General Stamp Auction (Sale No 1986) – Prices Realised

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Lot NumberHammerCountry / CategoryDescriptionEstimate
43,000Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. Stockbook with range of Q.V - K.G.V mint and used. Over 20 Penny blacks, 4 embossed stamps, covers etc. High cat lot. Viewing highly recommended.3,000
51,600Misc Lots and CollectionsFRANCE 1849 - 2007 in 3 Volumes mint or used. 1849 First Issue set of 6 to 1 Franc Carmine incl. a fine pair of SG1. The coll. has only a few gaps. Better items are 1929 Sinking Fund 1fr50 Blue mint unmtd, 1927 Strasburg miniature sheet mint unmtd (Cat 1,400 as mint mtd), 1937 PEXIP miniature sheet Mint, 1936 Airs to 50 Franc Green, 1936 50 Fr Banknote Fine Used etc. Total Cat around £19,000 (SG 2010 Catalogue).1,600
61,500Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Crown Album with mint and used with extras at rear of album. High cat lot. Stated to Cat £13000+1,600
71,500Misc Lots and CollectionsGERMANY. Huge coll. in Schaubek Album of mainly mint with some used. From 1875 through to East Germany including Zeppelins. Condition is very mixed. Stated to Cat. £26,500+. Needs inspection.1,500
101,000Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Crown Album, mostly mint coll. Many better items seen. Stated to Cat. £6700+1,100
13600Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH. Five boxes containing a large quantity of stockbooks with Q.E. (From 1970's) mint unmtd. Various Commonwealth countries. Plenty of Jersey/IOM/Guernsey. Also, several F.D. cover albums containing Typed Great Britain covers from 1980's onwards. Thematic interest. Huge potential.600
21350Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH K.G.VI Crown Album with mint and used. Good starter lot. Stated to Cat. £3600+350
24400Misc Lots and CollectionsGERMAN STATES & COLONIES. Album containing German States, Colonies and issues to 1940's. Mint and used (incl. unmtd). Zeppelin 1 Mark and 4 Mark in pairs. SG 443/445. Good German China and a few German States covers. Has a few pages of Egypt. Good lot for expansion.300
25325Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Three stockbooks containing British Commonwealth and World. Noted K.G.VI. Silver Wedding Hong Kong, Gold Coast, British Guiana, Gibraltar mint unmtd sets. Barbados 1947 block One Penny with Broken E flaw. Viewing essential.300
27300Misc Lots and CollectionsVATICAN. Large coll. mostly mint in Lighthouse Album to 1980's with early Papal states incl. With two old catalogues (Philex & Edifil)300
28240Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.E. mint Commem. in stockbook, various countries. Stated to Cat. £1520+300
36260Misc Lots and CollectionsGREENLAND. 1956 surcharge 60o on 40o and 60o on 1k in mint unmtd. complete sheets of 50. Scarce. Cat £5250250
43160Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH. Duplicated 1946 Victory mint unmtd. stock in large stockbook. Unchecked for different perfs.200
48160Misc Lots and CollectionsThree A4 stock pages with coll. mint and used QV-QEII. Cat £930160
52120Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH Q.E.. mint Commem. in stockbook, various countries. Stated to Cat. £855+150
60180Misc Lots and CollectionsU.S.A Coll. of fiscals in large stockbook. Good variety140
61155Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. Two cover albums with F.D. covers and mint stamps, includes 1948 Silver Wedding cover140
63130Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. Lighthouse Album with K.G.VI - Q.E. mint coll., with better items noted. K.G.VI Dark Blue etc130
68125Misc Lots and CollectionsINDIA coll. of leaves with Q.V - K.G.VI. Good mixture. Stated to Cat. £2390+125
69160Misc Lots and CollectionsNORTH BORNEO coll. on leaves with mint and used. Some CTO with better material noted. Stated to Cat.. £1350+125
74100Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH in Derwent L/L Album. mint and used with better throughout. High Cat value.100
76110Misc Lots and CollectionsIRELAND 1922 - 94 in two stockbooks mint & used with over prints incl. Dollard 2s6d-10s SG17/21 Mint, good range of low values with sets to 1s, coil stamps incl. strips and 3 leaders, duplicated mint Commem sets from 1929 incl. 41 Rising (2v) x 6 and a good range of later issues incl. miniature sheets, sheetlets, booklets & exhibition souvenirs. Mixed condition with toning in places due to poor storage.100
8080Misc Lots and CollectionsCANADA. Plate block coll. on safe leaves in binder from K.G.VI to Q.E.. Some duplication. Clean lot100
82100Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH. Ring binder with Cyprus, Gibraltar and GB K.G.VI mint and used100
83100Misc Lots and CollectionsGIBRALTAR. Small stockbook with Q.V. - Q.E. mint and used100
86100Misc Lots and CollectionsBARBADOS coll. on leaves from K.G.VI - Q.E.. Mainly mint unmtd.. Stated to Cat. £830+100
90110Misc Lots and CollectionsSINGAPORE coll. of mainly covers. Stated to Cat. £500+100
9480Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH mint unmtd stock in green lighthouse stockbook with Gibraltar (incl. good range of 2000-2012 Commem sets & miniature sheets, face £420), Malta, Cyprus and New Zealand incl. Health mini-sheets.80
9680Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box file containing 5 stockbooks, 2 albums and one special Pope John Paul II album. Some good Q.E. Malta noted.80
9980Misc Lots and CollectionsHONG KONG Q.V. - K.G.VI used on cards. Stated to Cat. £580+80
10090Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH. Four Albums containing Great Britain & Commonwealth early to modern incl. face value postage80
10275Misc Lots and CollectionsSLOVAKIA mint and used coll. in small stockbook. Some duplication. Stated to Cat. £1060+75
10585Misc Lots and CollectionsST LUCIA coll. on leaves from K.G.VI - Q.E..Mainly mint unmtd. Stated to Cat. £510+70
10670Misc Lots and CollectionsMALAYSIA coll. of stamps and covers. Stated to Cat. £43070
10780Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Stockbook with much mint unmtd. with strength in Aden and Malta.70
11060Misc Lots and CollectionsCURACAO & NETHERLANDS ANTILLES 1873 - 1983 mint unmtd and used coll. in printed album with good range of Defs. Commem, Booklet Panes miniature sheets etc SG cat £1000+60
11260Misc Lots and CollectionsSOLOMAN ISLANDS coll. on leaves from K.G.VI - Q.E.. Mainly mint unmtd. Stated to Cat. £400+60
11760Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN Presentation Packs to 1990's. Face £110. Better sets seen60
12050Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Three large albums, 1 small album & 2 mini stockbooks various Great Britain, Commonwealth and World and a few covers.50
12250Misc Lots and CollectionsNETHERLANDS 1969 - 87 mint unmtd coll. in hinge-less Davo album, largely complete with Defs, Commem, Booklet Panes etc SG Cat £620 (2016)50
12650Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. Cover album with 2012 Olympic and Paralympic F.D. covers.50
12750Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Large stockbook with Aircraft theme. Some better noted.50
12855Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. Folder with Locals, mostly mint. Lundy, Herm Island etc. Good lot50
13650Misc Lots and CollectionsU.S.A. Parcel Post 1912/13 15, 25, 75 Cents & One Dollar mint. Stated to Cat. £62550
14435Misc Lots and CollectionsNORTH BORNEO coll. in ring binder with mint and used (some cto). Also has some Sabah.35
14630Misc Lots and CollectionsCONCORDE covers incl. Benham’s in Kestral Album30
15130Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with 8 albums of all world.30
15330Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. Stockbook of used from Q.V - Q.E. Possible postmark interest. Better stamps seen30
15536Misc Lots and CollectionsGREAT BRITAIN. 3 Albums of F.D. covers (Private or non-Bureau), some with special cachets and cancels.25
15632Misc Lots and CollectionsCOMMONWEALTH. 2 Cover albums with Medallic coins and stamps25
16332Misc Lots and CollectionsRHODESIA. North, South Rhodesia & Nyasaland mint and used in album15
1661,100Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Old accumulation of Plumridge & Co and other auction house lots from 1950's and 60's, with British Commonwealth and Europe. Very High Cat, but some of the stamps have tone spots. Viewing essential.700
167400Misc Lots in BoxesFRANCE. Eight Davo Albums with leaves containing used coll.. Excellent lot for expansion500
168500Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Box containing pre-decimal mostly mint duplicated stock in folders etc from K.G.V. Sorting will pay dividends.500
169400Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Large box with old auction lots with previous estimates of £5700 and Stated to Cat. £50,000+400
172350Misc Lots in BoxesIRELAND. Large Quantity of covers in three boxes from pre-stamp onwards incl. overprints, maritime, airmails, special event, postal stationary, Postage Dues, F.D. covers etc. Mixed condition, some better items noted.350
173375Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Small box containing folders and envelopes with Great Britain (mostly K.G.VI) mint unmtd, cylinder blocks, Germany 1937 Winter Relief Fund booklet (complete), various mint and used Commonwealth and Foreign. Viewing recommended. A sorters paradise.300
174300Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Large box containing various tins, small boxes, envelopes, covers etc from around the world. An original lot with huge potential.300
176400Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Two boxes with THEMATIC flavour of all world in folders. Viewing essential300
181200Misc Lots in BoxesNEW ZEALAND. Box containing new issue stock with lots of complete sheets, miniature sheets and Health stamps. Viewing highly recommended200
182200Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with stockbooks and albums of all world, with better items seen. Sorting will pay dividends.200
186150Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with all sorts of world in folders, albums. Needs sorting.150
188120Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Box with albums and folders of mostly Q.E. and Channel Islands. Lots of it.150
192120Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH. Box containing Albums, packets, sheets of mostly British Commonwealth. Needs sorting. Includes some better India postal history and documents120
193140Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. 8 SG cover albums with F.D. covers from 1960's to 2009.120
194100Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN 1901 - 1986 in three Filby Britannia Albums. Mint is sparse to 24/25 Wembleys then 1934 1/2d to 1/-. 1937/47 Inv. wmks mint unmtd. K.G.VI High values mint mtd 48 £1 SW mint unmtd. Q.E incl. wmk varieties. Phosphors complete through to 1986. Postage Dues and Loose items included.100
195110Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Presentation Packs Coll in 5 volumes and loose, early packs to 1979, some Defs incl. varieties. Errors. Diana Welsh Pack, Year packs to 1981 and early welsh smilers. SG LS1 / LS4 (these have been folded), also some children’s pack.100
19790Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with all world in albums, sheets, hagner leaves. Lots of sorting required70
19860Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH POSTAL HISTORY. Mostly Commonwealth incl. Wilson Covers, Falkland Islands etc.60
20045Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Shoebox of pre-Decimal presentation packs, including many misspelt Marjorie.60
20185Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with world in albums, stockbooks, packets. Two 1937 folders with complete sets seen. Needs careful sorting60
20450Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH in 4 volumes incl. some postal history. Good Bermuda K.G.V 12/6d Unused and a number of 1935 Silver Jubilee sets. Mixed condition.50
20550Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH. Q.E. mint mtd and unmtd on pages. Ideal for paging up or to sell per sheet.50
20650Misc Lots in BoxesFOREIGN. All world covers in a box50
20765Misc Lots in BoxesBRITISH & ALLIED Military Covers from various wars50
20880Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with all world in albums, stockbooks. Needs a good sorting. Bound to be finds.50
21065Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box of all world in albums, folders, etc50
21145Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box containing varied selection of commercial covers (1956-1998) from many countries (no Great Britain), some registered, express delivery. Official etc, a few F.D. covers, strength in former USSR, Middle East.45
21235Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH. Box with mainly F.D. covers with some coin and medal covers noted35
21342Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Box containing covers, postcards and fiscal documents from Q.V. to K.G.VI. Plenty of potential. Viewing recommended. Low reserve.30
21436Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Large box of old school boy albums, small boxes, envelopes with all world, incl. 1953 Coronation book of Commonwealth. Bound to be finds.30
21532Misc Lots in BoxesTHEMATIC Covers in a box. Coin Covers. Subjects incl. Nelson, Royalty and Others. Some signed Covers, some duplication.30
21660Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN F.D. covers mostly Benham or Westminster Covers and Coin Covers. A few mint unmtd sets. Nelson, Concorde, Railway, WWI etc. Some duplication. All superb condition.30
21730Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Railway or Railway related covers.30
21834Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Aviation / Concorde Items. Covers mostly Concorde and a few Other.30
21940Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH mostly Q.V. to K.G.VI short sets to 1/ or 5/. Various condition mostly fine.30
22055Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Large container filled with F.D. covers with better cachets, Defs. etc. Bound to be finds.30
22165Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. A mixed lot of all world with albums, smaller box files. Bound to be finds30
22228Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Box containing F.D. covers in Large Album and small book. Quantity of misc. items in envelopes and bags.28
22325Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Box of Defs and booklet pane F.D. covers.25
22525Misc Lots in BoxesCHARITY BOX being sold free of commission. Proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research in memory of Mike Zinopoulos who was a Plumridge & Co partner from 1968 to 2017.25
22616Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Quantity of Pre-decimal sheets and part-sheets with list of varieties. Listed and Non-listed mostly mint unmtd.20
22830Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN Westminster coll.. 1841 to 1973 mixed condition of the earlies to Q.E. (mint unmtd) as usual incl. most phosphor issues K.G.V included and a number of Cinderella items.20
22936Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. 9 Volume coll. in box. Q.V. to 70's incl. some face warrants. Careful inspection incl. the odd variety. Mixed Condition.20
23028Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Small box containing F.D.covers with mostly postal strike cachets from 197120
23120Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH. Small crate with literally all sorts. Albums, pages, catalogues. Includes Great Britain.20
23216Misc Lots in BoxesGREAT BRITAIN. Various Benham and Medway F.D. covers15
23310Misc Lots in BoxesFOREIGN Kiloware in metal box10
23512Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with all world, including printed albums and folders.10
23610Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with duplicated world in folders. Good packet making material10
23716Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Box with all world, covers, loose stamps, folders. Lots of it10
23810Misc Lots in BoxesCOMMONWEALTH & FOREIGN. Another packet makers dream in box. Bags of stamps on/off paper. 1000's of stamps, with lots more besides10
24010LiteratureBox of blank Albums, Royal Mail F.D. Cover Album, Coin Cover Album and a couple of stockbooks10
24180Misc Lots in FoldersCOMMONWEALTH. Folder containing leaves with Commonwealth and Great Britain F.D. covers. Has some Bermuda K.G.VI Keyplates to £1 mint75
244130Ascension1924/33 set mint. SG 10/20. Cat £350350
24580Ascension1938 1½d Black and vermilion mint with 'Davit Flaw'. SG 40a. Cat £40080
249200Australia1931-36 £1 grey mint mtd. SG137 Cat £650200
25130Australia1932 K.G.V 5d Block of 4 mint. SG 130. Cat £9230
25710Bahamas1954 set mint. SG 201.216. Cat £10010
2598Bahamas1965 set of 15 mint. SG 247/261. Cat £5010
26020Bahawalpur1945 Official set used. SG O14/O16. Cat £7020
27270Br Soloman Islands1914-23 £1 mint mtd. SG38 Cat £25080
27312British Antartic Territory1971 Treaty set mint unmtd. Cat £4810
27724British Virgin Islands1952 set of 12 mint unmtd. SG 136/147. Cat £5015
27818British Virgin Islands1956 set mint. SG 149/161. Cat £11015
279100Canada1875 Registered stamps mint, some with multiple mounts. SG between R1/R9. Stated to Cat. £775.100
28045CanadaQ.V. to K.G.VI mint range, mtd and unmtd, with 1942 14c block of 4 and 1949 values to 5c in imprint blocks of 4, Airs and Special Delivery.45
281100Canada1897 Jubilee $2 Deep violet mint. Has some gum toning and a bit faded. SG 137. Cat £1000100
28230Canada1930 Air 5 Cents Deep brown block of 4 fine used with a Montreal cds. SG 310. Cat £10030
28420Canada1938 $1 block of four fine used. SG 367. Cat £6420
28610CanadaComplete sheet Electricity and Gas Inspection 60 Cents with plate no at top. Nice item10
292110China1932 set mint. SG 406/409. Cat £425100
293110ChinaStockbook and folder with leaves with mint and used collection50
29834Cyprus1960 Republic set of 15 mint. SG 188/202. Cat £13040
30230EgyptFolder containing leaves with used coll. from earlies.30
30395Falkland IslandsQ.V. to K.G.V mint range, mtd and unmtd, with SG 66 3/-, SG 67 5/-, SG 67b 5/-, SG 80 3/- (Has a couple of tone spots). High Cat value.60
30810Fiji1938 1½d Die II mint. SG 252b. Cat £3010
30970France1937 PEXIP miniature sheet used. Cat £47580
323100Germany1948 Saar Hochwasserhilfe miniature sheet mint. (Two small hinge marks at top). SG miniature sheet 255a. Cat £1300100
343450GibraltarQ.V. to K.G.VI on album pages with values to £1. Also has a page of Grenada and Montserrat. Very High Cat. Min £3000.450
355170Gilbert and Ellice Islands1912-24 £1 mint mtd. SG24 Cat £550170
35760Gold Coast1913-21 20s mint mtd. SG84 Cat £17060
358210Gold Coast1921-25 £2 mint mtd. SG102 Cat £550170
35910Gold Coast1952 set mint. SG 153/164. Cat £7010
360360Great BritainSuperb 4 Margin 1d black Plate 6 on cover250
362550Great Britain1840 2d very fine used strip of 3 (lettered LE/LG). Good to large margins.550
365100Great Britain1840 1d. black, E-I, Plate 2, 4 margin, fine black MX, SG2 Cat £375100
370110Great Britain1840 1d. black, N-K, Plate 3, 4 margin, black MX, SG2, Cat £375100
3821,300Great Britain1891 Q.V. £1 Green mint unmtd SG212 Cat £40001,200
383300Great BritainQ.V - K.E.VII mint and used on three stock cards, with values to £1. High cat lot, but some stamps have faults100
384550Great Britain1902 K.E.VII £1 deep green mint mtd SG320 Cat £2000500
38760Great BritainK.G.V Royal Cypher ½d and 1d mint. ½d has yellow gum. SG 397/398. Cat £37540
38938Great Britain1915 K.G.V 4d Deep Slate Green with control G15, with 1987 RPS certificate, mint unmtd. Cat £17540
390350Great Britain1929 PUC £1 bottom marginal mint unmtd. SG 438. Cat £750+350
39180Great BritainFolder with stock pages with GVI - QEII UM80
39370Great Britain1948 Silver Wedding plain registered F.D. Cover with WARDOUR ST postmark. £1 is top marginal copy. Cat £42570
395325Great BritainDecimal and pre-decimal booklets. Some better pre-decimal booklets noted and face of few hundreds for decimal300
39642Great Britain1960 Phosphor Graphite presentation pack with correction sticker on rear. Cat £30040
39995Great Britain1969 1s9d Anniversaries, error uncoated paper (SG 795a) with good BPA cert (2014) offered with normal for comparison, fine mint unmtd, cat £275 (Plate)90
40895Great Britain1984-99 Year Books. Face approx £190, also a folder of mint aerogrammes95
41032Great Britain1988 £1 mint unmtd. with huge shift to right with Queens head now being on the left!30
414250Great Britain1998 1st and 2nd Class 'Dagger Perfs' mint unmtd. SG 2039b/2040b. Cat £600250
432180Hong KongK.G.VI complete set with extra values mint. SG 140/162. Cat £1100++200
43724IndiaStock card with India Convention states mint unmtd. Stated to Cat. £85+20
438110India1929 Air 8 Anna vertical pair with top stamp showing 'Missing Tree Top'. mint mtd. SG 224a. (2) Cat £350100
439275India1948 Gandhi printed F.D. cover with full set. Park Street cds 15 AUG 48, addressed to London200
440120India1948 Gandhi plain F.D. cover with high value replaced with label marked R.10. Bombay GPO cds 15 AUG 1948, addressed to Brighton100
441180India1948 Gandhi Memorial Stamps presentation pack with full set mint unmtd.150
45570Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika K.G.VI values to £1 mint on stock card, various perfs. Cat £45465
45630Leeward Islands1938 1/- mint. SG 110bb. Cat £13030
47332Malaya1917 Terengganu 2 Cents Red Cross Plate Block of 4 mint unmtd. Bottom right hand stamp has a break in the R of CROSS. Unusual30
47570Malaya1938 Terengganu 8 Cents block of 6 mint unmtd. Has streaky gum. SG 34. Cat £30075
47765MaltaAlbum page of K.E.VII Revenues used.50
48310Montserrat1949 Silver Wedding set on registered Air Mail cover to Cornwall. (Not F.D. cover)10
488250New Guinea1935 £5 mint mtd. SG205 Cat £750250
49420Newfoundland1937 Coronation long set mint. SG 257/267. Cat £6020
50280Nyasaland1913-21 £1 mint mtd. SG98 Cat £20080
51315Rhodesia & Nyasaland1959 set mint. SG 18/31. Cat £11015
51820Seychelles1962 set mint unmtd. SG 196/212. Cat £6020
51910Seychelles1969 set of 18 mint unmtd. SG 262/279. Cat £2810
52040Sierra Leone1932 set mint. Toned gum. SG 155/167. Cat £27540
5215Singapore1962 set mint. SG 63/77. Cat £555
52212Solomon Islands1939 2s6d & 5/- mint. SG70/71. Cat £6415
52460Solomon Islands1940 Postage Due SPECIMEN set mint unmtd. D1s/D8s. Cat £25050
52650South Africa1938 Vortrekker set in Blocks of 4 mint unmtd. SG 76/79. Cat £16050
529425ST Helena1922 -37 £1 Block of 2 mint unmtd SG 96 Cat £450400
530400ST Helena1922-37 15s mint mtd SG113 Cat £1100400
531100ST Kitts-Nevis1920 -22 £1 mint mtd SG36 Cat £300100
53327Swaziland1961 set mint unmtd. SG 65/77a. Cat £5520
53945Tristan Da CunhaPacket containing covers from K.E.VIII to Q.E.. Good variety.40
54126USAEnvelope containing unchecked lot or earlies20
542100USA1918 $2 mint. SG 526. Cat £600100