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Lot NoHammer (£)CountryDescriptionEstimate (£)
17250Misc Lots and CollectionsPair of British Commonwealth New imperial albums. excess of 85,000.8000
21200Misc Lots and CollectionsK.G.VI crown album with mint and used collection. Stated to Cat. 10,100+1000
3725Misc Lots and CollectionsK.G.VI crown album with used collection. Stated to Cat. 6200+700
9100Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & IRELAND mint and used, well presented in 64 page Wessex Knight stockbook.100
1180Misc Lots and CollectionsLarge stockbook with Q.E.II mint omnibus from 1960's100
1395Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH in L/L Album. Letters A - I, mint and used with better sets seen.95
1485Misc Lots and CollectionsSchaubek Victoria Edition album with all world collection80
1565Misc Lots and CollectionsInteresting Plymouth Album of many Military Stamps and Covers.65
1850Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN mint and used, countries incl. Turkey, Italy and Tunisia. All well presented in Wessex Paragon 32 page stockbook.50
2148Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH with some world in large 64 Page stockbook. Mostly Australia and Canada with other countries represented.48
2428Misc Lots and CollectionsStockbook with mixed Middle East collection36
2722Misc Lots and CollectionsLarge stockbook with GB Q.V to Q.E.II mint and some Commonwealth mint20
2812Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Collectors duplicated stamps in stockbook - Australia - Syria incl. Nederland Indies. Mint and used, some duplication.12
29550Misc Lots in BoxesBox with Omnibus material from 1935 - 1966 mint and used. Cat 4200.700
30510Misc Lots in Boxes10 Royal Mail albums with Presentation packs (1980-2011). 950+ face value.500
32210Misc Lots in BoxesGenuine collectors lot in smaller boxes, packets, albums150
34130Misc Lots in BoxesTwo albums with Commonwealth and a smaller box with packets of GB/Commonwealth.100
35100Misc Lots in BoxesFOREIGN & COMMONWEALTH; 2 boxes of mixed incl. U.S.A, Australia & New Zealand100
37160Misc Lots in BoxesGenuine coll. in a box, mostly GB ranging from 1960's/90's75
3850Misc Lots in BoxesTwo stockbooks with all Commonwealth,60
3995Misc Lots in Boxes20 albums/stockbooks containing all world. Plenty of material to sort.50
4040Misc Lots in BoxesWest Germany and USA in 21 albums/stockbooks. Heavily duplicated in areas.50
4160Misc Lots in BoxesFive stockbooks with various Australia/States/PNG/Norfolk Ids/GB/regionals mint and used.50
4340Misc Lots in BoxesLarge box with quantity of albums and stockbooks with all world. Lots to sort50
4440Misc Lots in BoxesLarge box with mainly duplicated Germany but some GB seen in stockbooks50
4540Misc Lots in BoxesLarge box of all world in albums/stockbooks. Lots of it50
4730Misc Lots in BoxesFOREIGN. Large box containing collectors duplicates40
4848Misc Lots in BoxesOld time lot with 7 albums, tin and 2 folders. Potential finds?40
5050Misc Lots in BoxesBox of modern issues from around the world. Sorters paradise.30
5128Misc Lots in BoxesFour FDC albums with qty of GB covers with some better cancels noted20
5216Misc Lots in BoxesBox with tins/album leaves/loose stamps of all world. Plenty to go through20
5330Literature8 empty Lighthouse Albums50
5422Literature10 empty Royal Mail cover albums with leaves30
5536AutographsLuciano Pavarotti hand signed 1982 Philadelphia Academy of Music cover40
5640AutographsSir Edmund Hillary hand signed 2003 Everest cover36
5730AutographsMargaret Thatcher hand signed Women of Achievement cover30
5826AutographsColl. of signed covers26
5922AutographsHarold Wilson signed London Postcard26
6019AutographsGeoff Hurst 1996 hand signed 30th Anniversary cover16
62200ThematicsFOREIGN. THEMATICS. All World UM sets and miniature sheets in well filled blue Prinz stockbook200
6934Abu Dhabi1964 set of 11 UM. SG 1/11. Cat 11044
7030Aden1951 opt set of 11.UM. SG 36/46. Cat 8534
7360Antigua1908 ½d to 2s complete set of 8 FU, some minor faults. SG 41/50 Cat 27570
7530Antigua1953 set of 15 UM. SG 120a/134. Cat 8534
7775Ascension1953/69 used coll. on 7 album leaves.90
78130AustraliaTwo boxed Lighthouse Albums with UM to 1995120
79250Australian States - Victoria1902 2 deep blue. Fresh scarce stamp. MM SG400 Cat. 700250
8120Austria1950 Carinthian Plebiscite set of 3, VFU, SG1212/4. Cat. 15020
83240BahamasK.G.V to Q.E.II coll. of used Defin. and Commem. sets300
8536Bahamas1954 set of 16 UM. SG 201/216. Cat 10040
9065Barbados1897 set of 9 MM. (With 3 extra stamps). SG 116/124. Cat 300+70
9318Barbados1950 set of 12 UM. SG 217/282. Cat 5522
9427Barbados1953 set of 13 UM. SG 289/301. Cat 7530
96145Basutoland1933 ½d to 10s set of 10 FU. SG 1/10 Cat 375160
97100Basutoland1933 5s and 10s MM. SG 9/10. Cat 305120
9816Basutoland1938 ½d to 10s set of 28 incl. some duplication, FU, SG18/28 Cat min 45.18
9930Basutoland1954 ½d to 10s(2) and incl. 2s6d shade, FU, SG 43/53 Cat 11736
10080Basutoland1961 ½c to 1R(6) SURCHS incl. all 3 types of 1R. Set of 49, FU, SG 58/68b Cat min 15050
101120Basutoland1961 10c on 1s Bronze green and purple Type II, FU, SG64a Cat 250100
10245Basutoland1961/63 ½c to 1R(3) set of 25 incl. both shades of 1R, FU, SG 58/68b Cat. min 15050
103210Bechuanaland1932 ½d to 10s set of 12 FU. SG 99/110 Cat 600250
10580Bechuanaland1938/52 ½d to 10s(2) set of 29 incl. some shades, FU, SG 118/128 Cat 29090
10638Bechuanaland1955/58 ½d to 10s(2) set of 25 incl shades some unlisted. FU, SG143/153 Cat 12940
108180Bechuanaland1961 1c to 1R(5) on 1d to 10s set incl. various types of surcharges.190
11414Bermuda1963 set of 18 UM. SG 163/179. Cat 4016
11575British Guiana1934 set of 13 UM. SG 288/300. Cat 14055
11626British Honduras1962 set of 12 UM. SG 202/213. Cat 8032
11916British Virgin Islands1952 set of 12 UM. SG 136/147. Cat 5020
126210Canada1897 Jubilee One Dollar UM. SG 136. Cat 550220
13170CeylonQ.V. to K.G.V range of MM and UM70
132300Ceylon1924 K.G.V Fifty Rupee MM. SG 358. Cat 800300
13440Channel IslandsLighthouse Album with Guernsey from beginning to 1999 (inc Occupation stamps), UM.50
13540Channel IslandsLighthouse Album with Jersey from beginning to 1999 (inc Occupation stamps), UM.50
136200Channel IslandsThree Kabe Albums with Jersey mint collection to 2011. Very high face value250
137180Channel IslandsTwo Kabe albums with Guernsey mint collection to 2011. Very high face value250
138130ChinaMint and used collection on hagner leaves from earlies to 1910's50
139335ChinaSmall boxed coll. on album leaves, mostly CTO, some better Cultural Revolution stamps noted.50
14014China1980 Facial make-up in Peking operas set of 8, UM, SG2956/63 Cat. 5014
14180ChinaLarge binder with modern collection of mainly mint with some covers and used100
142250ChinaCollection with mint and used in stockbook (without covers)150
14645Cyprus1903 K.E.VII 45 Piastres MM. SG 59. Cat 20050
147130Cyprus1924 1 UM. SG 102. Cat 300120
14860Cyprus1963 50th Anniversary of Scouts MS, UM and used. SG MS231a. Cat 29070
15275Dominica1907/08  ½d to 5s set of 10. Slight faults noted, FU, SG 27/36. Cat 32590
15324Dominica1908 5s MM. SG 46. Cat 7530
15416Dominica1963 set of 17 UM. SG 162/178. Cat 5020
15524Dominican Republic1948 Columbus Lighthouse Executive Committee Limited Edition30
15630EgyptUsed coll. on 1 album page incl. 1935 Egypt Seal40
160240Falkland Islands1938/50 used set (19) on 2 album leaves plus 2/6d, 5s, 10s and 1 on cover. SG146/163275
161200Falkland Islands1938 ½d to 1 set of 29 incl 5s(4)and 10s (2), FU, SG 146/163 Cat 675+250
162525Fiji1899 6d Dull Rose variety printed both sides400
164240FranceLighthouse album with mint and used collection from 1900's to 1960's300
16746France1925/32 10F sge-green and red merson, UM, SG431 Cat 170 46
16814France1926 5F +1F blue and black War Orphans Fund UM. Couple of vaguely nibbled perfs.20
169325France1936 Air 50 Franc UM. SG 541. Cat 1000350
17430Gambia1963 set of 13 UM. SG 193/205. Cat 8534
18246Germany1934 Colonizers Jubilee set of 4, UM, SG537/40 Cat 20046
18912Germany - Bavaria1870/3 6K bistre, 14mm Mesh Wmk, VFU, SG55B Cat 11012
190110Germany - Berlin1948 set of 20 UM. (Complete with SCHLEGEL certificate). SG B1/20. Cat 475140
191350Germany - Berlin1949 set of 14 UM. (Top two values have SCHLEGEL certificate). SG B21/34. Cat 1700400
20322Gibraltar1886 2d + 4d MM. SG 10 + 12. Cat. 11526
205245Gibraltar1906 K.E.VII 1d with inverted watermark FU. SG 67w. Cat 550250
20790Gibraltar1925 2s to 10s MM. SG 103/107. Cat 236100
208144Gibraltar1937 /74 mainly used coll. on album pages incl. Defin. and Commen. sets with values to 1 etc180
21060GibraltarLighthouse Album with UM from 1946 - 1995 and 2002 postage dues80
211275Gold Coast1913/21 K.G.V ½d to 20s  set of 30 incl. various shades and duplicates 5s350
21236Gold Coast1948 set of 12 UM. SG 135/146. Cat 38534
216100Great Britain1840 1d. black, R-I, Plate 1a, 4 margin, fine red MX, SG2, Cat 375100
21775Great Britain1840 1d, black, T-C, Plate 8, just 4 margin, red MX, SG2, Cat 37565
218370Great Britain1840 1d intense black pair, L-I L-J, Plate 5, 4 margins, red MX , Cat 750+400
2202300Great BritainSuperb 1d black (Plate 11) on cover plus matching 1d red2500
22995Great BritainColl. in Windsor album80
23080Great Britain1911 1d Downey Die 1b wmk crown, S.W. corner block of 14 with two extra marginal rules. 10 stamps UM., 4 mounted.SG Spec N8(3)80
232250Great Britain1914 Postage Due set of 8 + 4 extras UM. SG D1/9, 2a, 5a, 8a. Cat 630+180
233240Great BritainBinder with hagner leaves with mint collection K.G.V - early Q.E.II. Some better items noted300
23590Great Britain1924/6 Block watermark set of 13 (incl both 6d), pristine UM, SG418/29 Cat 31190
236190Great BritainTwo small cover albums with mainly GB covers including Penny Black and K.G.VI Silver Wedding180
23770Great Britain1937/8 Postage Due set of 8, UM, SGD27/34 Cat 29075
23885Great Britain1937 Postage Due set of 8 UM. SG D27/34. Cat 30080
239130Great Britain1969 1 Stamps for Cooks stapled booklet. Cat 400150
24021Great Britain1951/4 Changed colours Postage Due set of 5, UM, SGD35/9 Cat 7518
24118Great Britain1951 Postage Due set of 5 UM. SG D35/39. Cat 7520
24255Great BritainSelection of 3 complete coils55
243115Great Britain1954 Postage Due set of 6 UM. SG D40/45. Cat 25080
24526Great Britain1959-69 Postage Due sets UM. (21 stamps). D56/76. Cat 87+20
246320Great BritainRoyal Mail Presentation Pack album with pre-decimal packs350
24740Great BritainBinder with hagner leaves with mint and used collection of QEII errors50
24880Great BritainCover album with mainly GB covers from earlies to QEII. Some interesting items100
24940Great BritainBulging cover album with Q.E.II Defs.. FDC's to 200950
25080Great Britain1966 Birds block of four with two stamps reddish brown (legs) missing. UM SG 698j/699j. Cat 25080
251130Great Britain1970 5d Christmas horizontal imperforate pair SG 839c Cat. 400, fine UM160
254180Great Britain1973 9p Charles Sturt,220
256160Great Britain1973 3½p Peasant, King and page, horizontal imperforate pair SG 948a Cat 475, fine UM 200
259250Great Britain1979 8p Christmas,280
26040Great Britain1982 12½p Machin marginal imperforate vertical pair, UM, SG X898a Cat 12050
26524Great Britain29 Cotswold medal winners FDC's30
268100Great BritainColour trial: 2003 1st Extreme Endeavours, Everest,100
269100Great BritainColour trial: 2003 (E) Extreme Endeavours, Freya Stark100
270100Great BritainColour trial: 2003 68p Extreme Endeavours, Captain Scott,100
27426Grenada1923 5s and 10s UM. SG 133/134. Cat 6726
27546Hong Kong1901 set of 6 MM. SG 56/61. Cat 20050
276210Hong Kong1912 K.G.V Ten Dollars MM. SG 116. Cat 600220
277630Hong Kong1916 set of 17 MM. SG 100/16 + 106a. Cat 2000+700
28046Hong Kong1962/73 Definitive set of 15, UM, SG196/210 Cat 16046
282275Iceland1873 4Sk carmine, Perf 12½, VFU, SG6 Cat 2,250300
28555Ireland1922 - 83 Used coll. in red SG album55
286100IrelandTwo boxed Lighthouse Albums with UM to 1999120
28740Isle of ManBoxed Lighthouse Album with UM collection from beginning to 199950
28880Isle of ManModern Q.E.II coll. mint, used and FDC's in 4 albums.80
29146Italy1903 50L yellow & 100L blue Postage Due, UM, SGD73/4 Cat 19546
296250Jamaica1905/11 Blocks of 4 MM. Two blocks have a couple of tone spots.275
29714Jamaica1919/21 5s blue & pale dull orange, VFU, SG88a Cat 8014
3001300Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika1922 K.G.V 5 MM. SG 99. Cat 32501200
30214Kuwait1955 set of 3 'Castles' UM. SG 107/109. Cat 3012
303275Leeward Islands1902 1s block of four with 'Dropped R variety' and plate 2 UM. SG 36a. Cat 580+200
3066Luxembourg1945 miniature sheet used. SG 468a. Cat 558
312825Malay States1909 $25 MM. SG 51. Cat 2250750
313825Malay States1928 $25 MM. SG 82. Cat 2250750
314520Malay States - Johore1922 $50 MM. SG 126. Cat 1500500
323100Mauritius1921 set of 20 MM. (some UM). SG 223/241. Cat 275110
32420Mauritius1922 10s MM. SG 204d. Cat 5522
32521Mauritius1953 set of 15 UM. SG 293/306. Cat 6024
32744MontserratQ.V. to K.G.V range of MM and UM, incl. K.E.VII SG 14-22, ½d to 2s6d, K.G.V SG 63-83 (less SG 76) 44
32860MontserratColl. on leaves from K.G.V - Q.E.II Mainly UM.Stated to Cat. 590+60
32986Montserrat1916  ½d to 5s FU and mixed condition incl. 3d and 5s slightly faded, SG 49/59 Cat 375120
330100Montserrat1922/29 ¼d to 5s complete set of 21, FU, SG 63/83 Cat 300110
33186Montserrat1932 ½d to 5s 300th Anniversary set of 10, FU, SG 84/93 Cat 400140
33226Montserrat1938 K.G.VI basic set of 12 values to 1 also perf 14 varieties ½d to 5s complete, FU, SG101/112 Cat 7730
33324Montserrat1953 set of 15 UM. SG 136a/149. Cat 7530
33565Netherlands1872 - 1977 mint and used coll. on printed leaves in a red SG binder65
33680Netherlands Antilles1949 - 89 mint (mainly UM, plus a few used) coll. in two hingless Lindner albums80
342325New ZealandAlbum with K.G.VI mint collection of plate blocks/Imprint blocks.250
343110New ZealandTwo boxed Lighthouse Albums with UM to 1995120
34516North Borneo1897 $25 Revenue UM top marginal. Barefoot 7.20
34913Pitcairn Islands1940 set of 10 MM. SG 1/8. Cat 7516
35140Regionals  ScotlandColour trial: 2003 (2nd) in orange-red and silver,40
35240Regionals  ScotlandColour trial: 2003 (E) in scarlet, gummed, perforated with phosphor40
35722Russia1925 1r scarlet & brown Soldier, Perf 14 x 14½, VFU, SG447a Cat 19026
35824Sabah1964 set of 16 UM. SG 408/423. Cat 7530
35940Sarawak1950 set of 15 UM. SG 171/185. Cat 12048
36036Sarawak1955 set of 15 UM. SG 188/202. Cat 10040
36118Seychelles1897/1900 1R50 grey & carmine, VFU, SG35 Cat 9518
36236Seychelles1902 30c on 1R mauve & red with  narrow 0 variety plus normal for comparison, VFU, SG43/a Cat 17026
36320Seychelles1903 2R25 purple & green, VFU, SG56 Cat 9016
364140SeychellesK.G.V 1932 SG 119 Die I One Rupee complete sheet mint, partly severed in the centre.140
36520Seychelles1962 set of 18 UM. SG 196/212. Cat 6024
366600Sierra Leone1933 Wilberforce set of 12 ½d to 1, FU, SG 168/180 Cat 1,500650
368110Somaliland1903 2 Annas pair with BRIT'SH variety MM. SG 3a. Cat 400120
36990Somaliland1938 ½a to 5sR set of 12, FU, SG 93/104 Cat 350120
379128St Helena1934 Centenary set of 10 ½d to 10s, FU, SG 114/123 Cat 475160
382152St Kitts NevisK.G.VI to Q.E.II used coll. on 22 pages including miniature sheets. Stated to cat. 700.190
38332St Kitts Nevis1954 set of 15 (with extra stamps) UM. SG 106a/118. Cat 85+34
38416St Lucia1949 set of 14 UM. SG 146/159. Cat 4818
385120St Vincent1913 1d to 1, FU, SG 109/120 Cat 350130
38670Swaziland1933 ½d to 10s set of 10, FU, SG 11/20 Cat 225 75
38732Swaziland1938 set of 11 UM. SG 28/38a. Cat 9538
38828Swaziland1956 ½d to 1 set of 12, FU, SG 53/64 Cat 8030
389325Swaziland1961 25c on 2s6d350
39054Swaziland1961 ½c to R2(4) set of 3160
39154Swaziland1961 1c on 1d black & emerald with surcharge in centre from trial sheets60
39828Turks and Caicos Islands1950 set of 13 UM. SG 221/233. Cat 8534
401144USAThree Lighthouse Albums (boxed) with early to 1995 mint collection180

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