 1938 1d p13½x13 MM. Tiny tone spot on one perf.: SG 249. Cat 2756580
118BarbadosBarbados 1966 Q.E.II complete set of 15 UM SG342/55a Cat 421020
119BasutolandBasutoland 1938 set to 10s MM: SG18/28 Cat. 1202640
120BechuanalandBechuanaland 1904/13 1s deep green & scarlet and 1s deep green & carmine, VFU: SG70/71 Cat 3105560
121Bechuanaland ProtectorateBechuanaland Protectorate 1938 set to 10s MM: SG118/28 Cat. 1102230
122BelgiumBelgium 1895/1975 mainly used coll. incl. Railway issues etc: STC Eur 2,700+240300
123BermudaBermuda 1918 1 purple and black/red MM: SG55 Cat. 275120140
124BermudaBermuda 1924 10s green and red /pale emerald FU: SG92 Cat. 25085100
125BermudaBermuda 1932 12s6d green and orange MM: SG93 Cat. 250100120
126BermudaBermuda 1938 K.G.VI 2s6d MM.: SG 117. Cat 701820
127BermudaBermuda 1938 K.G.VI 12s6d deep grey and brownish orange MM: usual brown gum SG120 Cat. 550130150
128British LevantBRITISH LEVANT 1885-1905 mint overprints on GB stamps: Incl. SG 3a QV 12 piastres and SG 11 and 12 KE VII 12 and 24 piastres. (5 stamps) Cat. 1905060
129British LevantBRITISH LEVANT 1902-1922 mint overprints on K.E.VII and K.G.V GB stamps, some  Levant only: on 3 cards. (39 stamps) Cat. 38880100
130British Occupation of Italian ColoniesBOIC TRIPOLITANIA BMA 1948 air mail cover: 6L on 3d pale violet (2) sent from Tripoli to Torino SG T62026
131British Occupation of Italian ColoniesBOIC TRIPOLITANIA BMA 1949 12L on 6d purple on cover: sent from Castel Benito to Manchester UK SG T212430
132British Occupation of Italian ColoniesBOIC TRIPOLITANIA BMA 1949 air mail cover 12L on 6d purple: addressed to Cardiff UK (note env. flap missing) SG T212632
133British Solomon IslandsBritish Solomon Islands 1965 set to 1 UM: SG112/26 Cat. 501620
134BurmaBurma (mainly 1940's) mint and used coll. mostly covers: in a lighthouse album210250
135BurmaBurma mixed lot of covers, cinderellas and match box labels: in a white folder4460
136CanadaCanada 1860's/1976 used coll.: in a blue Lindner hingless album STC 4,100130160
137CanadaCanada 1897 Jubilee Issue $2 deep violet MM: SG137 Cat. 1,000220270
138CanadaCanada 1897 Jubilee Issue $3 bistre MM no gum.: SG138 Cat. 1,500220270
139CanadaCanada coll. K.G.V semi-specialised in a green Lindner album.: STC 5,000+240300
140Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1905 set of 5 MM. SG 8/12. Cat 852226
141Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1912 K.G.V set opt SPECIMEN mint. (3d has a couple of toned perfs): SG 40s/44s, 45as, 46/47s, 48bs, 49/51s, 52bs. Cat 425.140170
142Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1917 K.G.V 1½d War Stamp opt SPECIMEN mint.: SG 56s. Cat 120.4560
143Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1918 K.G.V 3d purple/yellow opt SPECIMEN mint.: SG 45bs. Cat 75.2535
144Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1919 K.G.V ½d and 1½d War Stamp opt SPECIMEN mint.: SG 57/59s. Cat 120.4560
145Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 1962 set of 15 UM.: SG 165/179. Cat 903240
146CeylonCeylon 1861/4 2d green, Perf 14½, Light Mounted Mint.: SG20 Cat. 2755055
147ChinaChina 1897 1c on 3c deep red revenue mint : SG88 Cat. 775210170
148ChinaChina 1897 1c on 3c deep red revenue mint : SG88a Cat. 1,200275350
149ChinaChina 1897 2c on 3c deep red revenue mint : SG89 Cat. 825180220
150ChinaChina 1897 4c on 3c deep red revenue mint : SG90 Cat. 2,500550700
151ChinaChina pre-1960 coll.: incl. some better mint stamps from 1930's and a large presence of provinces.600750
152ChinaChina 1973 Panda set of 6 UM: SG2498/2503 Cat. 2705560
153Cook IslandsCook Islands 1936 10s Block of 4 UM.: SG 120. Cat 360130170
154Cook IslandsCook Islands 1936 3 UM.: SG 123b. Cat 450220275
155Cook IslandsCook Islands 1950 5 indigo blue block of four UM: SG136 Cat. 1,000+650800
156CroatiaCroatia 1940's mint coll.: on printed pages in a binder700900
157CyprusCyprus 1924/8 Set of 15 Light MM: SG103/117 Cat 2906070
158CyprusCyprus 1934 ¼ to 45 Peseta set of 11, FU: SG133/134 Cat 1704860
159EgyptEgypt earlies to 1960's mint and used coll.: some duplication STC 4,500 in a red album500650
160EgyptEgypt 1935 Xmas seal 3m pale vermilion UM block of 20 in a booklet (crease bottom right): SGA6a Cat. 3006080
161Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands K.E.VII 1904 to 1s mint.: SG 43/48. Cat 1715580
162Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands 1952/2007 mint coll.: some better watermark varieties noted.600750
163Falkland IslandsFalkland Islands 1968 Q.E.II complete set of 12 SG232/45 Cat 653040
164FranceFrance 1849/2001 mint and used coll.: in 3 Lighthouse albums STC 17,600+10001200
165FranceFrance 1853/61 1Fr carmine, 4 margin, tiny hinge thin, VFU.: SG72 Cat. 4000200220
166FranceFrance 1853/1968 mint and used coll.: good for expansion in a Yvert and Tellier album STC 3,700300375
167FranceFrance 1868 Corps Expeditionnaire de Chine.: Small cover carried Singapore to Marseilles cancelled MLS (Marseille Lyon Special). Signed Brun, Only a few known.500550
168FranceFrance 1869 5Fr lilac-grey/greyish, VFU.: SG131 Cat. 1300275300
169FranceFrance 1870/1 2c chestnut/cream, 4 margin Bordeaux, VFU.: SG150 Cat. 1300275300
170FranceFrance 1871 10 in 10c bistre, prepared but unissued, Mint No Gum, signed.: SG133 Cat. 3000275300
171FranceFrance 1881/92 50c black Postage Dfue, Pen and Postal cancel.: SGD289 Cat. 3004855
172FranceFrance 1917 War Orphan part set to 5 Franc FU. SG 370/377 (No 371). Cat 1700650750
173FranceFrance 1918 Red Cross Fund, UM: SG378 Cat 1603842
174FranceFrance 1922 War Orphans set of 8, Light MM.: SG388/95 Cat. 2754855
175FranceFrance 1923 Bordeaux Philatelic Congress, fine illustrated cover used day 3: SG400e550600
176FranceFrance 1927 Air Display Marseilles pair, Light MM.: SG455/6 Cat. 600110120
177FranceFrance 1929 Philatelic Exposition Le Harve, Very Very LMM.: SG470 Cat. 1000220240
178FranceFrance 1936 South America Flight pair, UM: SG553/4 Cat 526120130
179FranceFrance 1936 50Fr yellow-green Air, UMM.: SG540 Cat. 1300275300
180FranceFrance 1936 50Fr banknote Air, Very LMM.: SG541 Cat. 1000275300
181FranceFrance 1936 50Fr banknote marginal Air, VFU.: SG541 Cat. 4758595
182French Post Offices in ChinaFrench Post Offices in China 1903 5c yellow-green Postage Due: INVERTED Overprint on small piece, cancelled Tien-Tsin, VFU SG58a Cat 1,000220230
183GambiaGambia 1909 K.E.VII set to 3s  MM.: SG 72/85. Cat 1606580
184GermanyGermany mint and used earlies to 1970's in mixed condition: heaviliy duplicated incl. officials in a bulging stock book STC 20,000700900
185GermanyGermany 1916 - 2009 used coll.: incl. many charity sets and MS in a green Senator album.3650
186GermanyGermany 1923 50Md light blue Official, VFU: SGO348 Cat 3005560
187GermanyGermany pre-1945 mint and used coll.: incl. a few mint and used Zeppelin's in a Lighthouse printed album STC 7,700475600
188GermanyGermany 1933 Welfare Fund (Wagner) set of 9, UMM, 4pf & 12pf are perf 14.: SG513/21 Cat 2,500750850
189GermanyGermany 1933 Zeppelin Chicago Flight set of 3, UMM, signed Buhler.: SG510/12 Cat. 425013001400
190GermanyGerman Occupation of Zara 1943 1l orange UM: SG D43 Cat. 650 (light crease top left)110120
191GermanyGermany 1945/9 Allied Occupation issues mint and used: with a few nice covers in a Lighthouse album STC 3,100350425
192GermanyGermany French Occupations mint and used dealer stock: incl some better items in a large stockbook STC 8,800400500
193GermanyGermany modern (1948/98) dealer stock mostly mint: incl. Berlin in 2 stockbooks STC 18,000700900
194GermanyGermany Berlin 1948/90 used coll.: in Lighthouse album STC 3,700+300350
195GermanyGermany 1949 Opening of W.German Parliament 10pf blue-green and 20pf carmine-red UM: SG1033/4 Cat. 1352840
196GermanyGermany 1950 Bach set in blocks of four UM.: SG 1043/44. Cat 680.150170
197GermanyGermany 1951 Posthorn set of 16 to 90pf. UM: SG1045/1060 Cat. 2,750500600
198GermanyGermany 1951 Posthorn set of 16 to 90pf. MM: SG1045/1060 Cat. 2,750190230
199GermanyGermany 1952 Humanitarian Relief Fund set of 4 UM: SG1082/5 Cat. 1404050
200GermanyGermany 1952 - 1989 German Democratic Republic used coll.: incl. a few MS in in a green Senator album.2430
201GermanyGERMANY modern used (from 2000's): in a stockbook75100
202Germany (Berlin)West Berlin 1949 Relief Fund MS UM: SG MS870a Cat. 1,300220280
203Germany (East)East Germany mint and used coll.: incl. some earlier material in an old Lighthouse album STC 4,100300375
204Germany (West)West Germany 1948/98 coll. mostly fine used and a few mint,: incl. better earlies in Lighthouse album STC 5,400350425
205Germany (West)West Germany 1949/1973 coll. mostly mint unmtd.: incl 1951/2 Posthorn set to 90f mint unmtd. in lighthouse album.700900
206Germany (West)West Germany 1949/71 coll. mostly mint unmtd.: in a blue album STC 2,900200250
207Germany (West)West Germany 1954 Relief Fund set in Blocks of four UM: SG 1126/9. Cat 260.5060
208GibraltarGibraltar 1903 K.E.VII 2s to 8s mint.: SG 52/54. Cat 520200240
209GibraltarGibraltar 1903 K.E.VII 2s green & blue mint.: SG 52. Cat 200.6590
210GibraltarGibraltar 1903 K.E.VII 4s dull purple & green mint. Has two toned perfs.: SG 53. Cat 150.5070
211GibraltarGibraltar 1903 K.E.VII 8s  FU on piece.: SG 54. Cat 2006580
212GibraltarGibraltar 1903 8s dull-purple and black/blue MM: SG54 Cat. 1706590
213GibraltarGibraltar 1905 K.E.VII 2s green & blue used.: SG 62. Cat 140.4560
214GibraltarGibraltar 1905 K.E.VII 2s green & blue mint. Small collectors mark on rear and a toned perf.: SG 62. Cat 120.4055
215GibraltarGibraltar 1906 set to 8s incl. 21/2d ultramarine with large 2 in 1/2 (SG69a with RPSL cert.) FU: SG66/74 Cat. 920 (10 stamps)400475
216GibraltarGibraltar 1906 8s purple and green MM: SG74 Cat. 25080100
217GibraltarGibraltar 1910 K.E.VII 2s purple & bright blue used.: SG 72. Cat 48.1520
218GibraltarGibraltar 1910 K.E.VII 4s black & carmine mint.: SG 73. Cat 170.6080
219GibraltarGibraltar 1912 K.G.V set of 10 mint.: SG 76/85. Cat 325.125150
220GibraltarGibraltar 1924 K.G.V 4s  MM.: SG 100. Cat 702632
221GibraltarGibraltar 1924 8s dull-purple and green MM (toned gum): SG101 Cat. 325130150
222GibraltarGibraltar 1927 1 red-orange and black MM: SG107 Cat. 1906590
223GibraltarGibraltar 1960 Q.E.II complete set of 14 UM SG160/73 Cat 803550
224Gilbert & Ellice IslandsGilbert & Ellice 1956 Q.E.II complete set of 12 UM SG64/75 Cat 703550
225Gold CoastGold Coast 1938 set to 10s FU: SG 120/32 Cat. 751620
226Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN QV - Q.E.II (to 2009) mint and used coll. : Incl. some Regionals and Channel Islands arranged in 2 SG peg albums in slip cases. STC 12,018(SG2017) (c3304 stamps)9501100
227Great BritainGreat Britain Q.V to Q.E.II mostly mint coll. with some earlier used, mixed condition: in dark red album4260
228Great BritainGreat Britain pre-stamp selection of Spooners(2) and Mulreadys(2): mixed condition (4 items)220375
229Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1871 4d vermillion(2) on cover.: SG 94 Cat. 1402632
230Great BritainGreat Britain 1880/1 2d pale rose SPECIMEN, MM: SG168S Cat 1101620
231Great BritainGreat Britain 1883 5d dull green, VFU, superb colour.: SG 193 Cat 2103842
232Great BritainGreat Britain 1883 6d dull green, VFU, superb colour.: SG194 Cat 2403842
233Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1892 1s dull green (3) on large piece.: SG 1966575
234Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1910 to 1952 coll. of K.G.V and K.G.VI mostly FU values to 2s6d.: Incl. Commem. e.g. 2½d 1935 Jubilee (14) and postage dues, with many side and inverted wmks, all in 107 well-sorted packets.(1,500 + stamps).5070
235Great BritainGreat Britain 1911/12 1d carmine Inverted Wmk. UMM.: SG329 Cat. 351012
236Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN used perfins K.G.VI and Q.E II. (c750 stamps)2026
237Great BritainChannel Islands 1950's/60's Locals Commem. and Defin. sets and a few MS. MM.: on Britannia leaves in 4 ring album (some gaps).4060
238Great BritainGreat Britain Q.E.II (1950's/70's) mostly Commem. mint in blocks of 4: incl Phosphors in an orange album300375
239Great BritainGreat Britain 1958/63 3d corner block of 4 with Phantom R, UM: SG575d Cat 375110120
240Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1967 4d rose-red,lemon,brown,black new blue and gold mint (toned gum): Block of 4 with Gold (value and Queen's head) omitted. SG748a Cat. 1,100110130
241Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1975-2007 First Day Covers incl.high vals (10 etc), MS and all regionals.: (286 items)6070
242Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1984 -2005 presentation packs in special Royal Mail album and loose.: Face Value 450 (212 items)225250
243Great BritainGreat Britain 1993 30p Machin imperforate horizontal pair UM, small faults,: SG Y1694a Cat 1,400135165
244Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1995/9 Benhams PNC coin cover coll. in 8 albums (c145 covers)160200
245Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN 1996/2006 Benham Pilgrim official limited edition covers.: (c120 covers) in a 3 black Benham albums.100120
246Great BritainGREAT BRITAIN modern FDC coll. to 2017 in a small box (100+ covers)100150
247Great BritainGreat Britain 2003 Fruits and Vegetables imperf block of 10: UM SG2348ab Cat. 3,50014001700
248GreeceGreece earlies/1970's mint and used coll.: in a blue album400500
249GreeceGreece 1954 Ancient Greek Art set of 12, UM: SG713/24 Cat 32595125
250GreeceGreece 1957 Royal Family changed colours set of 14, UM: SG764/77 Cat 1403640
251Hong KongHong Kong 1862/3 24c green, VFU.: SG5 Cat. 1201618
252Hong KongHong Kong 1882 Q.V Five Cents pale blue mint.: SG 35. Cat 50.1520
253Hong KongHong Kong 1891 2c carmine SD overprint, VFU.: SGS2 Cat. 2003236
254Hong KongHong Kong K.G.VI to 1970's used coll. on pages incl. 1948 silver wedding FU set: on loose album pages240300
255Hong KongHong Kong 1948 Silver Wedding set MM.: SG 171/172. Cat 32590110
256HungaryHungary 1870's /1990's mostly used coll.: in 2 stockbooks230300
257HungaryHungary 1931 AIR ''Graf Zeppelin'' flight to Hungary 1p orange and 2p purple with type 72 OPT UM: SG 529/30 Cat. 2603236
258IndiaIndia 1948 Gandi Ten Rupee purple-brown & lake UM: SG 308. Cat 400.150180
259IrelandIreland 1922/98 used coll.: in printed hingless album STC 3,500350425
260IrelandIreland modern (1996/2001) FDC coll.: in a green 4 ring cover album (c55 covers)2636
261Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsSOMALIA 1920's mint and used coll. of ''Elephant and Lion'' issues : a few surch. mixed condition (18 stamps)2230
262Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsItalian Levant 1922 90Pi on 10L sage-green & rose, Very LMM.: SG99 Cat. 1402224
263Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsCASTELROSSO 1923 5c green, 10c carmine, 25c blue, 50c dull purple and 1l brown: all marginal corner blocks of 4 UMSG 10/14 Cat. 852632
264Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsLIBYA 1927 PARCEL POST 50c orange UM: SG P66 Cat. 1204048
265Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsDODECANESE ISLANDS 1934 75c carmine-red: horizontal marginal strip of 5 VFU. SG134 Cat.4004450
266Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsCORFU 1941 10l red-brown and light blue with TIPYN inscr. : Incl. Savarese Oliva Cert. UM, slightly off-centre. SG 3 Cat. 1,300225275
267Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsTRIESTE A ZONE 1948 set of 4 high values: incl. 1000l purple-brown on small piece signed by Biondi VFU SG 24/7 Cat. 4116070
268Italian States, Colonies & OccupationsTRIESTE B ZONE 1948 Red Cross No 545 surch ''VUJA/S.T.T'' 2l on 50p brown and red: Postage Due Red Cross No D546 surch ''VUILA S.T.T'' 2l on 50p green and red UM SG B3a and BD4 Cat. 4758090
269ItalyITALY 1893 POSTAL HISTORY on a parcel post form: showing a rare example of cancellation by SWISS Postal Agency in LUINO (Italy)4060
270ItalyITALY 1910 50th Anniv. of Plebiscite in Naples and Sicily: 5c deep-green and 15c rose-red and, National Plebiscite of Southern States 1860 5c rose and 15c green (note toned gum SG83/4) UM SG81/84 Cat.5727080
271ItalyItaly 1923 Death Anniversary Manzoni set of 6, Light MM: SG155/60 Cat 900150170
272ItalyITALY 1924 set of 4 Victory Issue surch type 79 VFU: SG 161/4 Cat. 1,000 (possibly CTO).110120
273ItalyItaly 1930 7L70 Mass Transatlantic Flight, UM: SG303 Cat 800250300
274ItalyITALY 1930 Birth Bimillenary of Virgil Air set: 50c,1l, 7l.70+1l.30 and 9l+2l marginal horizontal pairs UM SG 299/302 Cat. 27290110
275ItalyItaly 1932 Air Dante 100l olive-green and blue FU.: SG332 Cat. 4506575
276ItalyITALY 1932 Registered Airmail cover from Messina to Grootfontein (SW Africa): incl. 10l+2l.50 violet-grey (SG 331), rarely seen on cover.SG 314,315(2),318(2),331.7590
277ItalyITALY 1932 large piece of airmail cover sent from Milan to Giglei (Italian Somalia): with attractive label on reverse SG 326,330,353,361,3625570
278ItalyItaly 1934 World Cup Football set of 9, Light MM: SG413/21 Cat 2755560
279ItalyItaly 1934 football and air set of 9. FU: SG413/21 Cat. 1000160180
280ItalyITALY 1935 Int. Aeronautocal Exhibition Milan set of 4: with MEBE documentation UM, Very scarce in unmounted mint condition. SG 458/61 Cat. 1007585
281ItalyITALY 1936 Birth Bimillenary of Horace set of 8 VFU.: SG 477/84 Cat.1524450
282ItalyItaly 1940's/early 80's used coll.: incl some better fine used sets in 2 albums STC 3,300+275350
283ItalyITALIAN SOCIAL REPUBLIC 1944 various on cover: incl. 50c bright violet war propoganda and 1l.25 air express SG E62,72/5A,571624
284Kenya, Uganda and TanganyikaKenya, Uganda and Tanganyika 1922/27 set of 20 to 1: incl 5 higher items with plate number 1. Some stamps have faults. MM SG 76/95 Cat. 500180220
285Kenya, Uganda and TanganyikaKenya, Uganda and Tanganyika 1938 K.G.VI 1 MM, has some brownish gum.: SG 150. Cat 500180220
286Leeward IslandsLeeward Islands 1938 K.G.VI 1 brown-purple & black mint.: (With old 1959 BPA certificate stating genuine) SG 114. Cat 375.150175
287LiechtensteinLiechtenstein 1930/79 mint and used coll.: in a Schaubek album STC 13,0009001100
288LiechtensteinLiechtenstein 1951 Royal Couple Princess Georgina 3f lake-brown UM.: SG303B Cat. 1504448
289LiechtensteinLiechtenstein 1980/90 mint coll in Globemaster album. A few MS incl.: Cat 180+2030
290LithuaniaLithuania all periods mint and used coll.: in large stockbook STC 6,850400500
291LuxembourgLuxembourg 1949 Grand Duchess MS UM: SG 524a. Cat 225.5060
292LuxembourgLuxembourg 1957 Europa set of 3 UM: SG626/8 Cat. 2755075
293Malay StatesMalay States - Kelantan 1937 set to Two Dollars MM.: SG 40/53. Cat 700200240
294MalaysiaMalaysia 1884 4c in red on 5c blue, VFU: SG73 Cat 1402632
295MaltaMalta 1884 Q.V ½d orange-yellow block of four UM: SG 18. Cat 1605070
296MaltaMalta 1899 Q.V 10s blue-black mint.: SG 35. Cat 100.4055
297MaltaMalta 1903 K.E.VII set of 7 mint.: SG 38/44. Cat 130.4055
298MaltaMalta 1904 K.E.VII set of 17 mint. (Plus extras): SG 45/63. Cat 300+.100120
299MaltaMalta 1911 K.E.VII 5s green & red used on piece.: SG 63. Cat 75.3040
300MaltaMalta 1928 set of 19 FU.: SG 174/192. Cat 27590110
301MaltaMalta 1930 set of 17 to 10s inscr Postage & Revenue used: SG193/209 Cat. 425110130
302MaltaMalta 1948 K.G.VI Constitution set of 21 UM: SG 234/248. Cat 90.3040
303MaltaMalta 1956 Q.E.II set of 17 UM: SG 266/282. Cat 130.4055
304MaltaMalta 1970/1991 mint coll. in 2 Globemaster albums.: Cat 300+3550
305MauritiusMauritius 1848/59 1d red-bluish used: SG18 Cat. 900325400
306MauritiusMauritius 1969 Q.E.II complete set of 18 UM SG382/99 Cat 352030
307MonacoMonaco 1891/1991 coll. mostly mint: incl. some very nice sets in 2 Lighthouse albums STC 13,000700900
308MontserratMontserrat 1932 K.G.V set of 10 mint.: SG 84/94. Cat 250.6075
309NatalNatal 1869 1d. Bright red, Perf 12½, tall caps with stop, VFU.: SG27 Cat. 1101618
310NauruNauru 1924/48 Set of 14, shiny paper, Light MM: SG26B/39B Cat 2004448
311NetherlandsNetherlands 1852/1963 used coll.: in a blue album STC 4,100180240
312NetherlandsNetherlands 1872/1940's mint coll.: in a Davo hingless album STC 9,30011001400
313New GuineaNew Guinea 1932 1s to 1 + 2s + 1 Air Mail FU.: SG 185/189 + 200 + 203. Cat 350110140
314New GuineaNew Guinea 1939 Air Mail set of 14 mint.: SG 212/225. Cat 1,100.500550
315New GuineaNew Guinea 1939 Air Mail set of 14 used.: SG 212/225. Cat 850325400
316New ZealandNew Zealand earlies to 1979 mint and used coll.: incl some better items seen on printed pages in a red album STC 5,500400500
317New ZealandNew Zealand earlies/2000 mint and used coll.: in a hingeless Lighthouse album STC 8,400375475
318New ZealandNew Zealand Q.V to Q.E.II used coll.: mixed condition in a Utile hinged leaf album.2230
319New ZealandNew Zealand Q.V to Q.E.II (2002) used coll.: good range of singles and sets incl. some MS, officials and postage dues etc. in blue album.90110
320New ZealandNew Zealand 1862/4 1d orange-vermillion, Perf 13, large star, VFU.: SG68 Cat. 3505560
321New ZealandNew Zealand 1864/71 4d deep rose, perf 12½, wmk star, VFU.: SG119 Cat. 2504448
322New ZealandNew Zealand 1882 imperf proof 8d pair: SGF775100
323New ZealandNew Zealand 1882 imperf proof 1s pair: SGF875100
324New ZealandNew Zealand 1882 mostly used values to 1 STC 1,000+: on an album page400500
325New ZealandNew Zealand 1895/1903 mint (4) and used(6) to 10s STC1,300+: on an album page600750
326New ZealandNew Zealand 1913/21 mint and used to 8s STC 5,700+: on an album page325400
327New ZealandNew Zealand 1913/30 mint and used to 10s STC 1,560: on an album page700850
328New ZealandNew Zealand 1925/30 used to 10s STC 116: on an album page4055
329New ZealandNew Zealand 1931/40 12s6d deep plum Postal Fiscal, VFU.: SGF156 Cat. 1702630
330New ZealandNew Zealand 1931/40 7s to 25s mint mtd. STC 2,170: on an album page9001100
331New ZealandNew Zealand 1931/40 1s3d to 6s mint STC 278+: on an album page120160
332New ZealandNew Zealand 1940 surcharge 3s6d to 11s mint STC 1,270: on an album page600700
333New ZealandNew Zealand 1940/58 1s3d to 1 plus several surcharges mint STC 1,245+: on an album page600700
334New ZealandNew Zealand 1864/71 1s yellow-green, wmk star, Perf 12½, VFU.: SG125 Cat. 1202224
335NewfoundlandNewfoundland 1860 3d green, fine margins, VFU.: SG11 Cat. 1903236
336NewfoundlandNewfoundland 1862/4 1d chocolate brown block of 4, Mounted at top.: SG16 Cat. 1400375425
337NewfoundlandNewfoundland 1933 Airs to 75c in blocks of 4 mint lightly mtd.: SG230/4 Cat. 660 (20 stamps)275325
338Norfolk IslandNorfolk Is. 1947/1990's used coll.: clean lot on loose album pages85110
339North BorneoNorth Borneo 1939 set to 25 Cents MM.: SG 303/313. Cat 25090110
340North KoreaNORTH KOREA 1970's/80's CTO stock good packet material: heavily duplicated in a stockbook5070
341Papua (B.N.G.)Papua (B.N.G.) 1929/30 3d Air horizontal pair, Harrison Print, VFU.: SG113 Cat. 1502630
342Papua (B.N.G.)Papua 1937 set of 16 to 1 UM: SG130/45 Cat. 550180225
343PersiaPERSIA 1870's/1930's mint and used coll., mixed condition: in a green movaleaf album5070
344PortugalPortugal 1894 Henry the Navigator set of 13, Fine used.: SG314/26 Cat. 4757585
345PortugalPortugal 1925 1E50 to 20E branco, 9 stamps, Very LMM.: SG653/61 Cat. 4336570
346PortugalPortugal 1931 5th. Death Centenary Nuno Alvares Pereira set of 6, Very LMM.: SG859/64 Cat. 3756065
347PortugalPortugal 1944 3rd National Exhibition MS FU: SG 964a. Cat 350.7590
348PortugalPortugal 1945 Naval School MS FU: SG 988a. Cat 200.5060
349QueenslandQueensland 1882/95 10s brown horizontal strip of 3, wmk 5, VFU.: SG155 Cat. 1502224
350RhodesiaRhodesia mint and used coll. mainly earlies incl. some North and South.: several better items e.g. Admirals to 10s mint on loose album pages750900
351RhodesiaNorthern Rhodesia 1953 set of 14 to 20s rose-red and purple mostly FU: SG 61/74 Cat. 1004860
352Rhodesia & NyasalandRhodesia & Nyasaland 1954 set of 16 to 1 FU.: SG1/15 Cat. 551620
353RomaniaRomania 1860's to modern coll. Mostly mint mtd. and fine used: in 2 albums (with 1960/71 Lindner leaves) and 2 stockbooks. Strength in early 20th century with some better sets and singles seen. Some duplication in the modern period.240300
354RussiaRussia 1922/3Surcharged set of 7, Perf, VFU.: SG289/95 Cat. 1041618
355SAARSaar 1920 1M carmine-red, 26 x 17, VFU: SG17 Cat 2,000375425
356SAARSaar 1928 1oF + 10F Christmas Charity, VFU: SG134 Cat 5,50011001300
357SAARSaar 1949 Youth Hostels Fund pair, VFU: SG259/60 Cat 3205560
358SAARSAAR 1950 Admission to the Council of Europe: 25f blue and 200f brown lake UM SG294/5 Cat. 2855570
359San MarinoSan Marino 1931 Air set of 10, Light MM: SG164/73 Cat 650120140
360SarawakSarawak 1899 5c olive-grey and green not issued mint unmtd.: toned and creased gum SG48 Cat. 75085110
361Sierra LeoneSierra Leone 1938 part set to 1 MM (13 values).: SG 188/200. Cat 672428
362South AfricaSouth Africa 1850's/60's Cape of Good Hope coll.: various colours incl 4d, 6d and 1s - one or two better stamps.180250
363South AfricaCape of Good Hope 1853 4d deep blue used: SG4 Cat. 1704455
364South KoreaSouth Korea modern (1960's onwards) mint dealer stock: in a large stockbook STC 1,900190240
365SpainSpain 1873 10P brown-purple Figure of Peace, Mounted Mint.: SG216 Cat. 2500385425
366SpainSpain 1875 1r yellow-green, Perf 14, VFU.: SG90 Cat. 55090100
367SpainSpain 1875 10P ultramarine, Light Mounted Mint.: SG237 Cat. 1800275300
368St HelenaSt Helena 1937 1½d MM. Has brown gum.: SG 99f. Cat 903238
369St. VincentSt. Vincent 1880 5s rose-red, watermark star Light MM.: SG32 Cat. 1100220240
370SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1851 Rayon I, red and deep blue, 4 margin, VFU.: SG14 Cat. 4255560
371SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1852 Rayon III rose, 4 margin, VFU.: SG23 Cat. 1702630
372SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1900/60's mint and used: incl. some better sets, single items and Charity Issues STC 2,900325400
373SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1916 Pro Juventute: 3c 5c and 10c in blocks of 4 FU SG J3/5 Cat. 510160190
374SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1930's to 1990's mint and used coll.: one or two better items seen, in a stockbook STC 1,600240300
375SwitzerlandSwitzerland 1948 Organisation Mondiale de la Sante set to 10f: mint unmtd. blocks of four SG17/25 Cat. 1,224350425
376SyriaSyria coll. of mostly mint full sheets: in a Linder ring binder325400
377ThailandThailand modern mint stock in black 32 page lighthouse stockbook.: STC 2,400120140
378TongaTonga Duplicated mint stock on 3 large stock pages,: good packet material240300
379TuvaluTuvalu 1976 - 1988 mint: dealers stock incl. sets amd MS etc in 4 ring binder2636
380United States of AmericaU.S.A. 1851/2013 mint and used coll.: Incl. Special Delivery and Airmail, some early Hawai and Puerto Rico arranged in a single D ring binder with WM Steiner date specific album leaves STC 4,235(SG2017) (c2470 stamps)325375
381United States of AmericaU.S.A. 1880's/1972 coll. of printed cards: light blue album3250
382United States of AmericaU.S.A 1893 Columbian Exposition: 30c brown-orange and $1 scarlet UM SG 244 & 246 Cat. 1,575500600
383Vatican CityVATICAN CITY 1935 Int. Juridical Congress Rome set of 6: with all stamps signed Gino Biondi. UM SG 41/6 Cat. 275150180